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COMEDY SKIT : Spanzy x Mary in Madness (DOWNLOAD)


This Spanzy is a really funny guy he will definitely go far with this is hassle

Man that was supposed to be mad for a year and be extremely rich afterwards got delivered by a pastor in the 11th month

Download a free watch his reaction.

Download VIDEO

Do you think you are ready for marriage? (Photo lesson)

It's true in some deep sense. The msg the father was trying to pass across is that in marriage, there are times u'd have to compromise, apologise and make amends for certain things u do not understand... For things u feel u're blameless for... Just for peace to reign and for the marriage to be sustained.

More Photos and Update From The Benin - Ore Accident of yesterday (Graphic Photos)

Yesterday we reported this accident case with exclusive photos from our blog Reader that witnessed the incident

According to new reports, the bus which left Itam park in Akwa Ibom state yesterday morning -crashed along the highway (cause unknown) and busted into flames -with many passengers losing their lives in the process. Three corps members reportedly survived the crash. The injured were immediately rushed to the hospital and the corpses of other victims evacuated.

The little boy with open skull was thrown out threw the Window by his mother in attempt to save his life and prevent him from burning but unluckily for him he landed wrongly.

May the lost souls rest in peace

3 Major Reasons Why You Can Miss Heaven and 7 Reasons Why You should Not

Why nothing in this world can make me miss heaven.

Before i write on the reasons why no one should miss heaven,lets quickly see those things that can make us miss heaven and end up in hell?

1.Money:This should not take you to hell if you are disciplined and wealth is apparently unavoidable if you do what you love doing. It may take a while but you will surely get enough money to meet your needs.

2.Sex:Thank GOD we can have just one partner that catches our fancy and enjoy that same pleasure that some seek for in many partners.

3.Fame and power:This will come if it is meant to be and i believe those who go all out to seek fame and power end up in a more sorry case. just be yourself and do what you are good at and fame will come naturally.

If we can all be disciplined and ask GOD for strength i believe these 3 major hindrances will never be strong enough to hold us captive.

Now lets quickly have a run down of why we must never ever miss heaven and this will be a fascinating one.

1.The 12 Magnificent pearl shaped gates and 12 Gem stone foundations.:How amazing it will be to have a first hand view of the purest form of rare gemstones that make up the foundations of heavenly paradise.Revelation 21:19:The foundations of the city walls were decorated with every kind of precious stone. 

2.Streets of Gold:Even if many doubt other description of heaven according to people who GOD have shown a glimpse of heaven like he showed John in the books of revelation,i believe we all read about the streets of Gold in the bible and this is one wonder i will really love to see. I still wonder how floors of streets will be made of gold, a substance men kill to have and more amazingly,a rear type of gold that is as clear as Crystal,never seen before on earth.Revelation 21:18: The wall was made of jasper, and the city was pure gold, as clear as glass

3.Mansions of unequivocal splendor:Yes i can't wait to see my mansion in heaven, a mansion that no money in this world can build and i mean if you put all the money in this world together,the total sum will still not be able to build the least attractive mansion in heaven and no matter how much im able to make on this earth,i will never be able to erect a mansion a quarter of the quality of my mansion in heaven and best still,it will be mine for ever and ever.

You are guaranteed to have a ready mansion for you in paradise just to suite your taste perfectly with exact design and furniture settings you desire and adorned with such rare decors that can only be imagined by you as mortal being.

Some mansions are built under the crystal river for people who love the aquatic environment while some are built on trees for those who love the environment and we even have countless mansions suspended in the sky.

Just imagine where you want your mansion to be and the exact colors, dimensions and any type of furniture you desire and you are guaranteed to have it built for you totally free and you will live there forever and ever.

4.Living for eternity:Can you close your eyes for just 30secs and imagine yourself living in a great kingdom like a king or queen for a billion years? ok now imagine living in that same kingdom for a trillion years. Then finally imagine yourself living for ever and ever and ever in this same kingdom.WOW!

5.Choice food:Yes i love good foods and just the taught that i will be able to eat my favorite which is the best of sea foods,bush meats and fresh fish is good enough reason for me to make heaven and i can imagine how great it will be just to demand for these and have it served at their best by angels in my magnificent mansion. And Yes there will be eating and drinking in heaven and of-course we will not eat as a result of hunger but because we love that food.

Matthew 8:11 "I say to you that many will come from the east and the west, and will take their places at the feast with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven."

6.More exciting place than this world:Many believe that heaven will just be a place where we will be floating in the cloud and singing praise and worship song to GOD forever and ever.

Yes you are right, we will worship GOD forever but the truth is that everything in heaven is designed to sing praise to GOD, the lawns,the water,the garments,the angels,our activities and so much more but God has also revealed to many that there will be much more fun in paradise than this world and you will definitely miss out nothing except sex that will no longer even exist in our subconscious meaning we can't miss what we don't think about.

