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SUCCESS O. T: The Importance Of Self Appraisal

A little boy went into a drug store, reached for a soda carton and pulled it over to the telephone. He climbed onto the carton so that he could reach the buttons on the phone and proceeded to punch in seven digits (phone numbers).

How Unlucky Armed Robbers Almost Died To Residence Jungle Justice This Morning (very Graphic Photos)

Na WA o,  people really don't have joy in this country

These Two arm robbers caught early the morning at olowotedo mowe along lagos ibadan express way Ogun state, they beat them black and blue, luckily for them police came and rescued them away.

How Angry Woman Made D'Banj Prostrate Before Her at Enugu Airport

Na WA o, Ayekooto gave us the gist on Facebook

JUST IN: Official Press Statement From Rape Accusation Victim Mustapha Audu

I just got this mail from a legit source, guys please read

Hi Enekem,

Since the allegations of rape against him by Sugabelly surfaced, Mustapha Audu had kept quiet amidst

the whole storm due to the mourning period he and his family are going through as a result of the unfortunate death of their patriarch Prince Abubakar Audu. . 

But all these have changed as Mustapha Audu has released a statement as regards the allegations. 

Below is the Official statement ...

I am shocked and disturbed about these allegations
I categorically deny the allegations of rape whilst admitting to a consensual relationship.
I wish to exonerate my brothers and friends of any wrong doing 

I wish to thank my friends and family for their support as we grieve the loss of our father barely a week ago. It is unfortunate that we have to respond to these sort of wild and malicious lies at this time,This is a case of a very troubled young lady who had been stalking me and had at many times in the past tried to contact and blackmail me. she had initially started this a while back, but we chose not to respond out of respect for ourselves and our loved ones. 

We tried to ignore this as we neither wished to get involved in her fictitious stories nor join issues with her. However events of the past few days has compelled me to defend my honour even in my mourning period as the emails will later show.

These are some of the excerpts from the emails: 

"Mustapha.. basically, I just miss you a lot. I don't know why.. I mean I do know why but I can't explain why I stop breathing every time I hear your name, even if it's not about you"
"I don't know why I decided to call you. It's been four months since I last heard you speak. I guess I knew to hear you would make me happy, so I did
Say hi to Bashir for me, and to Abdul. Call me Mona"
"you opened the door nearest to me on the ground floor.. Balked when I saw the bed.. I've never been good with beds... they scare me... visions of violent rape flood my brain and I get goosebumps... it's like having no air.. there are reasons for that... perhaps you'll find out later"

She later said to me that she was raped by her mother then boyfriend at a very tender age, you can now imagine my dismay at reading all her accusations. 

I would like to ask, what kind of society do we live in when you are grieving the loss of your father and at the same time some opportunistic blogger is trying to unnecessarily capitalize on this sensitive period in my life to taint me, my family and friends. Sadly the teeming public without any evidence whatsoever or benefit of doubt join the bandwagon of criticism. 

I believe the court of public opinion as well as the legal courts will see these stories as false and malicious and declare me innocent. 

I hate to think that this is an opportunist move and I would like to put this ugly incident behind me as we continue to mourn. 

I have spoken to my lawyer on the best way to handle this matter, thank you.

Mustapha Audu.

Na WA o!! What Do We Call This? (pics)

Lol this must be from Akwa Ibom,  it is dope

SHAMEFUL :How Boy Was Paraded Naked In Lagos Streets For Stealing

Facebook user shared this on his timeline. According to him, the young man was alleged to have stolen, but was caught by concerned citizens at Alapere area of Lagos. He was thoroughly beaten and thereafter stripped naked and forced to walk naked on the streets with his loot

Just For RTs, Ali Declared Is Friend Missing On Twitter

Attention Seekers everywhere,

Ali declared his friend Aminu missing on Twitter two days. Nigerians got concerned and started retweeting only to find out it was a joke!

