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BUSINESS OT: Pause When You Have Never Done Something Before - - Billionaire Strive Masiyiwa

This is a must read for all intending business owners,

Strive Masiyiwa

Joshua was an amazing general and leader of his people. One of my favorite quotes from him is something I say whenever I have to do something new: "Now pay attention, because we have never been this way before."

Simple words, but full of wisdom. There are many situations in life in which we find ourselves doing something new. This is when we must pay real attention.

Maybe you've just been promoted to supervisor, manager, or even CEO. You might even have just become a member of Parliament or a Minister of Government for the first time: ‪#‎Pay‬attention, because you have not been this way before.

Perhaps you have been asked to serve on the board of an organisation or a company: #Pay attention, because you have not been this way before.

Then again you might be about to leave your job to start a business as an entrepreneur: #Pay attention, because you have not been this way before!

People who go into something for the first time without the humility to admit that it's new, and that it requires learning the ropes, often pay a terrible price. In the process, they sometimes inflict suffering on themselves, the business (or government or NGO), and even those who follow them.

The Tentmaker said: "Don't be like them."

A friend of mine was a senior executive in a global company for many years. When he decided it was time to start his own business, he passed by my office to announce his plans.
"I think those are great ideas, but why don't you do a short course at a local college or online on entrepreneurship first," I suggested.

"My friend, I have been running large international businesses. Entrepreneurship courses are for kids!" He replied with obvious indignation. I shut my mouth.

Not long after, I sadly learnt that he had started something that failed dismally.

The other day, I learnt that one of the greatest football players had enrolled in a course to get a coaching certificate. When asked why he felt he needed such a course, he replied: "I was a player not a coach. As a player, I saw things as a player, not as the coach. Now I want to see as a coach."

__This is the attitude you must always have. 

Finally, don't measure yourself against others by saying things like, "If so and so can do it, I can do it, too. After all, he was not so smart at school."

That is the talk of someone who is not wise.

You can become a great entrepreneur. But first go invest in learning everything you can about it. Take some courses. Join associations and clubs of entrepreneurs. Read their magazines and newspapers. Immerse yourself in understanding how an entrepreneur thinks, and reacts. Read books about or written by entrepreneurs. Attend conferences. Learn their language. Spend more time with them, every day. That is how you pay attention.

When you're about to go somewhere you've never been before, study the terrain carefully. Even if you plan to chart a whole new course, learn all you can from the maps and the mapmakers that have gone before you.

WINNER CIRCLE : Yong Handsome Blog Reader Dili Bags Chieftaincy Title (Photos)

You can't be associated with Enekem's Blog and not always get what you want,

Our own Dili became the youngest chief in his community when he was crowned the Ogazi of Nteje In Anambra State over the weekend and Lailasblog was there live. 

Congratulation Dili
More wisdom to discharge your duties is what we pray for 
May you grow from strength to strength

So Sad, Businessman Whose Wife Was Murdered By Boyfriend Dies Of Heartbreak (photos)

That's one thing about marriage,  it is only in rare cases that one partner leave long after the demise of a complement

Chief Lawrence Ugochukwu Ifewulu whose wife, Martha Ifeoma Ifewulu, was gruesomely murdered in their home at Oke-Afa area of Lagos last year has died.

The deceased's wife and mother of his four children was killed on December 1, 2014 in their residence. Subsequently, Chief Ifewulu who was a successful businessman accused his late wife's lover, one Collins Nwafor of being behind the murder. 

Nwafor, who is on the run admitted having an affair with Chief Ifewulu's late wife but denied killing her in an interview he granted from his hide-out. He also revealed that Mrs. Ifewulu who died at the age of 35 had other lovers apart from him.

And almost a year after Mrs. Ifewulu's death, her husband(both pictured) has joined her. Chief Ifewulu died on Friday, October 30.

Family sources said he died from hypertension and diabetes that was triggered by heartbreak resulting from his wife's scandal.

His burial is scheduled for 7-9-2016.

Auh, What Is Happening Here? (pics)

All these medical Staffs for one kid auh?  Can you explain...

''My Uncle Was Poisoned'’: Family Source Of Audu Abubakar Reveals Reveals

Former governor of Kogi State, Prince Abubakar Audu passed away suddenly Sunday, November 22, 2015 of a heart attack.

This sad incident happened shortly after the results of the November 21 governorship elections for which he was the candidate for All Progressives New information is revealing that Audu's family members suspect foul play in the death of the former two-time governor who was seeking a return to the government house of Kogi.

