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Nicki Minaj gets huge diamond ring from Meek Mill for 33rd birthday (Photos)

Love is money people believe it or not, checkout this beautiful diamond ring from Nicki Minaj got from her big-daddy (Meek Mill)

Serena Williams Wins WTA Player Of The Year Award For The 7th Time

Serena, tennis champion, has been voted WTA's Player of the Year for the 4th time in a row & seventh time win overall. The awards were announced on December 8, by the Women's Tennis Association.

Williams was ranked No. 1 throughout 2015, going 53-3 with a WTA-high five titles, including three at major tournaments- Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon. William's older sister, Venus was recognized as Comeback Player of the Year. Martina Hingis and Sania Mirza were Doubles Team of the Year, and Daria Gavrilova was Newcomer of the Year.

Money talking!!! Nigerian Artist Orezi acquires new mansion

Nigerian Afro hiphop artist Esegine Orezi Allen, better known as Orezi has taken to Instagram to show us the rewards of being a star

He has aquired a HUGE mansion, and proudly shows it off, plus his garage and fleets of cars on his Instagram page.

Donald Trump certain that he would become president.

after announcing a trip to Israel, presidential candidate, Donald Trump has decided to cancel it. The December 28th meeting with Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu was scheduled before his insultive comments moments and while Israel says it is ready to receive any presidential candidate, it points out that it is not in support of trump's insultive comments.

Trump appeared on Fox and Friends shortly afterward and said he changed his plans for 'lots of different reasons', including a desire to alleviate pressure on the Israeli leader, who rebuked him yesterday over his Muslim-banning proposition. The Israeli government confirmed the meeting yesterday and said it was scheduled before the billionaire announced his plan to bar Muslims from entering the U.S.

OMG!! Busty Nigerian singer waje showing off major cleavage..

Waje is quite shy about showcasing her loaded chest region, but not on this occasion, she looks stunning, lip-bitting and sexy, .. Have a look!

Toke Makinwa Slays In Blue Outfit

Me like,  classy

Big Boy :Singer Orezi Aquires Multi-Million Naira Mansion (Photos)

People are doing big things in this country, don't do yourself

Nigerian Afro hiphop music sensation, Esegine Orezi Allen, better known by his stage name Orezi has taken to Instagram to show us the rewards of 'hard hustle'.

He has aquired a HUGE mansion, and proudly shows it off, plus his garage of snazzy cars on his IG page.

Why Siblings Should Not Undress/Go Naked In Front Of Themselves (must read)

I come from a home where undressing in front my sibs is normal, but I have been forced to re-examine my values after reading this rather skin-crawling story.

The man in the article has been a lover to his own blood sister for 20 whole years, and it all began when he watched her undress. There really is no excuse for perversion, but it is instructive that his sexual attraction to his sister was fueled by her nakedness.

In an interview with Vice, the man who used a pseudonym 'Tom', said he began to develop feelings for his sister, Lena at the onset of puberty.

He said: "I started getting real feelings for her when we both entered puberty, She was blossoming. Sometimes I would watch her getting dressed in her room and always felt ashamed of myself afterwards."

It gets worse.

"I was relieved to find out she felt the same about me," said Tom. "We could be happy together. But of course that was a kind of utopia. In reality, our love was a curse—it still is."

Tom reassured himself that curiosity about the female body is normal. He wasn't attracted to his sister but to women in general. But his feelings kept growing stronger. Then, at 17, Lena got her first real boyfriend. "That was hell for me," Tom confesses. "I hated each one of her boyfriend's guts. Lena used to cry because I wouldn't get on with them. Today, I know that it was pure jealousy."

After a three-year relationship, Lena's boyfriend cheated on her. In the middle of the night she stumbled into Tom's bedroom. He was already asleep and was woken by her sobbing. To console her, he fetched some wine from the cellar. After the first glass, came the second, and then the third in quick succession. Intoxicated in the moment, Lena cuddled up to his shoulder.

Tom says:  "She looked up at me and asked why other men can't be more like me."

That's when it happened; Tom felt sure that he and Lena were not just siblings. But before he could make a move, Lena leaned in and kissed him. Tom pushed his sister away. "What the hell are we doing?" he screamed. Lena started to cry.

The following days were torture for Tom. Of course they could have just blamed it on the alcohol, but was it really a one-off? His thoughts just wouldn't leave him alone. He begun to remember specific situations. "It became clear to me that Lena and I were always flirting," he said. "I always used to take it as a joke but it couldn't have been. All these strange situations suddenly became crystal clear."

He now knows that he used to watch Lena getting dressed because he was keen on her. He wasn't just aroused because she's a woman, but also because he had feelings for her.

