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BAWSE: 'Northern caps costs between N45,000 – N120,000, I had 70' - Naeto C

This is the definition of a big boy,

Naeto C has revealed that when he was much younger and feeling the vibes, the more reason he wore mostly Northern caps was because he lived in Abuja and was influenced by Northerners. Aside that, he said the cap was also cool...

He told Ademola Olonilua, that he had 70 then and one costs between N45,000 – N120,000. He said he could afford to buy one of N50,000 and dash it out immediately to a fan because he was single with no responsibilities. He however admits he can't try that now saying he is a family man with responsibilities. He also spoke about why he loves wearing native attires, saying he feels more comfortable in them.

How many of those caps did you have?

> I had a lot. I had about 70 of them and those caps are not cheap. The least expensive one I bought was about N45, 000. They have some that cost as much as N120, 000. There is one they call Senator and that is what our senators wear. Those ones cost about N30, 000. They are not cheap at all. Back then, I could afford to buy them because I was still a bachelor and I did not have any responsibility. There was no mouth to feed so I could buy a cap for N50, 000 and after a show, I would dump it at home or give it out to a fan.

It is always good when you can afford enough of what you like

Fashion?? Bra-less Rihanna steps out in night wear inspired outfit (photos)

Is this fashion too?  Only girls will like this

Big Boy: some photos from Akpororo's white wedding, She is Pretty

Comedian Akpororo and his cute bride,Ijeoma Josephine Abraham got married in Church today. Ali Baba and his wife attended the wedding ...

Exposed Road Side Beggar That Makes $200 Every Hour Is On The Run (photos and details)

Yoo seem like begging is the new how to make money fast,  lol

The Grand Central Terminal panhandler who's now the poster child for getting rich quick by begging was in the wind Wednesday ­after being featured on the front page of The Post.

"He's usually here," a street vendor near the commuter hub said of Will ­Andersen, 43, who claimed he rakes in as much as $200 an hour asking for money alongside his 9-year-old pup, Rizzo, on East 42nd Street between Vanderbilt and Madison avenues.

Anderson ditched his typical spot after The Post brought him to limelight.

"On a Friday morning, I make $400 in two hours," he said, adding that he makes enough to rent a room in Inwood and buy dog food. His four-legged friend on the street helps, he added.

An NYPD spokesperson said cops can't stop homeless people from keeping pets on the street as long as there are no outward signs of mistreatment when people complained about him using the dog to beg.

BAWSE: Ben Bruce Employed 50 Youths As Staffs Of Newly Opened Silverbird Cinemas In Festac (photos)

If you know the man reply well,  you will know that apart from his numerous Twitter rants,  he also really try to live and practice what he preach.

Senator Ben-Murray Bruce employed 50 youths (yesterday) at the newly opened Silverbird cinemas in Festac, Lagos..He said

At this minute, I'm at Festac opening a new Silverbird cinema that will employ 50 Nigerian youths! #ibelieveinyouths Youth need jobs not peanuts to fight for a political party on Twitter. Today, I employed 50 youths #ibelieveinyouths

'My son ‘ll rather die than back out of Biafra struggle’ - Nnamdi’ Kanu's father speaks

This is the kind of child you can never  call a coward.

The father of detained radio Biafra exec,Nnamdi Kanu has called for his son's release, insisting he won't stop fighting for Biafra.. HRM (Eze) Israel Okwu Kanu (JP) a traditional ruler of Isiama Afara,in Umuahia,Abia state sat down with the SUN where he talked about his son's struggles

When asked how he feels about Nnamdi's arrest and detention, he has this to say:

"Nnamdi is my first son. His arrest pains me a lot; it is not when I start crying like a child before people will know that his arrest is paining me to the marrow. That chap has no problem, he is not a noisemaker, rather he abhors injustice. Since he was born, he had not exchanged words with we, the parents or even the siblings, always sitting quietly when we are having family meetings, but he always made quality inputs".

On his son's arrest for fighting for Biafra, he said

"It was not justified at all be­cause he is fighting for the freedom of the Igbo with his mouth and without a machete or gun. It is only that mouth Nnamdi is using to demand the freedom of the Igbo and whether the Federal Government likes it or not, he will continue to speak just as I used to do which made me to represent my people three times as a local government councillor. Talking runs in our blood stream and it will be difficult for Nnam­di to stop talking".

He appealed to the FG to release his son stating..

"I will first of all start with the Federal Govern­ment, I'm appealing to them to release my son, he has not come to wage war against the country and the Nigerian constitution made provision for free­dom of speech and nothing will debar him from speaking. President Muhammadu Buhari should understand that the agitation for Biafra did not start with Nnamdi. If Buhari has any bad plans against Nnamdi, he should hands off because all of us want that freedom. As for Ndigbo, they should join Nnamdi in seeing to the actualization of Biafra. I'm not always happy that my son is putting his all in the struggle, the other man, Uwazuruike will be some­where behaving as if Nnamdi is his enemy. I'm also not happy that since Nnamdi was arrested, no gov­ernor from this zone or a known politician for that matter has ever asked for his release, it is not good. I don't know whether they are afraid to speak out.

checkout Nicki Minaj In Weird Rabbit And Fur Boots / Yea Or Nay (photos)

This is kind of ridiculous to me but she is Nicki,  a renowned trend setter

The rapper stepped out in this weird $615 pair of Fendi rabbit and fur boots on Thursday for a dinner date in LA...