Congress (APC) was declared inconclusive, with Audu in the lead. The news of Audu's death was first reported by citizen reporters website, Sahara Reporters. According to close family sources, who spoke with The Trent on condition of anonymity, Audu complained of stomach cramps before going to bed on Saturday night. He suffered a stroke on Sunday morning at about 9am.

"My uncle was poisoned, he was poisoned," the source told our reporter in between tears. "He shared a meal with a top APC chieftain from the South West (name withheld) a few days ago. Since then, he has not been himself. His death is planned.

It is all about usurping his position." According to a source inside the Audu Campaign Organisation, Audu suffered another stroke, shortly after the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) declared the result of the election inconclusive. Our source, who didn't wish to be named, said that Audu died of a massive heart attack soon after. Audu who was 68 years at the time of his death was governor of Kogi twice, January 1992 to November 1993 and May 1999 to May 2003.

He is survived by wives and children. He is scheduled to be buried according to Islamic rites at 10am on Monday (today)

EFCC declares this man wanted after he withdrew N45m credited in his account by mistake

Sharp Man

Read press statement from the EFCC...

The public is hereby notified that Jerry Ogbonna Obike Phillip, whose photograph appears below, is wanted by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in a case of stealing. Phillip allegedly withdrew the sum of N45, 000,000.00 (Forty Five million naira) which was mistakenly credited into his account in a new generation bank by the Central Bank of Nigeria before the money could be reversed to its rightful owner.

If it were you,  what would you do?

TOUCHING :'Imagine The World Without You..'- Blog Readers Views On Life And Death

As I drove into the parking space at the Yaba cemetery, cold chills ran through my spine and my body hairs felt like that of some North American porcupine. I wasn't sure if it was the weather or the monument filled environment that was having an effect on me. It had been threatening to run all day but it was all a crazy mixture of thick dark clouds and little rays of sunlight. Some say an elephant is about to the born at such times (talk about some weord African mythology).

I pulled out the floral wreath and stepped down in my black tux. I made my way to the funeral place. It was the burial of the popular business mogul, Chief Bode. His family requested for a quiet ceremony with few friends and family. His son, Tunde has been my friend since childhood. I walked up to the coffin which now housed one of the country's most influential men. So powerful a man now reduced to memories of silent nights. I laid the wreath by his side, tapped my friend and whispered "Be strong bro" as I made for an empty seat at the back. Encomiums were being showered on him by friends and foes. Both the good things he did and did not do were extolled of him. You could feel the pangs of death amidst silent sobs.

"Hebrews 9:11 says 'And it is appointed unto men to die but after that is the judgement" The priest's voice rang aloud. Tunde bent his head as he tried consoling his mum and sister.

Beneath the whole James Bond show he was putting on, lay a bloodshot eyes hidden behind the dark shade waiting to pour out rain of tears like rivers of many waters. Memories of Chief flooded my memory throughout the sermon.

"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. Imagine the world without Chief Olubode Williams. Rest in the perfect peace of the bossom of our Lord Jesus. May we arise" The priest said ending the sermon as the choir sang the "Only remembered by what we have done..." hymn...

As I drove back home silently, a still voice whispered to me "Derrick, imagine the world without you. Would the world still be without form and void? Would darkness still be upon the face of the deep? Would the world be better off without you or would the world yearn for the spark of beauty you bring to it?"

Listen readers, it might be a fiction tale but the message is as real as you and me. What have you done to make an impact in your generation? Who have you influenced and who can say I own a large part of my life success to you? Away from the proud outlook, how does your life influence people around you? Everyone is talking about the government being bad but imagine your country without you? Would it be a joy not to see you destroy raw materials and vandalize properties yet not pay tax. Some are praying for Paris when they can't even pay for their selves. You expect the world to fall at your feet like you are some Da Vinci painting?

Just spare sometime today to imagine the world without you in it. Would the world cry out for someone like you or would the world throw a deathday shower to celebrate your nonexistence? Would you keep dancing in the dark and not let your true potential spring forth? This is a you thing. Find out your purpose in life and live your dream. Big shout out to Laila, without her, you might not have read this. Everyone has a world of his/her own. You have your world, I have mine. We all have our worlds, but imagine the world without you. Rule your world then you can rule the world... Imagine the world without you..

Derrick Chidumebi

Eddy Narrates His Epic First And Last Experience With Dirty Nigerian Prostitute (must read)

As narrated by Eddy,  read and learn

 All my life I have gone through phases to become the man I am today. I have enjoyed my youth sexwise but sometime in 2012, I became disenchanted with the intricacies in pursuing the attention of women, simply because it appeared there was nothing new anymore to experience, asides very skinny ladies which I found gayish. I had tasted the others to fulfilment. 