Lena and Tom have since spoken about that a lot. Lena's told Tom that she would leave her door open on purpose so that he could observe her. She was trying to seduce him—yet that only became clear to her after their kiss. "I was relieved to find out she felt the same about me," said Tom. "We could be happy together. But of course that was a kind of utopia. In reality, our love was a curse—it still is."

Incest is a taboo as well as a criminal offence in Austria, where they are citizens, so they moved to Germany to continue their abominable relationship.

He's been in a committed relationship with his sister for 20 years, and the couple have a child together. Tom says:"There's nothing that I haven't heard before. People have called me a desecrator, sister-fucker, or simply retarded. And all that's come out of the mouths of people who were at one time my friends. Even if society won't recognize us, we exist and there are more of us than you think."

People, i think this is a reason why we should discourage siblings from undressing in front of each other. I wasn't brought up that way, but in this era of sister/brother fuckers, our values have to be re-examined and redefined.

RIP : Super Eagles Coach Stephen Keshi Loses Wife

We are sad to inform you all that
 Kate, wife of former Super Eagles coach Stephen Keshi has died from an undisclosed ailment.

Keshi, who is currently in the USA told that his late wife has been ill for a while before giving up the ghost on Wednesday.

She is more like a sister to me and was the rock behind me and everything I do. My love for her was at first sight," he said.

He said: "She was ill for a while now and I'm still in shock of this great loss," Keshi said.

He however revealed that the burial arrangements will be made public in the coming weeks.

Not again!! Maheeda is showing off her boobs guys! Xclusive

When will this sex freak take a break, well her controversies is what keeps me blogging.. Lol

Burial Photos Of Nkiruka, Lady Who Was Shot By Nigerian Police During Onitsha Biafra Protest

This is really painful,  people are dying already and the was hasn't started,

Nkiruka who was shot dead by Nigerian police
During Biafra Protest at Onitsha.
Finally laid to Rest!

I hope her death paves way for a better course

Photos credit :Vivian Gist

10 Signs You Are An Illiterate Despite Going To School

At the mention of the word "illiteracy", people jump to conclusion that it is the basic inability to write legibly or speak Queens' English properly, and/or inability to understand or produce written information properly. But I can assure you that there are several degrees of illiteracy in Nigeria (regardless of your Academic Certification)

To a broad view, many people have earned some level of Academic Certification, they can however read and write which makes them educated, no doubt about that, but ironically, they are not in any way different from the illiterates in the society

I had noticed many types of acts by highly educated people that makes me astound. Now I'm gonna point out some basic illiterate- types act done by most of the educated elites that makes them synonymous to illiterates

Note: The fact that you could admit to see a part of yourself doing these things doesn't mean you should throw punches at me.  

Here we go  

10 Signs You Only Went To School But An Illiterate 

1. Becoming APC/PDP Tyrants 

It's shameful that some politicians often make use of our so called educated youths to fulfil their political desire. You may find them either in the middle of the road with bottles, creating road blocks fighting for Biafra, GEJ or Buhari, not minding to lay down their lives for the penny offered by APC or PDP. This is one of the illiteracy we are talking about. Smh

2. Poor Dress Sense 

To a reasonable extent, your dressing exemplifies what you have inside of you. It is shameful that some acclaimed educated people don't even know how to dress properly. Their role model are Davido or Wizkid who are old enough to be their kid brothers" mate. You will see them sagging, showing their newly bought boxers to the world to see, even though they are not into showbiz. They are not in any way different from illiterates

3. Afterall, "English is not my Mother Tongue" 

Some educated persons would blame their inability to communicate lucidly and fluently in English on their primary school teachers who had passed on twenty years ago. When they are caught in moment of blunders, they will opine that, afterall, English is not their native language. Smh

4. Fond of or Addicted to Smoking & Drinking Alcohols

Even though they are perfectly aware of the defects of how much these are injurious to the health, you will see them indulge in taking these injurious substances. Some of them share the same gene with goats. Are they in any way different from the illiterates?  No they are not

5. Engaging in Unprotected Sex 

Some of them show gratification for calculatively and expertly sleeping with several ladies without releasing You will find them at wvery barber's shop troubling the barber to sterilize the clippers properly before using it on their hair. They aren't afraid of sexually transmitted diseases but are so much concerned about contacting diseases arising from the use of public clippers. Isn't this illiteracy? It is  

6. Not adhering to warnings/instructions 

Some people are illiterate solely because they cannot read and write, and we accept that; but what about those who can read and can understand written from of communication yet disobey? Some of them will see warnings such as "Don't drive when drunk"; "Wreckless driving kills", "obey traffic rules", etc; yet you will see them at Lagos-Ibadan Expressway competing with every trailer and Dangote truck. 

