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The N4.6billion I received from Dasuki was for spiritual purposes - ex-Governor Bafarawa

I don't understand this country, are we really dumb to the extend that these leaders will be giving us lame excuses such as this??

Well The former Sokoto State Governor, Attahiru Bafarawa reportedly said that the N4.6billion he received from former NSA, Sambo Dasuki was for "spiritual purposes".

According to SR, EFCC agents questioned the former governor to explain what was meant by "spiritual purposes." Bafarawa is one of those currently been linked to the arms deal fraud.

It's Official, Kanye and Kim Welcome Bouncing Baby Boy

Thought they wanted to give birth to him on Xmas Day, lol

Well legitly
Kim and Kanye have welcomed their baby boy. She took to her website to make the announcement....

Blog Reader Tells Her Awful Experience With Spirit Husband (must read)

Please post this on your blog because i might get the help i am looking for.

I met my ex-boyfriend in NYSC camp five years ago and it didn't take me long to fall in love with him. After camp, we posted to different areas but it didn't stop us from making out time to see each other at least three times a month. In these times we stayed together, we made love regularly but i never once got pregnant despite the fact that we never used protection.

One day, he he asked me if i was dating someone else? I was shocked and denied it. He then told me that a man was always visiting him in the dream and warning him to stay away from me, that I was his wife. I was forced to confess to him that i had a spirit husband which was always troubling me, but because i had not seen him in my dreams, i just assumed that he was no longer interested in me.

My ex laughed and told me that i shouldn't worry, that nothing was going to separate us.

Brave words. Five years on, I am still single while he has married someone else and i have no suitor. My ex keeps telling me that he didn't know exactly why we broke up, but it just happened.  The day we broke up, for the first time in years, I saw the spirit husband clearly. He was smiling and he said to me, "you think you found love?"

Enekem , I swear with all i hold dear that what I am saying is the truth. 5 years on I have no suitor, and for some strange reason the ones that come don't stay. I have had a few relationships but once i have sex with them, i lose interest in the men, or vice versa. I know it is wrong to fornicate so i have stopped because sin feeds this spirit husband demon.

Please house I don't now if you guys can recommend a good prayer house. I have tried MFM and have gone to prayer city several times but the problem is still there.

I am so depressed and i need help because i don't know why God is keeping silent.

Family Ties :Nicki Minaj Paid $100,000 Bail For Brother Accused Of Raping A 21yr Old

This tweet was in 2012,

But now

Page Six reports that ​the superstar singer paid the $100,000 bond that sprang Jelani Maraj, 37, from custody in Nassau County on Friday after he was accused and charged of first-degree rape and first-degree sexual conduct against the preteen.

The bond is backed by a two homes in Baldwin that are owned by Minaj — one of which is used by her brother and the other by her mother, Carol.

"She was prepared to do anything for her brother," a source said of Minaj.

Nicki's camp has yet to comment publicly on the matter. Back in 2012, this was what she said should be done to people who abuse children.

If you are dating a Sugar Daddy Or Plan to, Please Read This True Life Experience

Yours sincerly attended an award ceremony over the weekend and after the awards, I decided to chill at  PW VIP strip club somewhere at Isolo. That was where I ran into a married male friend of mine. In tow was a lady who I also knew from instagram. The babe was so pretty and endowed that any right thinking man would want her. I must confess that I even tried my luck on line though I always have wondered why she is yet to settle down but I got my answers that night.

The shameless girl whom I had so much respect for her beauty initially was busy serenading the man with lap dances, kisses and every erotic move in the book. Massaging his rotund stomach and calling him baby.. A man with wife and kids at home. I was sad. That brings me to the gist of the day as written by Blog reader Kenechukwu.