Rapper Rick Ross Gets Face Tattoo

E Don turn him face to wall. Smh not dope

Dictator Kim Jong-un orders North Korean men to copy his hair style and women to copy his wife

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has ordered men to copy his 'ambitious' hair style limiting growth to a maximum length of 2cm. Anyone breaching the restrictive guidelines face having their hair shorn by authorities, especially in universities, who have been warned to watch out for any capitalist styles. 

Women are advised to copy his wife, Ri Sol-ju's bob.

According to the Sun

> 'University student monitors are walking around with scissors and cutting off the hair of offenders.'Kim has let it be known that he wants his bizarre hairstyle to be known as 'ambitious'. Only actors are being spared from complying with the new diktat.

Man Divorces His Wife via TEXT After She Told Him She Had Been Gang Raped

 young mother in India has told how her husband divorced her by text after she confessed to being gang raped by neighbours.

She revealed how her Dubai-based construction worker spouse reacted badly when she confided in him what had happened.

The unnamed woman, 25, said she received a message soon after which said 'talaq' three times.
Under Sharia Law a man can divorce his wife instantly if he says 'talaq' to her three times.

Soon afterwards the woman, who cannot be named, was thrown out of the house where she lived with her mother-in-law, 70, who took custody of her four-year-old son.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, the mother-of-one bravely told how she 'went numb' when she received the message ending their five-year marriage, having previously thought her husband and his mother had been sympathetic.

Blasting her 'cowardly' husband, she said: 'When I read the message I went numb. I couldn't believe what I had read. Just three words; talaq, talaq, talaq.'

She went on: 'This is the last thing I was expecting from my husband of five years after I confided in him about what happened.

I felt violated. I thought that he would stand by my side through this, to help me through the pain of it.

'But I was wrong. He took the easiest way out like a coward and divorced me with text message.

'It took him five seconds to end a five-year relationship. And my mother-in-law who had stood by my side after I was raped and went with me to the police station to report the attack, suddenly changed her mind and took her son's side.

'Overnight I became an outcast from my whole family.

'I could have survived even that, but then they snatched away my last hope – my only child. I have completely lost the desire to live.'

The unnamed woman has since moved back to her parents' home in Meerut, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, north of New Delhi.

Her estranged husband's mother and his family approve of the divorce

Daily Mail

OUCH THAT WAS COLD: See What Sahara Reporters Called President Buhari

Oh well it is actually the truth.

A junket is a pleasure trip, often funded by someone else. A politician taking a junket to a fancy resort or luxury hotel, all paid by using tax payers money...

Newest Bleaching Celeb Lil Kesh Flaunts NEW Arm Tattoo In New Pic

Oh well we can't deny the fact that keshy is known for his blackness but right now the guy is getting fair,  we have only one explanation for that, #BLEACHING

he took to his Instagram to showcase his new arm tattoo,  money really does change people.  Success too



Even the  biggest firms must obey the law.

The Lagos State Safety Commission has shut the multi-billion multi-national shopping outlet, Shoprite located at the Ikeja Shopping Mall, Ikeja, Lagos, for allegedly breaching safety law.

According to PM news, officials of the commission were said to have stormed Shoprite on Friday afternoon and drove everyone out and sealed off the massive premises, placing a seal order at the entrance.

The seal order notice read:

"Sealed, this premises has been sealed following the breach of safety law. This seal must not be broken. For further enquiries, contact the Commission."

When P.M.NEWS visited the place Friday night, many customers who did not know that the place had been shut were stranded outside the premises.

However, a source in the commission told P.M.NEWS that the place was shut for failing to abide by the safety laws of the state.

The source said there had been complaints by members of the public about adulterated and expired products being sold in the outlet, adding that investigation was also carried out before the place was shut.

P.M.NEWS investigation revealed that some products that were supposed to expire in one month's time were found on the shelves of Shoprite in Ikeja.

A customer, who craved anonymity, said she once bought expired milk at Shoprite, saying that the closure of the outlet was long overdue.