7. Defecating in Public Places 

This goes to the male folks. We have various species of them living beside my villa. They have good toilets yet you will see them defecating beside other people's houses (they call it short put). I even fought with a dude yesterday for defecating beside my room  This is nothing but illiteracy  

8. Visiting the Brothel 

If you surf through the net you will find numerous customized pictures, blogs, articles etc. Showing how "WE" blame our Govt, Police, Politicians, School System, etc. for all the evils happening to us. As a matter of fact, not every problem should be attributed to bad governance because sometimes, we are the architect of our own problems. 

Some educated people spend irresponsibly, such as not saving money for future hardships; squandering their hard earned money on Olosho and Ashewos, all for five minutes enjoyment.  this is another height of illiteracy common with the educated ones 

9. Fighting in Public 

Some of them will not hesitate of pull off their shirts and trousers and start fighting with conductor for their change. However, you will even see some of them fighting selling suya for ordinary tasting  

I drop my pen at this point 

Have fun 

10. Feel free to add the last one 

Original writer: Tosyne2much

16 Places You Will Never Find RICH Men In Lagos (ladies)

Since all women are in search for a rich man, let's help you with some of the places you will hardly find a rich man

After carrying out lots of deep research, these are places you would never find Dangote's son cousin brother-in-law. When the chair-lady of Nigerian single girls says don't be found in these places, sisters, don't!

1. Career fairs All the attendees are broke and are looking for a job except the host and the host is usually married!

2. Oshodi Under Bridge Can any good thing come out of this place? Any good thing?

3. Sabo Yaba sigh

4. Ozone Yaba Chances are pretty slim. Just Unilag boys roaming around in carrot jeans and palm slippers. Don't waste your time abeg.

5. Computer Village You might lose a Bosom or another body part in the process of trying to find a man here. 

6. ICM Is it just me or does ICM seem like a place to meet a boyfriend but not a husband? Too many kidults. I stand to be corrected though.

7. Markets Except you are a lesbian.
8. Names of places in Lagos that contains the word 'bridge' in it.

9. All the bus stops in the mainland. In fact, once you descend 3MB towards the mainland axis. Don't reply any stranger that says, 'excuse me'.
10. Motor parks where Lagos to Abuja is N2, 300.

11. MTN centres. The people that frequent here are people that complain over the slightest things. E.g "I loaded N100 in my phone last night and N2 was gone by morning! I am not leaving this office until you return my money back." Don't let that sort of man put you inside house oh.

12. Job interviews/reality show auditions. This is a gamble. You are free to give him your number but don't reply that sms until he has successfully scaled through, the reality show has ended and he is declared winner. For job interviews, only if he gets the job. Don't worry you are not a gold digger. Just a woman who knows what she wants.

13. BRT buses Have you noticed everybody always looks sad in BRT buses? Maybe it's because they are thinking of their 0.28 account balance. Once you get in, HEADSET ON!

14. Justrite Supermarket Justrite prides itself in offering unbeatable prices of good. Any man found shopping here is looking for the cheapest alternative so therefore, that sort of man will give you N270 to cook soup.

15. 2go When you read cases of people meeting their husbands on social networks and you take a decision to try your luck on 2go, you are on your own.

16. Eco Bank Is it just me or is there a stereotype that surrounds bankers in Eco Bank. It's one thing to find a rich husband, it's another thing to pray he's not a stingy rich husband or you'll wish you married yourself.

Don't forget to mention the places that you feel should make the list below


Ladies Come In, This Is A Must Read For Your Knowledge

Got Flowers Today..... I got flowers today... It wasn't my birthday or any other special day. 

We had our first argument last night, and he said a lot of cruel things that really hurt me. I know he is sorry and didn't mean the things he said...because he sent me flowers today.

I got flowers today... It wasn't our anniversary or any other special day. Last night, he threw me into a wall and started to choke me. It seemed like a nightmare. I couldn't believe it was real. I woke up this morning sore and bruised all over. I know he must be sorry, Because he sent me flowers today. I got flowers today... 

It wasn't mother's day or any other special day. Last night, he beat me up again. And it was much worse than other times. If I leave him, what will I do? How will I take care of the kids? What about money? I'm afraid of him and scared to leave. But I know he must be sorry, Because he sent me flowers today. I got flowers today... Lots of them...Today was very special. It was the day of my funeral. Last night he finally killed me. 

He beat me to death. If only I had gathered enough courage and strength to leave him, I would not have gotten flowers today.........