"Dear big girl, You have a boyfriend or sugar daddy who is not ready to take you as a wife and is not willing to let you go. Suitors are coming and you are busy enjoying the wealth and affluence.
You look at them as small boys who shouldn't come anywhere close to you. Your sugar daddy is by the corner asking why you want to get married. He has even promised to make you a "bigger" babe. You have agreed with him and you believe you don't need the marriage of a thing. I put it to you that you are one of the most foolish people on earth even when you believe you are smart. One day, you shall wake up to know that you missed the most beautiful thing in life.
Your sugar daddy who is telling you not to bother about marriage is married and have grown up children. He travels with you and goes about his business while all you do is wait for him in the hotel room to return and possibly shop endlessly. He has given you so much money that you feel on top of the world. He can only be with you for as long as your body is fresh. Give yourself some years and he is gone in search of a younger fresher blood. Give yourself five years and compare your pictures. You are hot now abi? You shall soon get cold by the time your age mates start inviting you for their daughters' wedding.
Why can't you be wise, settle down, have your own children and build yourself a Godly home?
Sugar daddy is not the only one singing those tunes in your ears; some frustrated demonic agents on social media are gradually leading you to hell and misery with their updates that are devil inspired. They make you believe you don't need a man if you are successful. To them, it's about career and good money. You watch some society women and celebrities live like they don't need a man. I won't believe any woman who tells me she doesn't need a man.. .. ..It's two things: either she is afraid to have a real man to call a husband because she knows she cannot handle him or she simply can't have a man. And mind you; many of them are now sick and so they need fellow women more than they need men. What they should tell you is that they don't want a real man; they have boys who warm their beds for material gain.
And I hope you know what is in vogue for them-doing all kinds of fetish and demonic things for wealth, connection, and power. Since they are your role models, please get ready to do it their way. But have it at the back of your mind that every Satan's gift has an expiry date and when it comes, it's with tears.
Refuse to be recruited by these ones.
If you continue the way you live now, you will join the league of women who pay boys to warm their bed instead of having a real man to proudly call their own.
Be wise!"

By Ikonso Kene

Rick Ross and Lira Galore Will Make you Want to Love In These Paper Magazine Photos

Rick Ross and Lira Galore's spread for Paper Magazine is absolutely perfect. Southern luxury.

The issue will be released later this month but from these photos you can tell love is in the air 💎✨

NEW MUSIC : Demmie Vee - Boys 2 Men ft. Ola Dips

The much anticipated jam by two very talented arts has finally dropped

Demmie Vee calls on phenomenal rapper, Ola Dips to restore hope and motivation.  this song is titled "Boys 2 Men".

Download and enjoy


SAD:Woman warned that having a baby could kill her dies 3 weeks after giving birth(pics)

A proud mother who defied doctors warnings over having a baby has died just three weeks after giving birth.

Leah Biggs, 27, was told that having a baby could kill her because of her fragile heart - but gave birth to her tiny 4lbs 4oz daughter Aria last month.

However Leah, who underwent a heart transplant in 2010, suffered complications and had to be kept alive by a life support machine.

But after three weeks doctors eventually told her husband Mike, 28, there was nothing more that could be done.

Baby Aria, who was being cared for in an intensive care incubator, was allowed to return home the day her mother died.

In a Facebook post she wrote:

"I have achieved so much since my transplant and would hope I'm doing my donor proud.
"By the end of this year I'll be a mummy and that was something I never thought would happen.
"I have done more travelling in the last five years than my whole life and had my best friend/husband/soul mate and my rock by my side through thick and thin."

Writing on Facebook, Land Rover technician Mike said:

"It is with an excruciating, unbearable, deep and heavy pain in my heart that i have to say we lost Leah Biggs early this afternoon.She was my reason for living and she/we wanted a child more than anything but we never thought anything like this would happen.

"I will never stop loving her and i hope she can look over and guide me and Aria.""We were the definition of love from the moment we met over 10 years ago and loved each other more and more each day and she didn't deserve this she was an amazing, kind, bubbly and positive person who put others first," "The pain will never go but I have to try my best to do you proud by bringing Aria Leah-Ellen Biggs up the right way xx." Leah came around briefly after giving birth under heavy sedation and called out to meet her daughter who was born seven weeks premature by c- section.
But Aria was being cared for by nurses in intensive care.

Daily Mirror 

PHOTO OF Timaya During His Road Trip To Warri Cause Of Bad Flight Weather

I hate road trips,  but sometimes you have no choice there are a couple of factors that can force you to travel by road,

Well Timaya shared the pix on his instagram page captioned

###Road trip to warri cause the airlines complaining of bad weather.. super stressful thou! GOD'S protection

Nicki Minaj's brother charged with raping 12 year old

Nicki Minaj with her brother Jelani Maraj.

The brother of rap star Nicki Minaj was charged Thursday on Long Island for raping a 12-year-old child, a report said. Jelani Maraj, 37, of Baldwin, was arraigned Thursday on first-degree rape for assaulting a pre-teen, according to news day Maraj was freed from the Nassau County jail in East Meadow on $100,000 bail today, the paper said. 

