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I don't Want To Cry, What Is Wrong In This Photo (must see)

I don't know what to say,  people stop running your body

DID YOU DO YOUR BVN?? CBN Notifies That Up To 26 Million Bank Accounts Will Be Frozen

This is to the stubborn Nigerians that never take anything serious, if you haven't done your BVN already you might be losing your account and most importantly your money,  according to reports

The Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, has said no extension would be granted after the deadline expires and customers who still haven't registered will have no access to their money or any transaction in their account.

According to CBN, the registration window will still be open after tomorrow, but unregistered customers will not be granted access to their accounts.

According to Vanguard, a CBN Official, who claimed that the exact figures of registered bank customers would not be ready until next week said that "less than half of total bank customers have been captured as at Monday this week.

He said:
"Field reports show that there has been increased surge in the number of registrations per day since last week, but it is clear that we may not exceed 50 percent by the deadline."
Managing Director, Ecobank Nigeria Plc, Jibril Aku said:

"There will be no extension of the October 31 deadline. All efforts have been made by the committee, CBN and Nigeria Interbank Settlement System for bank customers to obtain their BVN.

"The customers, who fail to meet the deadline will not be able to operate their accounts until they comply."

See The Controversial/Naughty Photo Rapper The Game Shared Earlier

Like some ladies have said,  he got it.......

My Mother Brings Men To The House For S*x – Daughter Cries Out

Only God can bless a man with a good wife cause most women these days are not loyal. This always show when things go wrong.

Read below:-

Less than six months after my Dad died, our mum started seeing someone else.

I knew their marriage hadn't been great, but it saddened me that she could move on so quickly.

She went to a party with her friend and when I waited till midnight and she had't returned, 1 went to bed.

In the morning, I took her breakfast. I opened the bedroom door and, behold, there was someone (a man) on my Dad's side of the bed…

He grunted and rolled over when he saw me. I was in shock. "What the hell is going on here?" I yelled then ran out of the room. Sadly, he was the first of many men.

Most weekends, Mum would go out and bring someone back. Her actions are out of order. Do you think she's in her right mind?

A angry daughter is sad about her mum's action after her dad's death.

STRANGE: USA Drops Father/Mother Title (See Documents)

Like Bertrand Russell said anything America does today will be a global standard tomorrow so they should be taken seriously.

Due to the recent legalisation of g*y marriages in America, the government and other institutions are no longer recognizing the titles of "Mother" and "Father". Courts, schools and official public records will no longer provide recognition for the title "Mother" and "Father". Any form you are filling now what you will see is: Parent 1 and Parent 2

Viral Photo Of Kano State Governor Sleeping in Public

Gov. GANDUJE HMMM. well Him self na human being but damn,  sleeping in public is not a good act I won't do that...

, SPORT:THREE Major Reasons Not To Sack Jose Mourinho #chelseafc

   The club is going through a terrible spell at the moment, the Portuguese is under growing pressure but his club’s situation is no reason to fire him just yet.

“The pressure is mounting by the minute”
At the sound of the final whistle at Upton Park, visiting fans left with looks of anger on their faces, this feeling was becoming part of the script, and Chelsea had lost again.

The match had not been without some form of spectacle; Matic was sent off after two bookings, Skipper John Terry and Cesc Fabregas were also booked, even Mourinho was sent to the stands.

The loss which had been their 5th of the season served to compound the misery the club finds itself. Naturally, criticisms are going the way of the manager for the team's poor performance, to the point that there have been calls for his sack. Apparently though, he seems to be on the brink.

Some of these agitations may not lack foundation as the case may be, but sacking the 52 year old is NOT the solution. In this article, Kelvin Sage outlines three reasons why sacking Jose Mourinho may not be the solution, albeit for now.


20th day of September 2007, Mourinho left Chelsea in somewhat unceremonious fashion after winning 6 titles during the course of the three years he spent at the club. To Italy and Spain he went afterwards, amassing titles and inadvertently proving to former (and current) employers that their loss was Inter Milan and Real Madrid's gain. After his departure, the manager's office at Chelsea saw no less than 8 occupants. In the managerial flux that they went through, they have only 7 titles to show for the huge amounts of investments in both players and managers.

Fast forward 6 years, 3rd June 2013, for the sake of precision, Mourinho returned to the club, and with him, stability and focus have also returned to the club. This stability and focus in the modus operandi of the club has shown in their dealings in the transfer market as they seem more prudent compared to their free-spending of the past. The squad looks more balanced both technically and tactically with a blend of youth and experience.

Sacking Jose Mourinho at this point in time will disrupt this flow and send Chelsea into the cycle of uncertainty and instability which in wallowed in during the post-Mourinho and (well) pre-Mourinho era.


                      “John Terry has been quite inconsistent and showing signs of age”

Often times, when a team is in poor form, criticism is targeted the way of the manager for not getting the best out of his charges. Inasmuch as this line of thought may hold water, it is noteworthy that this is not so in all cases, and this is part of the few exceptions to the rule. A microscopic look at the state of affairs wills that the player share portions of the blame. The key performers of last season's premiership winning campaign have been sub-par this season. John Terry has been quite inconsistent and showing signs of age; Ivanovic is giving opposition left wingers much joy down his flank; Fabregas seems to have lost his ability to chalk up assists -only one assist so far- and Diego Costa is yet to attain the heights of last season.

       “Fabregas seems to have lost his ability to chalk up assists -only one assist so far-”

While Mourinho's off-field antics may have been in the spotlight, he is not solely responsible for their slide as statistics will show that the players are not maintaining the standards set last season. If things are to change for the better, the players need to up their game.