Real men don't hit... Run From Domestic Violence!!

Ladies, one time, just one time he hit you is enough for you to run from him. LOVE IS NO LONGER BLIND!

"Is This Cheating?" -A Blog Reader Narrates Her Dilemma (must read)

Hi house, please I need constructive criticism and advice. This is a very true story happening to me. I even spoke to the man in question yesterday for two full hours on the phone. It's about me and my ex.We dated back in NYSC and we were madly in love. I'm from the south-southern part of Nigeria while he is a Tivi from Benue state.

We loved each other so much and there is nothing he wouldn't do for me, and I on my own part felt the same way. We were kindred spirits and we were crazy about each other. Just before we finished the program, we planned ways in which we would be seeing at least once in three months.

That was 4 years ago and till now we haven't seen each other. In 2012 we had trust issues and broke up. I am partly to blame because i was immature and he was too hot tempered and impatient, so we were always quarreling and because it was a long distance relationship, we couldn't settle it one to one, and as you all know, there are some issues that need to be settled face to face. He was struggling during that first year of our separation so he was not able to travel down to Lagos, and by 2012 we had broken up. Now to the main issue; In 2013 He got married to a bitch who he dated on rebound.

Sorry for my harsh language but i guess it is just me being jealous. He got married to puff-puff faced semi-literate bitch of a woman who can't hold a candle to me, but she had been hanging around him while we were still dating, so in the same week we broke up, the bitch of a woman jumped into 'comfort' him, and before you know it, they were dating, and now they are married. Despite the fact that they have been married for two years, he still calls me.

He tells me that he doesn't understand what happened between us and he still loved me. He travels a lot, and whenever he is not at home he calls me and we chat and play like we are still together. When he he has issues with his wife, he tells me, and even calls me his daughter's step-mum (he says I am his second wife and if not that he is a Christian he would have married me into his family).

The wife knows how much he loves me, so she blocked me from his Facebook account, deleted my number from his phone, deleted me from his bb, even blocked me on Whatsapp, and she did all this before they even got married two years back! This is a lesson to ladies, if a man wants to cheat he will cheat despite all your policing and rules. Whenever he wants to chat with me on Whatsapp he unblocks me, and when he is done, he blocks my number again. My question is this: is he cheating on his wife? Am i breaking his home?

I can't seem to move on because i still love him like mad and have not been able to love anyone else despite dating other men, and he on his own part still loves me despite being married, and he says he has tried to stop thinking of me but he can't. Is this cheating? I love him. I love him!!!! *sobs* Please house, tell me how to break away from him -

Only In Nigeria : Female Police Officer Caught On Camera Fanning Ooni's Wife

This our country go better, 

On the 21st of May, 2015, the IG of Police, Solomon Arase, warned policemen attached to VIPs against engaging in domestic chores for their principals. He said they should respect themselves and the Nigeria Police Force by not engaging in menial jobs for their principals.

He said: "I have directed the commissioner of police in-charge of the airports that if they find any of you carrying boxes (of VIPs) and rifles, and dragging them all over the place, they should arrest you and you will be punished

Those of you who are posted to VIPs, on no account should you carry their bags and on no account should you act as domestic servants to them. You are police officers of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and they must respect you as such.

Your uniform must be respected, anybody who wants to hire a domestic help should not use our policemen who are sent to protect them as domestic help."


But during the recent coronation of the Ooni of Ife, a police officer was pictured fanning the wife of the king. I wonder if her duties extend to fanning... A standing fan would have done the job better.


Meet The Fattest Baby In The World

A morbidly obese toddler tips the scales at 53lbs (24kg) - making her one of the heaviest girls in the world for her age.

In March 2015, 18-month-old Aliya Saleem weighed 41lbs (18kg) and her incredible size garnered worldwide attention.

A video about Aliya and her family's ordeal received more than 21 million views on YouTube channel Barcroft TV.

But her mother Shabnam Parveen and father Mohammad Saleem, who live in Jharkhand, in the Indian district of Ranchi, were left baffled by what was causing their daughter's insatiable appetite.

Now a paediatrician at the nearby Orchid Medical Centre has formulated a number of theories about what could be behind Aliya's ever-expanding waistline.

Dr Bhavya Kumar has examined Aliya and believes she could be suffering from Prader-Willi syndrome - a rare disorder characterised by learning difficulties, growth abnormalities, and obsessive eating.

He said: "There could be some hormonal imbalance, there could some metabolic disease. There can be some genetic causes. It could be because of some tumour. But because there is a history of sibling loss with similar complaints, that points towards a genetic cause.

