Saturday, August 8, 2015

TOUCHING!! This Endowed Lady Contemplated Suicide Cause Men Only Want Her For Sex

Too much of anything can become a problem,

South African woman, Lerato Pitso, is now speaking out about how she has been suffering from online bullying because of her huge butt.

According to Lerato who is 50 years old, wherever she goes she becomes a laughing stock and is unable to find a serious relationship because men just want to have sex with her. In her own words, she said: "At one stage I wanted to commit suicide because I felt like I'm not good enough. Men only want to sleep with me. They don't love me." .

The Mother of one says she also has to put up with constant whispers and stares and people taking photos of her from behind.

OMG!! Ladies Can You Marry A Guy This Tall??

na WA o

India Arrests Two Nigerians on Their Way to Join ISIS (Photos)

L-R: Imran Kabeer, Sani Jamiliu arrested in India


security agencies have arrested two Nigerian youths suspected to be on their way to Iraq to join the terrorist organisation, Islamic State.

They were arrested along the India-Pakistan border after scaling a barbed wire fence near the international border, where they were handed over to Punjab Police.

They were identified as Imran Kabeer and Sani Jamiliu.

According to the Indo-Asian News Services, the two Nigerians, aged between 24 and 25, from Kano 
State, told Indian officials that they wanted to go to Pakistan and later to Iraq. The youths, the report said, did not possess valid travel documents to enter Pakistan.

They were said to have arrived in Sikh on Thursday from Delhi in a hired taxi. The IANS noted that the duo argued with the taxi driver on Thursday night, “hoodwinked him and drove away his Swift Dzire car and arrived at the integrated check point at Attari on Friday morning.”

An Indian official was quoted as saying:

 “On finding the border gates closed, the youths moved towards a barbed wire fence along the Attari-Wagah rail track (on which the Samjhauta Express peace train between both countries plies) and jumped over the high barbed wire fence, thinking they had entered Pakistan. BSF personnel immediately nabbed them.”

Since the youths claimed their final destination was Iraq, security officials said they could be headed to join the Islamic State terror outfit.

An Indian Deputy Inspector-General, M.F. Farooqui, confirmed the arrest of both Nigerians.

Lagos Big Boys Drowning Money In Pool During Birthday party (photos)

the photo is from Kc's birthday, not KCee the singer. And that's about 20k in that water. Obviously, guests and the host had too much money to throw around. Can you beat that? lol. 

Meanwhile, rapper Ruggedman set his IG page on fire after he shared the photo. Some of his followers found it inappropriate. Do you agree with them?

Drake Pictured With Arsenal Star Ozil

amidst the heavy Feud between him and meek mill the pop star is socializing

All True!! See The 4 Attitudes Girls Develop After Losing Their Virginity

Since man is a social animal the issue of Virginity Cannot be overlooked, there is always that time when we wonder whether the next guy or girl is a virgin or not, well here are some clues that will lead you to your answer, though they are for the ladies it also applies to men.

1. They Are Quick To Anger When Asked if They Are Virgins

You heard me right.. Research and findings have shown that non virgin ladies are very quick to anger if you inquire about their sexual lives. The virgin ladies may smile and keep quiet when asked; but to the non virgin ladies, they will flare up and will embarrass you. You will hear something like, is it your business if I’m a virgin or not?

2. They Become Moody

Don’t get me wrong because I’m not trying to say that a lady who suddenly becomes moody has lost her virginity, but all I’m trying to say is that, when a lady just recently lost her virginity, she becomes incessantly quiet for a few days. She may lock herself up in her room probably because she has something up her sleeves

3. They Pick Quarrel At The Mention Of The Word Virginity

You heard me right. I have noticed that many non virgin ladies are usually uncomfortable when you place so much emphasis on virginity. It’s either they verbally attack you, or they tell you that you are still immature and really need some maturing to do

4. She Becomes Outspoken On s*x Discussion

Many virgin ladies tend to be quiet when people discuss s*x (though not in all cases). However, she used to be timid before when she was still a virgin, but when she’s no longer one, she may not be shy to take part and air her views when s*x topics arise

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This threw me off, he must be gay cause I don't see any reason why a straight guy would do this

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...