There have also been complaints by others about expired products at various Shoprite outlets.
Officials of Shoprite have been asked to report at the commission's office on Monday while the outlet remains shut throughout the weekend.

"If I had the opportunity to see God, I would ask him when I would get married" - Empress Njama

Empress Njama, who was in town over the weekend to celebrate her birthday and her foundation's 10th year anniversary told Saturday Beats that only God knows when she would get married and raise kids of her own. 

She said,

"If I had the opportunity to see God, I would ask him when I would get married and have kids of my own."

The delectable actress further said that the reason she relocated to Abuja is because of her business and not because of Nollywood or controversies that have trailed her in the past.She cold

"I relocated from Lagos to Abuja because of my business. My clothing line was suited for women of the north and that is why I relocated to Abuja. I make long dresses and my target is Abuja women. My move has not affected my career as an actress. Even when I am 80 years old, I can still play various roles. If I relied on Nollywood, I would not be able to feed these children. My relocation has nothing to do with Nollywood. Even if I was still in Lagos, I would have still faced my business till it could stand on its own. The movie is always there and the roles still keep coming in," she said.

2 Nigerian Men in Soup for Scamming London woman Off £1.6million Via Romance

Two Nigerians have landed in trouble after allegedly tricking a woman in the UK into handing over £1.6million by using a copy of pick-up manual and one posing as a wealthy engineer to win her affections.

The woman in her 40s from Hillingdon, north west London, thought she was in an online relationship with a divorcee father-of-one called Christian Anderson.

But little did she know she was actually being tricked by a gang of fraudsters including Ife Ojo, 31, and Olusegun Agbaje, 43, who duped her into 'loaning' them a staggering £1.6million, telling her the money was needed to free up inheritance so they could start a new life together.

Ojo and Agbaje were arrested at Agbaje's home in Hornchurch, Essex. When police searched Nigerian student Ojo's home in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, they found a copy of Neil Strauss's bestselling dating manual The Game with them, which reveals the skills and techniques used by 'pick up gurus' to seduce women.

They also used a book of love poems called For You, My Soul Mate: Loving Messages To Share With A Very Special Person, by Douglas Pagels to help them seduce the unsuspecting woman.

Agbaje and Ojo had been due to be sentenced today, after they admitted conspiracy to defraud following an investigation by the Metropolitan Police's specialist cyber crime and fraud detectives – FALCON.

However, the case at Basildon Crown Court was adjourned until January 8 by Judge Jonathan Black. Agbaje and Ojo were remanded in custody.

OMG! Time Magazine Is Now Planning To Name Caitlyn Jenner "Person of The Year"

Time Magazine released some couple of names to hit the title of "Person of The year"  however the nominees for this title,  has caused a lot of reaction on twitter,  example of such nominees is Caitlyn Jenner and Kim kardashian.

Time… a lot of people could not believe they were being asked to choose between Caitlyn Jenner and Kim Kardashian for the "POTY".

So Bad! See how uniben students staying In the hostels fetch water

Its so discouraging and pathetic that one of the prestigious school In Africa have being suffering water scarcity for some days now In the school hostels.

Its a shame that Uniben students have to go through the stress of getting water to bath or do other chores, before facing the stress of attending lectures every morning.

Why won't there be mass student failure if the necessary things and facilities are not put In place for students to feel comfortable and  stress-free,  when facing their academics?? The university authorities(Uniben) should look into this mess to avoid shame and disgrace.

SHOCKING! More Photos From The Deadly Bomb Blast That Rocked Kano Mosque

This gory pictures shows the pitiful remains of the victims of the Kano bomb Blast carried out by the boko-haram terriorist sect, which happened On the 27th of November this year...

Warning:Pictures are not for the ill-hearted!!

Sexy? Nollywood Actress, Halima Abubakar Flaunts Her huge Backside- Photos

Honestly guys?  Do You think this is worth smashing?? 

Checkout this hot pictures Of Nicki Minaj new clothline

Hmm.. For Your viewing pleasure, especially for those fashionistas out there..

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...