The Nassau County District Attorney was did not reveal any information about the case. Maraj was married to Jacqueline Robinson at the Coral House on Milburn Lake in Baldwin, NY. this past August. His pop star sister paid about $30,000 for the wedding hall which hosted 200 guests. "I would cross the ocean for u," Minaj wrote on Instagram at the time along with a picture of herself and the groom. 

"I love my brother so much man. Can't believe I cried during his wedding and his first dance like a punk. May God bless him and his union. Tonight has been one of my favorite nights of all time. I do anything to see my brothers smile."

''Asa, Your Collabos are Getting Dumber by the Day'' - - Etcetera Comes for Singer Asa This Time

This is really thoughtful,

I walked into the music preview room at the radio station and I saw one of our sound engineers previewing Naeto C's songs before uploading it into the station's new digital library for airplay. 

I immediately walked out of the room because I wasn't ready to activate my anger mode by putting myself through another experience of listening to another Nigerian rap song with shallow and crappy lines of which Naeto C is the culprit-in-chief, only to walk into the transmitting room and heard the presenter on duty introducing 'Share my Blessing' by Naeto C and Asa, as the next song on the play list.

I have to admit that this time around, I wasn't too eager to make a dash for the door. Maybe because I heard Asa was on the song and thought that it would have at least inspired Naeto C to use better and more inspiring rhymes. Hope is a very dangerous 
thing. It turned out that I hoped for too much. 

The first line of the song almost pulled off my knee cap. It is the most fatal accident I have had till date. I almost died when I heard "what a conundrum" within the first few lines. What Conundrum? Like seriously? Bros Naeto, the only thing close to a conundrum in the whole song was how you convinced Asa to feature in the song. 

That song has some of the dumbest lines ever used in the history of rap music worldwide. As I sat there gasping for air, I tried consoling myself that every artist is allowed one mistake in a career lifespan and 'Share my Blessing' is a mistake that won't happen again. 

But on a second thought, I asked myself, didn't Asa or her manager Janet, hear Naeto C's lines before accepting to feature on the song? I would have Usain-Bolted out of that studio, screaming 'tufiakwa gi' and snapping my fingers as I rid myself of all the phloem in my system. 

Asa apparently hasn't learnt her lessons. Her latest collabo with Korede Bello is another career mistake that shouldn't have happened. The lightening has struck twice. Korede Bello and Asa have succeeded where others have failed. Koredo Bello and Asa have succeeded in taking every crappy song from the past decade in Nigeria and mashed them into a musical abomination; add that to the level of auto-tune on Korede's voice; which sounds like T-Pain after he's slammed his testicles in a car door. Ironically, slamming my own testicles in a car door is something I would rather do than listen to this song again. 

Sadly, the fiasco with Naeto C now looks like a piece of art compared to this song with Korede Bello. This is a whole new grade of crime against music. Asa, how do you explain this to your fans? I have searched for justification even from a musician's perspective and found none. The whole song comes out childish and guess Korede knows it too, which explains why he had to sing it to us as the first line that he is no longer a child. Korede has proved conclusively with this song that there are two things a Nigerian youth can't do: play music and feign humility. Titling your song, "Somebody Great", and blabbing all through the song about "Somebody wey dey spray millions and somebody wey go save billions" is that what defines greatness? Spraying of millions? What are you doing to yourself Asa? How did you get yourself involved in this song? Why did you do this to your fans? 

I won't be surprised to hear that the sound engineer that mixed this song is deaf. That you couldn't hear that the whole song is drenched in reverb is unbelievable. For God's sake, the presence in the song is very disturbing to the ears. And what is that thing that sounds like someone striking a pot cover with "ewedu" broom? Please don't tell me that it is the crash or the hi-hats. Please sir, can you take back your mix and reduce the shakers. Damn it, take back your mix and keep it to yourself.

Asa, I swear you no try at all.

The only excuse that would probably make some sense to me now is if I am told that you guys were just trying to create something for the current generation but instead of a smooth-rocking guitar classic, you have instead created this audible shit. Yes, this song is literally shit that you can hear. It is the worst song from Asa that I have had the displeasure of listening.

Unfortunately though, for some inexplicable reason, some people are actually going to play it and like it and start insulting Etcetera like he is the reason the song is rubbish.