I was and still am a very sexual person so despite my lack of desire to chase the girls I still desired the skirt. I had never ever paid or slept with a prostitute and had cold feet trying that out due to my life long fear of AIDS. This seemed a plausible solution towards curing my konji so on a fateful night out with a buddy of mine, we decided to patronize some ladies who ply their trade close to the hotel we went. 

After the normal bargain and agreement, we left with three girls, apparently my buddy was Ibadan brought up and shagging prostitutes was no big deal, so he settled for two with big boobs while I settled with one with a big ass. I arrived my home and all the while feeling weird on exactly how the show was supposed to start and end. I was so uncomfortable but hey junior was starving plus as a sexual deviant, Vaseline job never works. 

Anyway, we settled in for the night only for the lady to tell me she was hungry, as JJC I prepared indomie and egg and once she had eaten to her fill and washed down with a pack of juice I saved in the fridge, she threw the first bomb shell. 

She exclaimed "Oga I want to poo" I was shocked, well I pointed the toilet to her and inside she went, GOD of hosts, the sounds and smell that was emanating from that place almost gagged me, I wondered exactly why this lady came here to do this, well I maintained once I remembered this was a paid service. 

Soon afterwards came the second bomb, she came out of the toilet naked and laid down on the bed and exclaimed "oga oya chook I wan sleep". 

I noticed she didn't have the decency to bath afterwards cos asides the water on her bottom area which most likely was from tambering, there was nothing else. All the Attention that had plagued me suddenly eluded me, the mighty fell and a look at it indicated it had no intention to arise for any triumphant entry to her Jerusalem. 

I also noticed a weird smell, and couldn't decipher whether it was the toilet or the lady. I told her to sleep that I will come around since I was on my ps3. I thought of my 7k which will likely go down the drain if I don't do anything, I thought of the new disease I will introduce to the world if I slept with this lady cos am sure for her AIDS must be children's play, I thought of the fact I allowed my buddy to deceive me into an endeavor I wasn't comfortable with, I decided to go to sleep very far away from her, though I woke regularly to ensure she wasn't robbing me or she hadn't turned into a coffin (thanks to nollywood). 

By morning, despite not doing anything she asked for her money, I paid amidst tears welling up in my eyes but once I remember the intention for paying her I cheered up, at least I have paid her to eat more nonsense so as to fill up the toilet of the next man and gross him out.

We men don't menstruate, it's no surprise we have very low threshold to disgusting things. Well that became the last of my exploring such solutions as a cure to my konjinus.

See The Viral Photos Of Meek Mill Staring At Nicki Minaj Cleavage At The AMAs Yesternight

This is how all women want their man to look at them,  Nicki Minaj bagged the award for the best female Rapper and yea seem like Meek Mill is growing up and getting in style

My Having a Son Out of Wedlock was a Mistake'' - Evangelist Eucharia Anunobi

Top Nollywood actress and evangelist, Eucharia Anunobi has in a new interview with NewTelegraph talked about her now 13 year old son Raymond Joshua Chimunonso Chimaobi Ekwu, how his father has refused to be responsible and how she copes with being a single parent. Very interesting 'sturvs'. Here are excerpts:

Your fans have been missing you, what have you been doing with yourself?
A lot of people have asked the same question. God Almighty said in the book of First Samuel 2: 20-30, "the Lord God is God of knowledge". I want to correct an impression because the information is 
that she is no longer acting because she is a minister of the gospel of Jesus.

I am saying no, the movies are there, I have been working and my movies are all out. The reason why a lot of people are not seeing the movie is because they aren't being advertised the way they used to be advertised in terms of stimulating people to know that something new is out on the board. And God never said being a minister of the gospel prevents anyone from working.

One of your contemporaries said that Nollywood producers are frustrating the older artistes; do you agree?
Well, I do not know about anyone frustrating the older artistes because for me, nobody has frustrated me and nobody will frustrate me because you cannot have God and somebody will frustrate you. And I will not say anybody is frustrating anybody. In life, there is season and time for everything.

What is the name of the church or the branch you pastor?

I am an associate pastor with the Fresh Oil Ministry International Church at Egbeda in Lagos. I am an ordained evangelist as well as an apostle; I am a convent speaker in and around the country. I had gone to minister in the United States of America, a lot of West African countries, and I have ministered in a lot of churches in and outside the country and some churches and organisations invite me to be their speaker at their various meetings.

How is your son doing? He must have really grown now.
Very well, we thank the God Almighty, the Lord has been faithful.