You like?

WICKED :Phyno Slayed On Instagram For Posting About #Prayers4Paris #Prayforparis

All true to me, we over rate this foreign countries more than they rate us, people die every week from Boko Haram insurgency attack and unit is rarely talked about by our Celebs,

As reactions keep pouring from all over the world over the Paris attacks yesterday that killed several, Nigerian celebs have also expressed their condolences, but when Nigerian artist

Phyno added his own voice, his fans on Instagram felt he was being hypocritical because, according to them, they haven't heard his voice all these while Boko Haram has been wreaking havoc in the North-East, havoc which has claimed tens of thousands of lives.

BADDO: 3 Time Winner Of Mr Ugly Zimbabwe Vows to Hold Onto His Crown

To me this is a chocolate guy that has not tasted real money. Lol

The three-time reigning champion of the Mr Ugly Zimbabwe contest faces stiff competition from a record number of challengers.

William Masvinu is eager to hold onto his title because being the reigning champ makes him popular with the ladies.

Masvinu has held the tile since 2012.

Pageant organizer David Machowa said a record number of 36 hopefuls will compete for entry into the Nov. 20 finale. That's up from only 5 competitors in the 1st annual Mr. Ugly contest in 2011.

He said contestants score the highest points on facial features. "We are looking for natural ugliness," Machowa said.

"People have always seen ugliness is something to be ashamed of," said Machowa. "Looks are God given. We should all be proud of who we are."

The winner takes home $1,000 and the undisputed champion's crown. The cash prize is a sign of the contest's growing popularity.

Masvinu won $100 and a voucher for a free overnight stay in a hotel in 2012.

He traded in the voucher for food.

Masvinu had hoped his triple wins would bring in advertising offers, but so far the offers have not materialized. He still works hauling groceries for $10 a day, but that could change as word of Zimbabwe's Mr. Ugly competition spreads.

The contest is sponsored by the owners of Harare nightclubs, which plans to expand the contest into other countries in southern Africa.

So far there are no plans for a female version of the 'Ugly' competition.

LMAO: one Word For This Babe

English in trouble

Meet 'Barr Marion Eshokhai' Enekem's Blog Face Of The Week(2)

Our Enekem's Blog Face of the week(2) is the beautiful Marion Eshokhai, she is undoubtedly one of the most prettiest girl in the world , A graduate of Law from Ambrose Alli University. Ekpoma.She is presently a member of the Nigerian Bar Association and Founder

LESSON NOTED:Check-out The Two Very Cheap Phones That Billionaire FEMI OTEDOLA Is Using

He was spotted in Dj Cuppy's Birthday party, Some rich people really don't spend their money on expensive phones,  most poor people do that.

Checkout Ini Edo's NEW Slim Figure, you like? Pics

Oh well I love my women Big but she still looks dapper anyways or what you think?

CONTROVERSIAL Photos Of Cancer-Stricken Diezani Alison-Madueke Exposed

This life na beans o,  Money really can't solve everything

Ovation magazine Ceo, Dele Momodu  released  photos of cancer-stricken Nigeria's former Petroleum Minister, Diezani Alison-Madueke,

in the inaugural issue of a brand new tabloid titled Boss magazine.

EXCLUSIVE :This Nigerian Guy Was Murdered In Front Of His 4yr Old Son Yesterday In SA (photos)

This is an exclusive news and it came from one of Nigerian Blog Reader bases in South Africa who happened to be a close friend of the deceased before his death.

Horror in Paris as Terrorists kill over 40 people in Coordinated Attacks #PrayforParis

There is God o, One of the world's tourist and economic capitals is under siege tonight after terrorists attacked several locations in what is being described as a "coordinated attack".

The night of terror in Paris has been city streets lined with dead bodies and at least 40 people have been confirmed dead after the attacks in 3 locations.

The Daily Mail reports that "there was a shootout inside a restaurant on the Rue Bichat, two explosions near the Stade de France sports stadium and another shooting at the Paris Bataclan concert hall where terrorists are said to be holding 100 people hostage. It is thought that at least 11 were killed in the restaurant, close to where the Charlie Hebdo shootings occurred in January, and another 15 in the theatre, police officials said. "

Paris residents are being advised to stay indoors.

UPDATE :Davido Was Robbed Off $55,000 & 2 ROLEXES In South African Attack

Prone to  the  newsletter posted earlier Davido Just disclosed  that the sum of $55,000 cash was stolen from him along with 2 rolexes.

Based on his brief description, it seems as though there was a threat of violence involved in the robbery as he said "Thank God for my life…. If not for him.. E for be different story … My daughters face was flashing through my eyes the whole time…."

Glad he is doing ok.

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...