Think of any sporting activity except violent sports andd you are sure to find it there and it may surprise you that game of football is in heaven and well cordinated that injuries are non existent.In heaven,no talent is lost.

As it is written: 1 Corinthians 2:9:"Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, Nor have entered into the heart of man The things which God has prepared for those who love him.

7.Meeting friends and family members you taught you will never see again:Yes you will meet your entire generations from all ages who were able to make it to heaven and how great it will be to see our genealogy before and after us in physical representation

Can Pre-marital Sex Ever be curbed?

I doubt if there is any relationship without sex these days. Even the media is not helping in anyway to curb pre-marital sex instead, they are enhancing it. Can you think of any music video that doesn't display obscene scenes? I doubt. Ladies shaking their buttocks, showing ladies taking bath in the bathroom, ladies putting on mosquito net calling it fashion. Look at that girl in iyanya's okamfo video, she is somebody's future wife.

Almost everywhere you go, you can't do without seeing these half unclad ladies. Even inside b.r.t, u ll see a screen playing fans mi by davido, real mvp by olamide, b.r.t that is for both adults and children. Will u now cover your ward's eyes? Saying "don't watch it, too many half unclad ladies inside". 

What's the way forward? How can pre-marital sex be curbed?

Toyin Lawani Shares New Adorable Photos of her Son In AGBADA

He is banging

Check out the swag on this young man!

Young Jermaine Oluwatenor Kensington Womadi rocked this look to PR expert Mariam Adeyemi's engagement party today.

TOUCHING :Burna Boy Just Lost His Biggest Fan In Nigeria To Death

Death can be so cruel,  this beautiful young jovial lady is gone.

Singer Burna Boy is mourning right now. Miss Anita_Chekwas, his longtime, diehard, biggest fan just lost her life. Days away from a Christmas party she was planning and inviting everyone on IG to come attend at her residence in Ajao estate, Lagos.

I just checked out her IG page and saw that out of every 10 photos Anita posted, 6 belonged to Burnaboy with  captions that were all praising him and telling how much she valued him

The cause of her death is unknown but we still digging to get for that.

May her soul rest in perfect peace

The Osinbajos Visit Baby Aisha after her First Reconstructive Surgery

Baby Aisha survived severe burns after Boko Haram militants attacked her village in Maiduguri.Yesterday, she her her 1st phase of reconstructive surgery (eyelids and arm). Here's a photo of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo and his wife, Her Excellecy Dolapo Osinbajo with her at the hospital.

Mrs Osinbajo is also pleading that we all remember baby Aisha in our prayers. She said:

Please pray for baby Aisha for a full recovery as she undergoes the first in a series of reconstructive surgeries. Such a little one to face these mighty obstacles. She is one of the victims of a bomb blast in Maiduguri. Please remember her in your prayers.

Tupac Shakur Is Very Much Alive And Healthy?

2pac death conspiracy theories are about to reignite ... because the guy playing him in a new movie is a dead ringer for the rap legend. 

Demetrius Shipp, Jr. is getting his big break playing Pac in Morgan Creek Production's, "All Eyez On Me."  

We're told the biopic covers the rapper's entire life, including his murder in 1996.

Production sources tell us Demetrius' father worked in the music biz, and crossed paths with Tupac when Demetrius was a kid, and he's been a huge fan ever since.  

We're told producer L.T. Hutton approached Demetrius to star as the rapper in no small part because of the obvious similarities. He immediately took some crash acting classes ... 4 times a week. 

Famous music video guru, Benny Boom, is directing. Production kicked off this past week in Atlanta.

Source TMZ

APC Is Foisting a 1-Party State in Nigeria - PDP

The governors' forum of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has accused the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) of being "bent on foisting a one-party state in Nigeria".

Reacting to the nullification of the election of Udom Emmanuel, governor of Akwa Ibom by the appeal court, thePDP forum said through its "puppet master in Lagos", the APC has entered an alliance with the judiciary to manipulate election results.

The court ordered the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to conduct a fresh election in the state within 90 days. "The nullification of the election of His Excellency, Governor Udom Emmanuel by the court of appeal on Friday in Abuja should worry all those who truly desire good for this country," read a statement issued by Osaro Onaiwu, coordinator of the forum.

"It is becoming increasingly clear that the APC is bent on foisting a one-party state in Nigeria and to do so, it is ready to compromise the judiciary, destroy every fibre of integrity and sanctity of the judicial process through state compromise of the judiciary.