Rome, they say, was not built in a day, and surely, during its construction, there must have been ups and downs. Roman Abramovic acquired Chelsea with a vision of making the club a football power house, to this end he has invested massively most especially in terms of finance. So far, so good, but could be better.

“It took Ferguson four years to win his first trophy at Manchester United and after 26 years, left the club a soccer mammoth”

Money may go a long way in achieving this but it is not the end-all as patience is also required especially with the man at the helm of affairs. Examples of the fact that patience can be rwarding abound in the league; it took Ferguson four years to win his first trophy at Manchester United and after 26 years, left the club a soccer mammoth. Arsene Wenger was also afforded a lot of patience to mold Arsenal into the modern footballing prototype that it is today. For Abramovic to see his dream come true that Chelsea becomes a football dynasty a lot of patience is required with the manager and the former Real Madrid coach shows that he is the right person for the job.

“Arsene Wenger was also afforded a lot of patience to mold Arsenal into the modern footballing prototype that it is today”

With only 3 victories in 10 games, the clouds at Stamford Bridge are gloomy, the air reeks of uncertainty and there is that feeling that the power brokers at the London club's headquarters may take the familiar route: sack the manager and employ a caretaker manager till the season is over. But we have been down that road before and know where it leads to; pulling the trigger now will cause short term gain and long term pain. Sacking Jose Mourinho is not the ideal solution… yet.

Caught in the act: NTA Presenter Captured Making Up On Air .

What a big mistake and lack of professionalism from the camera man for this. See photos!!

MORE Photos Of The Disgusting 'Eggplants' or Balls Bag #KenyansVsNigerians

Either you like it or not it takes at least 2 celebs to endorse and promote This bag and I will be on the streets. Lol

Well, the owner and creator of the backpack — a Canadian — say's he's officially launched a crowdfunder to get the "Scrote Tote" mass produced. (Translation: You too can now own one/a pair too)

GUYS Will You Rock This Soon To Be Launched 'Eggplants' Back Pack (photos)

According To New Reports Nigerian 'Yahoo Boys' Make $9.3Billion Annually

It is reported that Cyber Crimes in Nigeria costs about $9.3 billion annually across the globe, President, Cyber Security Association of Nigeria (CSEAN), Mr. Remi Afon has said.‎

In a statement Thursday in Abuja on the planned launch of CSEAN Lagos and award of certificates to new members of the association, Afo

n stated that activities of the cyber criminals have integrated from phishing emails to "actual exploit through malware."

According to him, though there were no available statistics on volume of malware being generated from the country but "based on research by Palo Alto Networks in 2014 and fire eye 2015, activities of cyber criminals in Nigeria is now shifting from phishing emails to actual exploit through malware.

"It is estimated by Dutch investigation firm Ultrascan that Nigeria-based cybercrime is costing around $9.3 billion (£5.5bn) globally each year."

However, he lauded efforts of the Federal Government to combating the menace.

"Cyber crime became rampant in Nigeria due to lack of appropriate cyber crime law in the past. The cyber crime bill has now been passed into law around mid of this year. With the new cyber crime law, it will become easier for law enforcement agents to prosecute cyber criminals unlike in the past," he said.

The bill introduced on July 28, 2011, was targeted to check activities of internet scammers, who had projected the country negatively, both locally and internationally.

However, Afon emphasised need to better equip law enforcement agencies with the necessary skills and tools to be able to apprehend and prosecute cyber criminals.

He called for more investment in cyber security, adding that bank customers are continuously targeted with email requests purportedly from banks in order to steal customers' login details.

"The cybercrime bill has now been passed into law. With the new cybercrime law, it will become easier for law enforcement agents to prosecute cyber criminals unlike in the past.

Chinese Billionaire Arrested For 16yrs Ago Bank Robbery He Used To Raise Capital (photos)

It is no news that these days people get their hands dirty or involve themselves in crime to raise capital for their business.  Shi is one of those people, he was involved in a robbery 16years ago in December 1999 and he used his dirty money to build a multi-billion legit business empire.

According to the 49YR old, in 1999
At the time five armed suspects broke into a bank in the city of Zhengzhou, injuring two clerks and walking away with 2.8 million yuan (£290,000) in cash.

On the morning of October 21, more than 80 undercover police investigators rushed to the Zhumadian, Henan province, and arrested five suspects including billionaire Shi.

Shi is said to be well known in Zhumadian for being an extremely powerful and successful property tycoon.

He runs a number of businesses including industrial real estates, development and trade companies, and leisure farms. All earning him a fortune. As well as property, he has billions invested in local businesses and often hosts regular charity events. All of this has influenced the community he lives in.

After he was arrested, Shi admitted to breaking into the bank armed with four suspects and stealing the money 16 years ago.

Shi told police, before the robbery in the early 1990's he was not satisfied with his income as a construction worker. So he gathered a group of guys who were working as painters for a 'secret job.'

Then for three months leading up to the raid they hatched a plan to rob the bank which included a well-designed escape route. Doing so they seriously injured a man was shot in the head and left in a pool of blood, and a woman. It is unclear what happened to her.

The whole process which involved the suspects dressed as business men took just five minutes. It was a case that shocked the whole country as no one has ever been arrested since it took place in 1999.

Many of the investigators working on the case are now retired but they never gave up. From a list of 158 suspects they eventually narrowed it down to five.16 years later the Zhengzhou City Public Security Bureau held a press conference to confirm the mystery of the 1999 bank robbery had successfully been solved.

A vital piece of evidence in the investigation was a hammer that was used to brake the bullet proof glass during the raid.

Controversial artist Maheeda showcases her hot Bod again..

Delusional and controversial gospel singer Maheeda is at it again..

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...