Friday, July 24, 2015

JUST IN: NYSC bars pregnant women, nursing mothers, PG students from service

This seem to be a good move,  

The National Youth Service Corps has barred prospective corps members that are pregnant and nursing babies from participating in the national service across the country. Also affected are students undergoing post-graduate studies in institutions of higher learning in the country. The Director-General of the NYSC, Brig-Gen. Johnson Olawumi, who said these in Kaduna, however, said those affected needed not bother to enlist for service "until they are free to participate effectively." This was contained in the resolution of the two-day retreat released to journalists on Thursday. The NYSC DG, at the workshop with the theme, 'ICT and NYSC mobilisation process: towards eliminating identified challenges', added that pregnant women and children would no longer be allowed into orientation camps across the country for service under the scheme established in 1973 by the Gen. Yakubu Gowon administration. "It was further resolved that pregnant women, nursing mothers or students engaging in post-graduate studies should not bother to enlist for service until they are free to participate effectively," the resolution read. Olawumi noted that the exemption of pregnant women and nursing mothers as well as post-graduate students from national service was because they would not be able to undergo the four cardinal programmes of the NYSC. The four cardinal programmes include mobilisation, orientation, primary assignment and winding-up passing out parade. The director-general argued further that for  prospective corps members to qualify to receive certificate of national service, they must go through the four stages of national service. Olawumi faulted a situation whereby prospective corps members, especially pregnant women and nursing mothers, would be absent from the stages of the national service, only to resurface for posting to their various places of primary assignments. Meanwhile, the resolution of the 2015 'B' Pre-Mobilisation workshop added that henceforth, documents for concessional posting request on marital or health grounds would be forwarded on-line as against the old practice of "bringing such to the NYSC headquarters in Abuja". It noted that prospective corps members would henceforth be given the opportunity to choose their choice outside their socio-cultural and linguistic areas, using ICT solution. This, according to the NYSC, is in a bid to tackle the problems of deluge of concessional request with which the agency is being inundated.


TOUCHDOWN: President Obama's Arrival Photos In Kenya

‎As he picked Kenya over Nigeria we just have to celebrate the fact he is in Africa, 

Well Nairobi went into security lockdown on Friday as Barack Obama returned to his ancestral home of Kenya for his first visit since becoming president of the United States of America. Photos of him excitedly stepping out from Air Force One and reuniting with his family have emerged, courtesy Aislinn Laing, Africa Correspondent for the Daily and Sunday Telegraph.

The scenes you see today were a far cry from 53-year-old Mr Obama's first visit to his father's home in 1987, when his half-sister arrived late to meet him at the airport in a clapped-out Volkswagen Beetle, British Airways lost his luggage and an airport official cadged a cigarette from him before asking if he knew his relative living in Texas.

See The Masquerade With The Face Of An Ex-Governor (Photos)

‎This photo has been making waves for some hours now, while some say it is a form of mockery others see it has a form of idolatry,  so from the photo above who is the governor and what is your say?

REAL LOVE!!! Man Propose to His Very Sick Girlfriend (Photos)

‎This is something very rare, 
Burns survivor Turia Pitt has revealed to the world that she is engaged to the love of her life Michael Hoskin and they are getting married next month. 

What's more romantic is the ring is one that Hoskin bought four years ago as he watched his girlfriend lying in intensive care, knowing the rehabilitation and long road ahead of her. 

'When Turia was in intensive care four years ago I bought a diamond ring,' he told Australian Women's Weekly.

It seems the emotional toll of Pitt's injuries and additional strain it put on their relationship has merely brought them closer together and seen their love strengthen.

The pair met during school and had been together for a number of years before Pitt competed in an ultra marathon where bushfires that crossed over onto the course left her with burns to 64% of her body.

While doctors were uncertain if the now  27-year-old would make it through, the competitor inside decided to fight.  

And that spirit is one of the things that Hoskin admires most about his now fiance. 

