Saturday, October 17, 2015

Don't Loose Your Virginity - - - - Shevo

You're truly looking PRETTY, but i have to warn you not to
loose your VIRGINITY.
Don't allow what you see in your VICINITY to break your wall
Your VIRGINITY is your DIGNITY, Protect it and make it your
number one PRIORITY.
Don't allow error of PROXIMITY to lead you into
Your friends call you MINORITY because you don't follow their
. They show off their body for money and also committing
different ATROCITY.
Now you are feeling PITY, thinking of embracing their
But listen to me! In Jesus you have a true IDENTITY and you
are covered by divine
Leave them to PARTY in their IRASCIBILITY because in
In fact, they will soon become HIV CASUALTY.
If you have lost your VIRGINITY already, don't worry, Jesus
can still give u a new IDENTITY...
...HIS DIVINITY will help your HUMANITY but you have to stop
all IMMORALITY, So that you can get access into the beautiful
CITY prepared by the Almighty TRINITY !

Who is Really Wrong Here?

A little philosophy has never hurt anybody,  maybe some things are better left unknown

If Linda Ikeji Needed a Big Banana, She Sure Went to the Island to Get One - Charles Novia - (must read)

Nollywood movie producer/critic Charles Novia has penned down an article in which he talks about billionaire

3 Female Igbinedion University Students Die in car crash(VIEWER DISCRETION PICS)

Sorry this might be late but we had to verify the source before this report.

TOO BAD :Nigerian Girl gets Dumped by Boyfriend after Bleaching to Impress Him

This is too bad,  I feel sorry for the girl.  I was always tell people do not go to the extreme of trying to change your natural endowment because you want to Impress one person. People change,  well there is a lesson here good you guys read on.
Story as shared online by AlihKizito:
Nigerian girls could be so silly (apologies to good girls in this forum). How will you describe the stupidity of the lady in this story. Let me quote it as I got it from her friend.

My name is Ladi and my friend is in a dilemma now. She is living in shock of the reality that her 8 months boyfriend just dumped her for "not being the kind of fair he wants." She once told me that her boyfriend told her that it wouldn't be bad for her to be a little lighter because he feels he is often attracted to light skinned ladies.

I discouraged her from bleaching her skin and she told me I would not understand what dark skinned ladies like her go through. I told her that if a guy doesn't like her the way she is, then he doesn't deserve her.

But when I returned from a trip after 5 weeks, my friend had changed completely from the dark coloured

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...