Thursday, November 5, 2015

I Am Always Here For You '' Rick Ross tells Lira Galore

Social media slander is still at its peak and only God knows what Lira Galore is going through, after I heard her cry on Snapchat and claiming Rick Ross is making her feel like it is her fault I almost got in my feelings

Well the photo above was posted by a twitter user and according to her she got Lira Galore always lol

Man Needs Urgent Advice

Please no ridicule

Hi Folks,

I've been trying to solve this circumstantial puzzle about paying dowries. Religion and customs states that the parent of the bride are entitled to receive the dowry, but what happens in a case where there is no parent, relative or guardian?

Do I pay to the church or what?

Please help!!!!!!!!

Comment or send advice to

Money Is Bros: See Epic Throwback Photo Of Paul Okoye in UNIABUJA (Photo)

Most of us would look back at our photos from 5years ago and wonder what the hell we were thinking,  how ever Bros and sisters life comes in stages,  utilize and make the best use of every stage you find yourself

Money and time changes everything at the end of the day

Jude Shared this photo on his instagram page

He captioned it: #Me and my boys back then in uni Abuja chilling and waiting for dem girls @rajishehu and Leo big boys with no shishi broke ass niggaz #tbt 

Right now you the story

Ace Comedian Basketmouth Shares Photo Of Him And Mofe Damijo On a Bus

2 kings,  both successful in their domains,  Blessings

Tweet Of The Day. Lol

Is it right for a pastor to preach like this for any reason or it is worldliness that is entering the House of God?

Lesson Of The Day (pic)

Some of you should hereby receive sense. Lol

Rich Homie Quan Gets Pablo Escobar Tattoo

Rich Homie Quan added some new ink to his body last night, with a portrait of the infamous Pablo Escobar. RHQ made sure to provide a little caveat with his tattoo, to ward off any would-be haters.

Putting up a photo of the tattoo's progress on Instagram last night, Rich Homie wrote, "if you don't know the REAL Escobar, Pablo fed his people and took care of his family; and THATS what I stand for..." He added later, "if u don't like it unfollow me. Kno the meaning why I got the tact. Wat man do u kno make 60milliin a day. So I don't really care Wat y'all think."

Well I don't love tatts and Pablo may have some philanthropist good books however
but in doing so he left familys without fathers and children, and destroyed multiple people (and future generations) for life cuz of drug dependency. you can't treat those kind of people like they're a god, that's just promoting drug culture

Easy Steps To Staying Safe During Traffic Robbery (must read)

This is courtesy of gidi traffic, please try and stay safe this period
###If you live in the bustling, cosmopolitan commercial metropolis known as Lagos (South West Nigeria), you would have observed a recent upsurge

Life Is Short : These Stunning Lady 'Joy White' Died This Morning (photos)

I don't know her from Adam but the issue of death cannot be over emphasized no matter what, that's a path we will all take one day and hers

LMAO! Billionaire's Wife Dabota Lawson Called Out For Using Cheap Cooking Pot On Instagram(in pics)

There is no joy on social media, people are always looking to slam you for little things,  well Dabota is the new victim,

'I Considered Aborting Him' - Cristiano Ronaldo's Mother Reveals

I always tell people abortion is not always the best choice some of the aborted kids might have grown up to be heroes and life changers but they never got the chance, well that is for God to decide,

Shoooo!! Ladies Please .lmao (pics)

One of the greatest lie ladies Tell outside when they lost their virginity or anything sexually related is age.please stop girls

D'Banj Reveals The Winners Of #ThekingIsHere Rap Competition

After weeks of voting and constant checking of Bangalee's page to know the winner of this tight rap contest,

Meet Aleira Avendano, 26-Yr-Old Venezuelan Who Claims To Have The Perfect Female Body (photos)

It is all about body these days,  people hardly talk about how smart or intelligent a girl is,  it is all about sex appeal

Believe It Or Not! The Person In This Picture Is A MAN!

Don't be deceived by what you see anymore, 

TF!?? Photos Of Nollywood Actresses Being Buried Alive In New Movie

Nollywood is really going in on this movie thing, 

Public Shame: Why I Feel Bad For Lira Galore After Failed Relationship With Rick Ross

This is one of the best opinionated article I have seen lately read and learn something about relationships, it is often better to be low key th

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...