Thursday, November 12, 2015

CONGRATS BRO : See Photos From Comedian Akpororo Traditional Wedding With Josephine

The Ace Comedian Akpororo will soon become a complete man

These photos were taken from his traditional wedding to Josephine Abraham today,  stay locked for the white wedding later this month

Kylie Jenner Flaunts Her Collection Of $300k Car Toys

She got it,
Kylie Jenner has given a tour of her 4 luxury cars which range in value from $150,000 to $300,000. Sitting in the driver's seat of her most expensive vehicle, a white Rolls Royce Ghost, Kylie says: 'It's just so classy, makes me feel so boss - it's the smoothest car I've ever driven'

In the video blog posted on her website, Kylie admits: 'It's probably way too many cars for a young woman' but reveals that she loves cars so much, 'it is what it is'. 

BREAKING! Under 17 World Cup Hero, Victor Osimhen Signed To Tottenham Fc

According to news reaching us now the Nigerian striker that scored 10goals in 7 matches Victor Osimhen (16) is at the edge of concluding his transfer move to Tottenham Fc of England, that's a good start for the young lad and a better move than going to Chelsea Fc. Lol


Ekwensu newe phone number


Lmao this is the most uncreative and nonsensical shit I have seen lately dang

NEXT HIP-HOP BILLIONAIRE?? Pappy Snoop Has Finally Launched His Weed Line (photos)

We all know Snoop Dogg has been a marijuana enthusiast and connoisseur for as long as we've known him, so hearing that he's getting involved in the b

Mind-boggling Photo Of The Day

Every wan hustle by all means,  this is the height. Lol

Meet The Sexiest Dwarf In The World (photos)

Most short people I know have low self esteem and it struck me to ponder on whether it is their natural curse or

LIFE STYLE : FOREVER YOUNG By Raymond Ojeogwu (must read)

Today, I made a phone-call to my mum just to check on her well-being, after the necessary greetings and exchange of pleasantries, she told me that my twin sisters recently started

5 Easy Steps To Improve Your Business Using Social Media

This article will teach you how you can improve your business using social media, so instead of using your social media accounts for unproductive social activities you can make it a tool for improving and promoting your career, profession or business.

While more than 90 percent of the world's population stays interested in posting selfies on the internet, a few savvy entrepreneurs are seeking creative ways to deploy social media recognition for their businesses.

In this article,, Africa's largest hotel booking portal presents tips on how to increase your social media presence and help your business grow like wildflowers.

1. Link your accounts to the company Website

Sharing a direct link from any of the social media pages to the company website gives people an opportunity to make quick contact with your profile and easily learn more about the organisation.

2.  Create valuable content

There are over 3 billion social media accounts around the globe. If you want your target market to focus on your page, then the content you share has to be thoroughly researched and authentic. Promoting great content positions your business and website as credible, and fetches more customers and income.

3. Interact with people

When people talk to you in real life, chances are high that you will respond. It's the same with social media. Engaging with friends or followers show that you are interested in their opinion and value their input. As much as possible, let people know you are open to conversations and watch your timeline come to life.

4. Boost your accounts

Using keywords related to your core message, is an important way to optimize your social media accounts. Do some research on the phrases that clients associate with your field of business and make use of them as often as possible in your posts.

5.  Include Social Icons in emails

If you send out emails all day long, then this one great way to get the word out on the services you offer. With social media icons embedded in an email, recipients who want further information are most likely to going to click on a tab to explore your pages and website.

By Rita Ohai


It is funny how people try to sexualize everything this is the most awkward name for pure water I have seen. Smh


Love matters can never be over emphasized so my ladies you are not getting any younger that is why you need to check your relationship to know exactly where it is heading to,this is a guest article from Daviy Jones Read Z learn and share

## My name is daviyjones, you already know that but what you might not know is the top 7 list why nigerian BF don't marry their GF. Don't forget I'm the man of list.

1. He has enjoyed every part of you : 
Nobody likes to eat rice all the time or beans, consumers always change taste in this case guys are the consumers. He has been straffing you for months and years same Kitty-Cat, same boobs. The guy got to change taste. 

all you bring is your problem or family's for discussion :
Most girls do this, when they start a topic it must be about something the guy has to do for me,mostly financial problems. Sooner or later the guy will run away from liability. As if is only girls that have problem in this world.

you have collected the BRIDE PRICE already. : the money some guys spend on GF is enough to pay her bride price for 20 consecutive years, iphone6 price can even build a mansion in her village.

when you keep male friends like movie collection : 
There is probability that out of every 6 male friends a girl keeps, there is a Side-guy or BF amongst them.

when he discovers how promiscous you use to be : you use to be runs girl,olosho,slut and suddenly change when you see him as special guy, trust me when he finds out about your dirty pass he will never let go and will dump you .

when he discovers he is not the true landlord of the honney-pot;
Guys always have ears around their GF even side-chick.whenever he heard you have a main guy from family and friends. He won't dump you but turn you to sex slave and wil never marry you.

if you are beautiful but dumb : average looking girls are more intelligent ( prove me wrong). Men love beautiful girls with brains. Funny you can't have them all. Because beautiful ladies are overwhelmed by their beauty and proposals they get from admirers which make them spend more time on their body than brain.