"So, I strongly suspect that this could be a case of some genetic disorder, most probably Prader-Willi syndrome, which is a very rare disorder."

However, in order to make a definitive diagnosis, Dr Kumar has a number of other tests he would like to run on Aliya.

He added: "We would like to get her hormones levels checked. We would like to get her organ function test done. So that we can see that all her organs are functioning properly.

"We would like to screen her for diabetes, a thyroid function test, her cortisol levels need to be done. We need to see her growth hormone levels as well.

"We will do an MRI scan to see her hypothalamus, an ultrasound to see her adrenals. And apart from that an x-ray to see her boneage. And definitely a karyotyping.

"That would rule out any genetic causes. And only after doing all those things, we would be probably able to make the diagnosis and then we can take it further from there."

The 18-month-old lives with her family in a remote Indian village in the state of Jharkhand.

She weighed roughly 9lbs at birth, but started ballooning in size three months later.

Shabnam and Mohammad find her condition especially painful after another one of their daughters died in similar circumstances.

Uk Mirror 

I am crying, What's Wrong with This Pic??

Wonder shall never brow

MUMA Gee's Hubby Prince Eke kidnapped, abductors threaten to bury him alive by Thursday evening

rince Eke, a nollywood actor and husband to veteran PH based musician Muma Gee was kidnapped on Saturday in the East on his way back from filming in Asaba, on the Owerri-Port Harcourt road.

According to Diamond Celebrities, the kidnappers have contacted Muma and they are demanding for 15 million naira as ransom. They promised to bury Prince Eke alive by Thursday, this evening if this huge ransom is not paid.

Muma Gee is pleading with the kidnappers to release her husband unconditionally, saying that Prince Eke is just a Nollywood actor and the family has no means of raising the huge sum of money within the short period of time, Diamond Celebrities reports.

NICE: Lagos Police uses drones & tracker to recover stolen car

The car was snatched at gunpoint in Maryland, Lagos. The police immediately deployed the newly acquired drones and GPS tracker to get back the stolen vehicle after an official complaint was made.

On Sunday night, the car of Mr. Michael Effiong, an Editor of the Ovation Magazine, with special number plate "Ovation 3", was snatched at gun point in Maryland. Immediately, he reported to the RRS Commander, who in turn, sent radio signal to all Divisional Police Stations across Lagos state to track down the vehicle.

For Mr. Effiong, the car had gone forever. But for the RRS Commander, Assistant Commissioner of Police, ACP Olatunji Disu, it was a task that must be accomplished.

Immediately, the Commander deployed the RRS drones and the use of GPS tracker. Eventually, the stolen vehicle was discovered where it was parked around an hotel. He led the operation to the scene of the stolen vehicle with the help of the contemporary information technology deployed to track down the jeep. The jeep was recovered beside a popular hotel, Kalesco Garden Hotel, Badagry.

The joy of Mr. Effiong knew no bounds when he was handed over his vehicle that was stolen back to him. He praised the Lagos State Police for their doggedness in recovering the vehicle

HAPPENING: South African lesbian Athlete Caster Semenya marries girlfriend

Told you all this homo thing has come to stay right,?  Well just like most did not embrace the idea of women  wearing trousers in the past but now it is seen as civilization,  gayism and lesbianism will also be embraced in the future, South Africa has sent a message to all African countries

south African 800m athlete Caster Semenya held her traditional wedding ceremony over the weekend.

According to the SA Fame Awards Facebook page Semenya and her long-time girlfriend, Violet Raseboya, had their traditional wedding ceremony in Ga-Dikgale in the Capricorn District of Limpopo.

According to reports, Semenya and Raseboya got engaged in May last year. An insider revealed at the time that both families were happy to negotiate lobola (brideprice), with Semenya's family paying R25 000. Semenya first shot to stardom in 2009 when she won gold in the women's 800m at the IAAF's World Championships in Berlin, before being controversially subjected to gender testing. 

She was cleared and went on to win the silver medal at the 2011 World Championship in Daegu. Her greatest achievement to date was winning a silver medal in the 800m at the 2012 London Olympics. 

MUSIC : R. Kelly- I Just You To know ft. Wizkid

This jam is banging

R Kelly Hooks Up with Nigerian Superstar Wizkid On This Song Titled I Just Want To Thank You Off His The Buffet Album.

Download and Listen Below.

DOWNLOAD: R. Kelly ft. Wizkid – I Just Want To Thank You

Nailed Or Failed

Na WA o

HEARTLESS ! Step mom cut off her step kid penis for urinating in bed (graphic pic)

Can you just imagine these people, 

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...