Sunday, August 2, 2015

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Female Pimp Stabs Nigerian BF For Raping Her Sex Worker In Malaysia (graphic pics)

A Nigerian man named Epa is currently fighting for his life in a hospital in Malaysia. According to the story circulating from Uganda, his alleged girlfriend Phiona Namatovu aka Aaliyah, a Ugandan babe operating in Malaysia stabbed him after he stepped in her house for a steamy romp.

According to reports, Namatovu accuses the Nigerian boyfriend of raping one of her girlfriends for hours. Epa is reportedly a 60-year-old father of 6. Aaliyah is allegedly into trafficking Ugandan girls to Malaysia for prostitution. Aaliyah is said to have gotten shocked seeing her partner on her pal. As she wept in pain and agony, she picked up a sharp object and brought him down. She is reportedly currently being held by the Malaysian police for attempted murder.

Man Committed After He Caught His Lover Cheating On Him In Bayelsa

, Amatari Christmas, has committed suicide in Bayelsa State after discovering that his wife was allegedly cheating on him.

Christmas allegedly took his life by consuming a insecticide known as ‘sniper’ when he found out that his wife, was allegedly having an illicit affair with an unnamed young man from Kolo area of the state.

The deceased, an indigene of Ayama community in Yenagoa Local Government Area of the state, had two children.

It was learnt that the incident, which occurred on Wednesday, made the indigenes of Kolo
community angry. Some of the kinsmen of the deceased also vowed to deal with the woman and her lover said to be a cult member and indigene of Ayama.

A man from the deceased’s community, who identified himself as Francis, said Christmas, upon learning of his wife’s infidelity, chose to keep a close watch on her activities in the community.

He said:

“On Monday, the deceased went to harvest vegetable leaves in large quantity for sale for his wife. After the vegetable harvest, Christmas told his wife to return home after the market sale in order to cook meal for the family. 

But Chrismas became worried and suspicious around 7pm on the fateful day when his wife did not return home as instructed. 

He went in search of her at the in-law’s house. At the mother-in-law’s house, he was told she had gone to the father’s place in Ayama community. At the Ayama community, a concerned friend took him to the home of his wife’s lover where he discovered the lovers in bed.”

It was further learnt that the wife’s lover, threatened to deal with Christmas.

“But when the distraught husband sensed that he might be attacked by his wife’s lover, he decided to run into another building for safety. 

After the deceased discovered that it was safe for him, he left for home and ended his life by swallowing insecticide. He locked out the kids and killed himself.”

The spokesman for the state Police Command, Asinim Butswat, said he had yet to be aware of the incident. “But we will check with our division and get you more details,” he stated.


Humble Billionaire!! Photos Of Bill Gate's Wife Carrying 25litres Of Water On Her Head In Malawi

Even Bill Gates' wife fetched water on her head, and you're saying you don't enter Keke..

Wife of the richest man in the world, Melinda
Gates, was pictured on Saturday carrying on her
head a bucket of water fetched from a village in
Net worth of the United States’ billionaire Bill
Gates, according to Forbes magazine ’s annual list
of the world’s billionaires, stands at $76 billion.

The billionaire’s spouse, who described herself
as “philanthropist, businesswoman, mother,
passionate advocate for women and girls,”
posted a photo of herself with a 20-litre bucket
of water on her head alongside two other
Malawian women, walking on a dirt road.
In another picture posted on her Instagram page,
she was seen doing the dishes in a Malawian

Describing her experience, Gates said on her
Facebook page, “During my stay in Malawi, I
joined the women collecting drinking water. I
carried 20 litres and it was tough. Meanwhile,
Chrissy (middle) is carrying about 40 litres. Many
women do this every day.”

She has been described as one of the world’s
famous social activist “who is trying to serve the
people in ignorance.”

Movie Director Needs Plus Size Actresses For work Urgently (details)

If you are this size, age 25-30 and can act and carry lines well, then get in touch with Amayo Uzo Phillips ASAP. Send your full sized photo with name through Whatsapp:+2348033274049. You may be part of his next movie. 

Curvy Toolz Stuns In Ankara print

she is endowed na u to decide whether it is chubby or fat

Major Reason Why You Smoke, Take Alcohol Or Do Both

Throughout history humans have
engaged in practices that alter their
psychological state. There are many
reasons why people wish to change their
mental and emotional status. It is not
hard to imagine the rationale for the very
first alcohol-induced experience--it arose
from curiosity. Perhaps one of our
ancestors ate some fermenting fruit and
felt a pleasant sensation that piqued his

Curiosity is still a prevalent
reason for alcohol consumption today.
We are bombarded with messages
promoting alcohol use, and we are
curious to find out just what it feels like
to consume alcohol.
Another reason for alcohol consumption
is stress reduction. We live in trying
times, and alcohol is seen as a way to
alleviate our stress. Self-medication for
other problems carries over to alcohol
ingestion. Alcohol can ease physical and
emotional pain. If the person who
consumes alcohol is also using
medications for pain relief, the effects of
alcohol can be intensified.

Alcohol is often served at social
gatherings and is a normal part of the
setting at places such as taverns where
people go to congregate with others.
Many believe that alcohol instills a sense
of social confidence and promotes
relaxation in the company of others. This
occurs because of alcohol's disinhibition
effects. There is no doubt that loneliness
can serve as an incentive for alcohol use
and abuse.
Isolation can be another reason to use
alcohol. People who have poor support
networks, decreased mobility, and limited
access to transportation may turn to
alcohol. This type of situation is
particularly prevalent among senior

People enjoy the psychoactive effects of
alcohol for various reasons. It provides a
sense of relief and disassociation from
reality. A sense of adventure or perhaps
a spiritual search is often given as the
causative reason for alcohol
Perhaps the most problematic reason for
alcohol use is peer pressure. Many
adolescents and college students find
themselves in situations where alcohol is
present. Because younger people often
lack self-confidence or the refusal skills
to handle the pressures of such
situations, they often begin to experiment
with alcohol and before you know they become addicts

it all goes down to peer pressure.

Is This Really Trash or the media imposing their choice on you?? DrakeVsMeekmill

was just looking at this though and thinking

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...