"I thought about it and I thought if she can walk in agony, you know, and do all the physio that they're asking of her, I can be there in the morning and give her breakfast and be there all the time. That's easy for me," Hoskin told The Australian soon after the incident‎

What Greed Does To You (Must Read)

Phantom Rolls Royce or KIA Picanto... Same road with traffic, bumps, gallops, etc

Rolex or G-Shock.... Same time told. Same 12hour round the clock
First Class or Economy... Same turbulence, same distance, same departure and arrival time from and to the same airports.
The iPhone 6 or the Lava... people who call you remain the same. .
VIP lounge or Regular sitting at an event..... Same arena, same stage, same performances, same music.
Some have made luxury seem like that's what you need to cover the basics.
Needs can always be met but the real issue is greed. You'll never get enough as a greedy person. All they need to do is change the head lamps of the model you own and you are uncomfortable about owning the old model, greedy you. Advert agencies spend sleepless nights thinking about how best to tell you that you need what you already have. Then greed makes you spend sleepless night trying to get it

While the extra pleasure of affordable luxury is in order, do not get hypertensive trying to mix needs with greed.
So, having sustenance and covering, we shall be content with these things." (1 Timothy 6:8) urges the holy book.
So please always stop to check, what is the propelling factor, your driving force for the things you are chasing now? NEED or GREED? - Emma Ugolee‎

EXPOSITO!! Jonathan’s ministers behind oil theft –Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari said on Wednesday that his government was examining pieces of evidences that would lead to the arrest and prosecution of some former ministers and other government officials for stealing Nigeria's crude oil.
Mr. Buhari said this at the Nigerian Embassy in Washington while answering questions at a session with Nigerians in the Diaspora. He said it will take at least 18 months to revive the economy.
He lamented that some of the affected officials were involved in illegal sale and diversion of crude oil monies belonging to the Federal Government to multiple private accounts abroad.
"We are now looking for evidences of shipping some of our crude, their destinations and where and which accounts they were paid and in which country.

"When we get as much as we can get as soon as possible, we will approach those countries to freeze those accounts and go to court, prosecute those people and let the accounts be taken to Nigeria.
"The amount of money is mind-burgling but we have started getting documents.
"We have started getting documents where some of the senior people in government, former ministers, some of them had as much as five accounts and were moving about one million barrels per day on their own.
"We have started getting those documents. Whichever documents we are able to get and subsequently trace the sale of the crude or transfer of money from Ministries, Departments, Central Bank.
"We will ask for the cooperation of those countries to return those monies to federation accounts and we will use those documents to arrest those people and prosecute them. This, I promise Nigerians."
The President frowned at the way and manner the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation was mismanaged, saying his administration would check the excesses of the corporation.
He said his administration was carefully studying the issue of oil subsidy.
Mr. Buhari said he would not be a party to taking decisions that would further impoverish Nigerians in the name of removing oil subsidy.
"When people ask you to remove subsidy ask them to define it. Who is subsidizing who? Let me make it clear. The people are gleefully saying 'remove subsidy'."
"They want petrol to cost N500 per litre. If you are working and subsidy is removed, you can't control transport, you can't control market women, the cost of food, the cost of transport.
"If you are earning N20,000 per day and you are living in Lagos or Ibadan, the cost of transport to work and back, the cost of food. You cannot control the market women they have to pay what transporters charge them.
"If there is need for removing subsidy, I will study it. With my experience, I will see what I can do. But I'm thinking more than half the population of Nigeria virtually cannot afford to live.
"Where will they get the money to go work? How can they feed their families? How can they pay rent?
"If Nigeria were not an oil producing country – all well and good. Our refineries are not working. We have a lot of work to do."
On the appointment of ministers, Mr. Buhari dismissed those accusing his administration of being too slow in taking crucial decisions relating to governance and appointment of political office holders.
He cited the immediate past PDP government, which he said spent more than two months to settle down during its 16-year rule.
"In some quarters they are now calling me `Baba Go Slow'. I'm going to go slow and steady.''
Mr. Buhari also pledged to study the Diaspora Bill with a view to signing it into law as requested by the Nigerians in the Diaspora.
He advised Nigerians living abroad and searching for government jobs back home to suspend their ambition as the nation's economy is in a bad shape as it would take his administration at least 18 months or more to resuscitate it.
The president, however, promised that some of the job seekers would be engaged by the Nigerian Government as consultants to enable them contribute their quota to the nation's development.
All those who spoke at the interactive session expressed their readiness to assist the APC-led administration of Buhari to achieve its campaign promises for the benefit of Nigerians. 

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Boss!! Jude Okoye Shares Photos Of His Ongoing Building Project

‎Well the thing is, if you you show off they are gonna talk, if you don't show off they are still gon talk, so why cover your blessings? Cause you don't want everybody talking about your life 

Well Northside Music CEO and famed Psquare director, Jude Okoye showed his new home still under construction on  his instagram page.

Love Yourz! Caitlyn Jenner Make BBC's list of most powerful women for 2015.

 Love Yourz,
The world will always support their own,  
Ever since her sex change, Caitlyn been getting endorsement deals, money and media attention. Her recent accomplishment is making it to BBC's list of most powerful women in  2015 after just buying a Lamborghini! 

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...