What is it like being a single parent?
It was not a deliberate choice that I have made, it came by chance, it came by mistake. God does not kill His children who have made mistakes. He would rather sustain them and tell them that He is the owner of all things. The Lord has been sustaining me as a single parent I don't think about it, all I know is 'God, you are the one that created me and the child that you gave to me'. So whatever that is needed of me, it was a wrong choice that I made.

Have you tried to reconcile with the father of your son?
When somebody says that I do not want to be a responsible father what do you do? You don't take a horse to the river and force it to drink.

Is there any plan of settling down, your ideal man?
Of course, why not? Every woman says I want tall black, handsome man. We all need good things. All the good things every normal woman wants, I want it too. He must be somebody who has the spirit of God, someone who has Christ as his backbone.

You once said that your intimidating profile tends to discourage men from asking your hand in marriage; what is happening to your love life?
I can't remember ever saying such a thing. I don't know about men being scared of me (chuckles). Well, I will take it that what you are saying is that I'm not in a relationship. Of course you know I would not want to discuss my private life. But I have to tell you what I am doing and what is not happening, I believe in things that are incubating; if it's meant to come out, it will come out. A lot of people do not know of my commitment to my Christian life too.

Do you see yourself quitting acting and devoting your time entirely to the ministry?
The two works do not clash because there is time for every one of them. They are not a daily job as it were; you are not acting every day, you need the word of God every day. You need the prayer to live, for your own deliverance and liberation. Now when it comes to the work, there is time for it.

ZERO JOY:Wife Sells Husband's House As Revenge For Cheating On Her

Things women don't get back at their Cheating men these days can be really hilarious,

A cheating husband was taught an extremely valuable lesson - after returning from a business trip to find his wife had sold their house.

According to MirrorUK, builder Craig Arnolds returned home from New York to find the locks changed - and six students in his lounge.

His wife Laura, aged 42, had packed her bags and gone.

She took the extreme measure after discovering an incriminating message on her partner's iPhone.

She was able to sell the Nuneaton property behind Craig's back because her parents had taken over the mortgage after the pair ran into financial difficulties.

The place was flogged within a fortnight through website - and occupied by students from the University of Warwick.

Laura told The Sunday Mercury :

> "Things aren't great between us at the moment. I could do it because my parents came up with the deposit for our home and when we struggled with the mortgage, they came in."

She decided to get back at 44-year-old Craig after he forgot his iPhone 6 when on a business trip to America.

When the phone flashed an unknown number, suspicious Laura swooped. The steamy message was from an American woman who described the kind of hot reception Craig could expect in New York.

It was then she hatched her revenge plot.

Craig, who now lives in London, described the baffling scene that greeted him at the former family home. He smelt a rat when he spotted a Nissan Micra on the drive.

> "All the lights were on and the TV was blaring," he said. 

> "I remember thinking it was really out of character for Laura to be up past 11pm. I had no idea what on earth was going on. At this point I was seriously freaked out, jet lagged and frantic - I started banging on the door and shouting Laura's name – but was greeted instead by what looked like a 21-year-old hippie."

The terrible truth dawned on Craig when he walked into the property. He added:

>  'I noticed all Laura's furniture was gone, but the chairs and tables I'd inherited from my late father, plus my set of golf clubs and vintage radio - which Laura always hated - was sitting on the kitchen table in all its glory. 

> She'd included my most prized possessions in the 'fixtures and fittings'. I was gutted. I still can't get my head around how she did this in the space of a two week holiday."

A spokesman for the website said:

> "Looking back now, I suppose Mrs Arnold did seem unusually desperate to sell up and pretty urgently, but at the time I thought nothing of it."

Craig told The Mercury wryly:

> "Last time I marry an Italian, that's for sure. I made a mistake and paid for it dearly. 

> I was very annoyed at first but life is too short to dwell on these things and I made the decision that for the children's sake, we should stop the hostilities there. Who knows, maybe by getting this out of her system will allow us to build on the existing amicable relationship?"

But he did admit:

>  "What I would really like to say is a little more colourful than that so probably wont be printable."

HMMM, What Is Wrong With This Pic, look well

Lol a reader sent it to us.  Comment when you see


Just as we promised you guys yesterday we drop the official video of the Much Anticipated JAGABAN Rmx

Tinny Entertainment presents "Alhaji YCEE" in the official remix video to his buzzing single titled "JAGABAN" featuring Awon Eyan Mayweather YBNL "OLAMIDE BADDO".

Download & enjoy!!!




There is something special about Olamide apart from the fact that he is a workaholic he is one of those few Naija artistes that don't push back their album release date,

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...