Please, the excuse that Asa was not involved in this collaboration with Korede Bello; that Don Jazzy recorded her freestyle and used on the song, is not going to hold any water here. Nobody does that in this age and time knowing the ramification. And until Don Jazzy is called out by Asa's management, I will assume the freestyle story is just another industry lie and that "Somebody Great" is a well thought out and planned collaboration between Asa and Korede Bello. Until then, trying to water down Asa's involvement in this song will be a blatant in-your-face insult to her fans as much as tweaking the synthesizer at the beginning of the song to give it a rock guitar feel is a blatant in-your-face insulting to all guitarists out there.

To be continued next week.

Right Thing to Say When This Question is Asked during an Interview?

Lol,  well depends on the situation or job to me

Can Never Be Poor As Dangote, Gamsu Abacha Flaunts Her Plate Of Meal - Photos

Gamsu Abacha is really representing  her family's legacy and popular motto of "no matter how poor they are, they will never be as poor as Dangote", Sagesse Gumsu, with all this plate of food costing money, we dont see how you can be as poor as Dangote. But seriously tho.. Is this what this woman eats errday, And still looking like that? Were is all the food going to? Lol

Devastating pictures of gas-tanker explosion in ojuelegba

Checkout out damages arising from a fully loaded Forte oil tanker which fell off Ojuelegba bridge this morning and has just exploded. 

Rick Ross And Lisa Galore Are The Dutch And Dutchess Of ATL In Paper Magazine Shoot

The MMG boss Ricky Ross and his on/off fiancee, Lisa Galore looked stunning in a series of photos for the now major magazine, Paper Mag.

The boss, Rozay and his queen Lisa slayed in two sets of clothing with Ross dressed in Couture sweater and pants and a white Ralph Lauren jacket. Lisa in turn wore a white Norisol Ferrari jacket and skirt.

Aisha Bello Releases New Sexy Photos As She Joins Another Modeling Agency

Nigeria top model Aisha Bello who is recently based in Europe and just got signed with one of the prestigious modeling agencies in Milan, Ice Model management has hit the studios for some hot new steamy photos. Checkout!!

How surgeons transform the male sex organ into a feminine sex organ

Just got this article online thought you peepz would be interested since we live in the age were people are becoming trans-genders.

A gruesome and compelling video has revealed the great skill and precision involved in carrying out a male to female $ex change.

The animation, uploaded by the European Society of Urology , shows how a pen*s and testicles are used to create a honeypot, complete with a clitoris capable of orgasm.

The procedure is irreversible, so as a condition – the patient must be completely certain they want to go through with it.

MirrorUK reports that patients about to undergo the transformation need to have had two psychological approvals – where experts deem they should have the surgery – before surgeons a$$ess whether they are fit enough for it.

They must also have lived as a woman for at least 18 months, had hormone therapy for 12 months, and changed their first name legally by deed poll.

The video shows how the patient is first placed lying on the operating table flat on their back with their feet turned outwards.

A catheter is placed in their urethra to drain urine and collect the fluid.

Surgeons then make a cut in the scrotum, the flap of skin is pulled back, and both testicles are removed.

Next, the dorsal nerve bundle, which gives the pen*s feeling, the glans or head and the urethra which carries urine are separated from the main shaft of the pen*s.

Now, with the patient's legs raised, the shaft or corpora cavernosa is cut away, leaving only the urethra left.

The excess skin of the pen*s and foreskin is used to make a long flaccid tube of skin, which is inverted to become honeypotl canal, known as a 'neo-meatus'.

The rest of the urethra is stitched into it to make the canal slightly wider in circumference, so the woman will be able to have $ex.

Next, incisions are made in the genitals where women normally have a clitoris and a urethra.

A clitoris is formed through cutting the glans, the head of the pen*s, to a smaller size. It is then attached to the genitals with fine stitches.

Surgeons then cut further down what was the scrotum, towards the anus, and cut away the anus' main tendon, the centrum tendineum.

The space between the rectum and the base of the prostate is roughly developed to make space for the new honeypot, and the area is stitched up.

For the outer female genitals, each half of the skin of the scrotum is tailored to become the labia minora and majora – the inner and outer 'lips' of the honeypot'.

The incisions are strategically placed to look like natural skin closes in the honeypotl lips.

The operation is then finished.

Research has shown that after surgery many patients are able to enjoy a satisfying $ex life.

In one study, at the University of Tuebingen, Germany, all 24 patients were able to have an orgasm!!!

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...