Sunday, November 15, 2015

See The Controversial Photo That Is Trending On Facebook, Is This Possible?

According to Zakir Ullah

The father accordingly married at the age of 15 years but the father look like young having beard black. Both have the same poverty also transferred to the son. Any how great love among them. Poverty is a curse.

Let's say the father had sex with an older woman when he was 14, that's still very arguable, what's your take?.

People of Biafra ‘IPOB’ replies Father Mbaka Harshly

The Priest, in charge of the Adoration Ministry, Enugu Nigeria, had called on the pro-Biafran youths protesting for the immediate release of Radio Biafra Director and Leader of IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, to go back to their businesses as the protests could lead to their death.

During a sermon at his weekly Adoration Ministry, Mbaka was said to have criticised Biafra supporters who embarked on the massive protests across South-East and South-South states, to demand Kanu's immediate release.

Mbaka had said: "Locking up your shops and disrupting economic activities will not add any naira to your pocket, whatever grievance you have could be resolved through dialogue,'' he said.

However, responding to Mbaka, in a broadcast on Biafra Radio, IPOB denounced him as a compromised priest speaking from both sides of his mouth.

Deputy Leader of IPOB, Uche Mefor, who fired back at the cleric, stressed that "Biafra is more than money!"
Mefor was quoted by Vanguard as stating that the youths are protesting against injustice, oppression and subjugation, which is motivating them to seek their freedom.

The deputy leader further wondered why Mbaka who is is a priest could not find courage to condemn Nigeria government's extrajudicial detention of Kanu.

He also advised him to refute his statement immediately if he was misquoted.

According to Mefor, Biafran youths have seen the truth having been enlightened on the need to restore Biafra, and nothing can stop them from demanding their rights.

Similarly, Director of Information, Factional MASSOB, Mr. Uchenna Madu has regretted Fr. Mbaka's condemnation of Biafra struggle.

He said,

"How can a revered Igbo clergy man descend so low in making such a condemnable statement few days after President's Buhari's wife visited him?
"Mr President should be aware that no money given to Mbaka, persuasion, personal friendship with him can ever frustrate or diminish the rising status, consciousness and global reawakening/acceptance of Biafra. A man who speaks with both sides of the mouth at a time is a hypocrite and is not worth to be trusted.

"The Igbo christians, catholics and even the Pope will prove Mbaka wrong. Many Igbo clergymen including the Catholic priests are not in support of Mbaka's government paid anti-Biafran comment.
"This why the Igbo youth and other citizens have lost confidence/trust on many Igbo leaders in Nigeria. Biafra agitators are more determined to sacrifice our shops, businesses, jobs, comfort and even the supreme price for the sake of our freedom.
"Mbaka should be aware that even during our peaceful/non violence demonstrations, the agitators, sympathizers and Biafran patronized his products including his sachet water and yogurts. Mbaka's business boomed as the protests lasted."

Mark Zuckerberg defends Facebook's decision to activate safety check for Paris

Mark Zuckerberg was criticized after Facebook activated safety checks for Paris and not for other countries which have been victims of terrorists attacks. Users have been also able to change the background of their profile pics to the French national flag...

NEW MUSIC : Ola Dips (@dips_ola) - Hello (Adele Cover) #Dope

This is a very good cover and song with a message

The most talked about Yoruba Rapper right now Ola Dips hits us with this slick masterpiece,titled "HELLO" a cover of Adele's Hello… This is officially the first "Rap Version" and Ola Dips killed it!

Mixed And Matered By Demmie Vee.

Listen & Download Ola Dips – Hello (Adele's Cover) Below:-

Mixed And Matered By Demmie Vee.

Download Ola Dips – Hello (Adele's Cover) Below:-

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Were the Paris Attacks Predicted on the January Cover of The Economist?

If you know me very well you will understand why I am publishing this post, please read with an open mind

Will Paris Still Complete The Giant Pyramid Building in 2016??

In 2013 The Mayor of Paris Bertrand Delanoë and the group Unibail announced the construction of Triangle – a 492 feet pyramidal building to be located in the South of Paris.

SHOTS FIRED: 50cent Called Rick Ross a 'Fat Chicken Selling Chicken ' On Instagram

50cent is becoming the troll Legend,  since his music career died and his crew members from G-Unit stopped being loyal to him seem his life now belongs to trolling his competitions on instagram

FIDDY went at Rick Ross once again on Instagram, this time calling him "a fat chicken" and making fun of Wingstop.

50 Cent is back at it again on Instagram tonight, but this time it's not at Vivica A. Fox. Instead, the G-Unit boss poking fun at his other on-going beef partner, Rick Ross.

Taking to the 'gram Friday night, Fif decided to go at Rozay's weight (which he's lost a ton of lately), and his fast food chain WingStop. Posting a picture of a NYC Wingstop, Fif called Rozay "a fat chicken" along with letting him know that an ass-whooping is on his way. The full caption read,

"A fat chicken,selling chicken 🐓 them people know you got a ass whooping coming lol"

The two rap moguls have been going back & forth at one another on IG for the past couple weeks, following the initial stir up from Fif who made fun of Rozay's merch line & torso t-shirt.

