Tuesday, August 11, 2015

65yr Old Caitlyn Jenner Steps Out In Bikini For The first time (Yay or nay) photos

well I still don't fancy her but I am a reporter

Caitlyn Jenner previously said she wasn’t ready to bare her body in front of her friends. But in the latest episode of I Am Cait the 65-year-old finally finds the confidence to strip down to a white swimsuit. 

Caitlyn Jenner donned a sexy white swimsuit and finally faced up to her body image fears as she joined gal pals for a swim during a stay at a secluded luxury villa in Napa Valley. Of her decision to throw caution to the wind and embrace her new body, Caitlyn said:
> 'It felt very freeing. I did see my reflection in the glass and I looked pretty good. 

> Putting on a bathing suit represents a lot to me. It is kind of scary because, you know, you are really exposing yourself. I am about as nervous as I can possibly be right now.' 

Then she took a deep breath and walked out to join her friends in the pool.

HEARTLESS!! See What This Lady Did To Her Boo For Dumping Her(graphic photos)

first pics is Charles and Josephine when the going was good

you really Can't predict a woman when they hit their limit,
Charles Ajayi and Josephine Oriwoh dated for 2 years before their love turned sour leading to Charles ending the relationship. However, Josephine did not take the breakup well as she allegedly planned to take revenge on Charles

The jilted girl walked up to Charles on his sisters wedding on Saturday and emptied a jar of hot water on him.

na WA

No Joy!! 2 fighting Amidst Lagos Traffic

Lol I can remember how many times I actually got into a fight, some people will want to play you don't position yourself where they will do that

WOW!! SERENA WILLIAMS Shows Flexibility In New Photos

A lot of  critics hold that she has a male physique with  big   butts and that's not really appealing but who cares? everyone have an opinion and freedom of speech

Serena Williams is now into a disquisition on a piece of
fabric she’s called “Convertible A-line Top
With Scarf,” available to you, the home
shopper, for $39.95 or three “flexpays” of
$13.32. “It’s like one huge circle that has a
lot of style in it,” she says, not without
conviction, fiddling with the bottom of the
one she is wearing (“This is, um, mustard”),
flapping it like a fan, rubbing one hand on
her arm, and smoothing her hair. She forgets
the names of colors, misstates a price.
There with the right number and the right
name is HSN savant Bobbi Ray Carter,
sheathed in a hot-pink Convertible A-line Top
With Scarf and raccooned in black eyeliner,
filling in her co-host’s “ums” with the deft
patter of a sales professional: “Amazingly
transitional, think-fall-think-summer-think-
winter-summer-into-fall versatility, quality,
surprise scarf.” Bobbi Ray Carter knows how
to touch a piece of fabric: She gives it a
crisp snap between her fingers, smartly
smooths the drape, all the while growing
progressively more tense as Serena fumbles
some hangers and launches, at 56 minutes,
into a long anecdote about packing jeans for
Wimbledon. “Mmmm,” says Bobbi Ray Carter,
tight-lipped and possibly not breathing,
awaiting the arc of Serena’s story to make
its mumbly descent — “I felt good packing
my own jeans, I had a moment there” — so
she can finally change the subject — “And
it’s our customer pick!” — and steer us back
to the safe harbor of Denim Moto Legging
color choices.
A little background on HSN’s least
comfortable saleswoman: Serena Williams is
the best women’s tennis player in the world,
breezing through one of the best seasons of
her life. Should she win the U.S. Open next
month, she will have swept all four grand
slams in a calendar year, cementing her
reputation as the greatest women’s player of
all time and making her a serious contender
for the greatest athlete of her generation.
She is a 33-year-old woman who won her
first major at the tail end of the previous
century, a simpler era you will recall for its
consequenceless Napster-facilitated
intellectual-property theft and the looming
threat of Y2K. By now, her shoulder should
be shredded, her elbow a constant wail of
hurt. Instead, she spends her days bageling
20-something moppets who have never
known the game without her. The last time a
man as geriatric as Serena won a grand
slam was 1972. She has won three in the
past six months. Her 16-year run is, in the
words of Sports Illustrated, “one of the most
sustained careers of excellence in the
history of athletics.”

Nicki Minaj Sparks Controversy After Grabbing Meek Mill 's D During Live Performance (pics)

this couple always find a way to make the headlines daily, that was how Kim and ye started hope they last like Kim and ye though. tsw

Really Amazing, I want to meet her

Well I used to think all women know everything so she is  not really phenomenal, she is just capitalizing on it

Latest Wife In Town Tonto Dikeh Sends Hearty Message To Obasanjo And We'll wishers

first of all congrats to the latest Wife,

Tonto Dikeh’s hubby, Churchill Oladunni Obasanjo is former President Olusegun Obasanjo‘s son.The actress wrote alongside the picture above..

A big Congratulations to us and thanks to everyone who wished us well and still wishing Us..Special thanks to My father in law The ex president of Nigeria Baba Obj and my Lovely mother Inlaw..
Exclusive Special thanks to my lovely father and best friend Chief Hon. Dikeh and also to the best Step Mom in the Whole world,who never ceases to pray for me…
As you wish me will may your Joy be full and mightyAm a happy Woman and NOTHING will ever take that away from me..Btw I have the best mother Inlaw and InLaws any Girl can wish for#Mrs Churchill

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...