[i]Written by daviyjones ( the man of list)

NEW VIDEO : OLAMIDE - M. V. P Prod. By Young John (DOWNLOAD)

The Original baddosneh has finally dropped the video for his street banger titled"M.V.P" starring YBNL Nation's bossman "Olamide Baddo"off the album "StreetOT" produced by "Young John".

You gotta love it
Download & enjoy



TRAP QUEEN : 15yr Old Akwa Ibom Girl Arrested For Hiding Bf's Gun (pics)

Ignorance is either bliss here or a girl attempted to pull a trap Queen move.

The Akwa Ibom State Police Command has arrested a 15-year-old girl from Mbiaya, in the Uruan Local Government Area of the state for concealing a locally-made pistol that belonged to her boyfriend, Mr. Ofonime Eton, 23.

The teenager, who is a student of Itam Secondary School, in Itu, was said to have concealed the firearm in her handbag when the police intercepted a tricycle she and her boyfriend boarded.

The state Commissioner of Police, Mr. Murtala Mani, said during a press conference in Uyo on Wednesday that when the teenager discovered that the police team on duty was about stopping the tricycle for a search, he quickly passed the gun to the teenager, who concealed it in her bag.

When asked how she came about the firearm, the girl stated that they were returning from a vigil on November 6 when the police came around their tricycle, seized the gun and arrested them. She revealed that her boyfriend was a cultist but she had not seen him with a gun before that fateful day.

"We were on our way back home from a vigil which a friend invited us to. When he (Eton) saw the police, he passed the gun to me; I collected it. So, when the police came, they collected the gun from me and arrested both of us," she confessed.

On his own part, Eton said he finished secondary school last year. The 23-year-old said he was a member of a cult known as KK.

He said, "My girlfriend was not aware that I was carrying a gun. I was wearing a pullover and when we were coming back in the morning, she was feeling cold so I decided to give her the pullover and the gun was inside the pullover."

The Police Public Relations Officer in the state, ASP Cordelia Nwawe, also said two ladies were arrested for being in possession of hemp.

Culled from PunchNg

Can You Guess What This Billionaire Is Dreaming About?? (pics)

Lol,  rich dream,  what does it contain?  Tell us

See The Controversial Campaign Poster Circulating The Internet, He is Honest (pics)

He is Honest, but I he can't go far with this in the world of today, kudos for his efforts.

Well Eric Mununuzi, an aspirant for Kisementi Municipality was bold enough to print his intentions on his campaign poster. And his pitch is 'let someone else eat the money'.

When reached for comment, the handcart puller said that leaders are elected to take care of their families and not the community. .

His words:

"It is fair that everyone is given a chance to eat and I believe that my turn to eat has come. It is hypocritical to lie to the people that you are going to serve them yet your appetite is directed at the jumbo moneys that belong to Mwananchi. .

Most of these leaders are elected to positions pencil thin, yet, after three months in office; their waists grow from 18 inches to 80 inches. Is this not hypocrisy? Instead of concentrating on national infrastructure, they concentrate on stomach infrastructure."

Lol. At least the man is being honest about his intentions.

Young Female Blog Reader in Love With a Married Man Needs Help. Pls Read

Hi  ENEKEM good day, have being a fan of your page for a while now even though i don't get to comment on

She Got A Big Mouth :Meek Mill sister responds to 50 Cent clowning Meek Mill in Sweden

But well we all want a family to look out for us in this cold world

FINE SEASON :NAFDAC Hits Guinness Nigeria With N1Billion Fine

This is fine season and big brands in Nigeria are getting the heat, 

Punch Newspapers reports that NAFDAC accused Guinness of allegedly revalidating expired products without authorisation and supervision, and exposing its raw materials to rodents.An excerpt of the letter from NAFDAC, which was obtained from Punch, reads

"In view of the above, you are further required to take the following actions: disclosure of all your warehouses in the country and submission of inventory level of the stock thereof; submit a written voluntary consent of forfeiture for destruction of the expired and revalidated raw materials discovered in your warehouse; and submit a notarised undertaking to comply with all the guidelines, rules, regulations and enactments of the agency, and to refrain from any future violations."

Pandemonium In Lagos Island As Phyno Entered In The Market (in photos)

IT pays to be successful in your craft so work hard people,

Rapper Phyno was at Lagos Island yesterday to shoot a video scene for his new song, and his presence pulled quite a crowd.

And as usual for a star,

Traders and marketers gathered in their numbers just to catch a glimpse of the 'Alobam' hitmaker.

Even policemen were not left out.

Photo credit: National HELM

See What A Mother Wore Out With Her Kid Daughter, Say Something Nice

This ladies are just something else,please blog readers don't do this for any reason

Drake Fan Styles His Face On His Head: YeAy or Nay (pics)

Kudos to the Barber, the guy is artistic

LMAO: See The Top Four Victims Of Nigerian #HelloChallenge (Screenshots

Could not help but this together, some exes just can't let go of their exes. Lmao don't laugh alone

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...