Oh No This Is A Really Bad Experience, Touching (must Read) #PrayForParis

That's not end, continue below and share, 

With Trillions Squandered, Oshiomhole is the biggest thief in Edo State - Igbenedion

There is war in among the powerful men in Edo state,  right now Former Governor of Edo State, Mr. Lucky Igbinedion, has asked Governor Adams Oshiomhole to explain to the people of Edo how he allegedly

The Money Plenty : Davido Shares New Money Call Photos On Snapchat With Arrogant Captions

Few days ago the young super star was robbed in South Africa and now he posted these photos on his Snapchat, the money plenty mehn

Amber Rose Shares Raunchy Bathroom Selfie Photo With Top less Blac Chyna

These two have been suspected to be a lesbian couple, Amber Rose shared the above photo with caption "Netflix & chill".

Justin Bieber Shed Tears On Stage For Paris Victims

This is to tell us that there is still a soft spot in his ruggedity

The singer who was performing at a concert in LA last night, led prayers on stage and then broke down as he sang 'I'll Show You' for the audience. Justin, could be seen with tears streaming down his face as he said over and over again:

"We're in this together.Why am I crying so hard?" he asked, before adding: "Get it together, Justin."

His voice broke as he said:

"I've got to go, thank you," before walking off stage.

After the gig he posted a picture to Instagram of him crying and wrote: "Tears are healthy.

History Has Been Made!! Zimbabwe Debuts First Female Flight Deck Crew On Air(photos)

Nigerian female pilots are you watching?

HISTORY was made on friday when two black females did a man job perfectly

It was actually the First ALL FEMALE FLIGHT DECK CREW ON AIR #Zimbabwe  Boeing 737.Two Captains

Though some South African pilots claim to have done this before,  this is the most recent and the first time in Zimbabwe

Lamar Odom does not recognize his friends and family members Cause Of Serious brain damage

This is serious, the Kardashians are really a disease to men when they are done them,

According to reports, the 35-year-old who was found in a hotel after going on a cocaine binge, is finding it difficult to recognize some of his friends and family members. 

In an interview with talk show host Ellen Degeneres, ex-wife Khloe Kardashian revealed that Lamar doesn't know why he has brain injury. 'I can't tell him. We tell him he had a brain injury, I can't tell him how that brain injury was caused. It will set him back.' she told Ellen.

Lamar's condition is so bad he can hardly put words together or communicate properly; he even sometimes forgets his age, according to TMZ reports.

'Sometimes he knows who the president is, and his birthday, and other times he thinks he's 26, and I say: "I bet you wish you were 26, so do I." Khloe stated.

She also added that though he has a long road to recovery, she is quite hopeful his situation will improve.

Is This Right? This Blog Reader Took A Selfie While Leading Praises In Church and Sent To us(pic)

Lol,  enekem readers like fun shaa,  but no this ain't coooooooooooool. Lol

Na WA o:Limousine Conveying The Bride To Her Wedding Reception Broke Down Yesterday, Witches?

Happy Sunday,  just to remind you all to pray against expensive embarrassment,  see the mind boggling embarrassment a friend saw yesterday

As narrated by Tu'shyne Baba

N.K told me "Shyne, no be everything wey eye see, mouth go talk", but today, SMH, werin I see. How I wan take share this amebo? Somewhere in Nigeria, this limousine that was conveying the bride to the reception hall broke down in the middle of the road.

Normally I don't believe it happens o, like there is one pic of one lady in her wedding gown holding a bottle of beer and there is another one of a kekenapep being used as a wedding day car. These things happen for real o.

You gats see the way the bride and co were fanning themselves with there litle handfan. It was quite embarrasing. I felt for them sha. That's why I snap only 1 pishure. And it was a military something. The escorts don dey clear road dey go, only for them to realise that the motor they were clearing road for is not following. They now coman turn back and coman push it and driver now coman come down and coman repair and they now comean go.

One oversabi that was caught taking shots, his phone was badly damaged by one military man. ‪#‎okbye‬

Why Nigeria May Never Be Better Than Her Current State #PrayForParis

I've seen why Nigeria may not be better than her current state. I was ashamed of the country when a 'citizen' said we don't need to pray for Nigeria because the mass killing of people is normal in Nigeria.

That is, Nigerians blood has no value like those who died at Paris. Our mentality is why we're still in western slavery despite the ironical independence of Nigeria.

I'm not against #PrayForParis but I was surprised that most Nigerians who don't pray for their 'dear' country can promote the hashtag because it's a European country.

Remove the stack of wood in your eyes before you remove a piece of wood in another person eyes.

The world need prayer. May God save the world from
terrorism. Boko Haram may strike at anytime but don't bother just pray for Paris.


This is so Sad, Lady Shares Sad Experience She Had With A Muslim Taxi Driver In Paris #Prayers4Paris

This is really sad,  we are now getting used to hasty generalization,  all I say is this is another sign of the end.  Global unrest hold your God tight,  our universe is gradually heading to a monistic state.

Hol up, How can you be "Woman of the year" if you haven't even been woman for a year? Caitlyn?

Well I still don't understand why she is packing all the awards when there are women  and people that have done a lot more than her and still yet haven't gotten any award or media recognition

Is our word sane?

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...