"For 16 years that the PDP governed, it respected the right to opposition and did not balkanise the judiciary as we have witnessed in the past seven months of the APC regime. "Let Nigerians realise that the judiciary is being tele-guided by a puppet master in Lagos and state apparatus and this charade like in all things unholy will soon collapse because a peoples will to choose their leaders can never be negotiated or mortgaged out of desperation."

He expressed confidence that "the people of Akwa Ibom state and Nigerians of goodwill will resist the obnoxious decline into fascism as was demonstrated recently in Bayelsa state where the people stood firm against state terror and attempted imposition by the APC". Onaiwu alleged that that Aminu Tambuwal, Sokoto state governor, had canvassed that it was a national security risk for the oil-rich states to be controlled by the opposition.

This Big Yahoo Boy Jumped Out Of His Range Rover And Tore His Clothes In Lagos Today(photos)

Well this is not new but damn when will these niggas ever learn, why shorten long life for few years of enjoyment??

Sources say this guy is a yahoo boy who's living large from other people's sweat. Unfortunately for him, he reportedly ran mad today in Lagos Island. Below is how the story is reported:

The young man (name withheld) according to witness just packed his Range Rover SUV, jumped out and started tearing his clothes. In no time, he was totally undressed. Then he started moving around the mainroad of Lagos Island snapping himself with his iPhone and a cardboard held in his hand.

No one could explain what befell him but it's obviously not something natural. Some persons around identified him as one of the yahoo boys.

Owan December…the secret things people do for overnight riches and comfort.

God be with us

Fashion or maaaadness?? See What These Ladies Wore Out For Shopping

Na WA o,  very soon  people will start walking around naked, maaaadness

Carefree :Nicki Minaj Performed In Angola Yesterday Amidst Critics Calling Asking Her Not To (photos)

Rap star Nicki performed to a packed crowd Saturday, despite human rights activists and critics calling for her concert to be canceled in the impoverished African nation of Angola.

The 33-year-old rapper was performing in the capital city of Luanda at a Christmas party hosted by the Unitel communications firm, which is part-owned by the family of the country's controversial President Jose Eduardo dos Santos. 

Dos Santos, 73, has been accused of overseeing corruption, misrule and intimidation in the country that suffers endemic poverty, despite being Africa's second-largest oil producer. 

According to the United Nations Development Programme, more than a third of the country's population of about 24million people are living below the poverty line, and nearly 70 percent of the population lives on less than $2 a day. 

If you were her would you go?

AHHH!! See The Raunchy Boo#Bs Photos Cossy Shared On Her Instagram This Morning

Abeg make una leave breast for this lady biko

Legend Out:Wole Soyinka and wife step out to watch Mo Abudu's movie' FIFTY'

This man still has a very young body. Damn

Professor Wole Soyinka and wife, Mrs Folake Doherty-Soyinka joined Mo Abudu to watch one of the first screening of her movie 'FIFTY'..

EVILS : See How a Man Disfigured His Wife's Face For Sleeping With His Friend (Graphic pic)

This is one of the major fears in marriage,  will your husband /wife be loyal to you alone?

Well according to the gist the man caught his wife in bed doing it with his friend,  he did this to his wife and nothing to his friend


Mum who Lost 6 year old Daughter to Cancer Includes Her in Emotional Wedding Day Photo

A mother has paid tribute to her dead daughter in a most tear-jerking way ever on her wedding day. And the heartbreaking photo has now gone viral.

Amanda Lee's 6 year old daughter, Azalee tragically died from cancer two years ago. Amanda was so determined to have her daughter involved in her big day that she asked the photographer to find a way to include her.

The result was this incredible shot, which, after being shared on Facebook , received more than 100,000 likes and 13,000 shares. It shows Amanda reaching down to gently touch the face of a young girl who appears to be almost a ghost.


BEWARE : Your Facebook Post Can Now Deny You United States Passport

This is to you all that love slandering your dream country just for the fun of it,  you now have to be very careful.

According to the the Wall Street Journal, the US Department of Homeland Security is already set to put into place protocols to examine how visa applicants use the social media. This means your posts on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks may get your visa application approved or denied. Under this new policy, checking an applicant's posts on Facebook and Twitter may become standard for visa application.

This is obviously driven by the recent San Bernardino shooting where one of the attackers had already made use of social media to express her support for extremism. Most of these social media posts were made before she even applied for the US visa and a simple background check on social media activities probably would've prevented her entry to the US in the first place.

A statement sent to Business Insider by the Department of State Security said:

In fact, over the last year, under Secretary Johnson's leadership, the Department initiated three pilot programs to specifically incorporate appropriate social media review into its vetting of applicants for certain immigration benefits.

The Department is actively considering additional ways to incorporate the use of social media review in its various vetting programs.

There isn't much much information on this right now and the DHS is keeping a lid on how the plan is going to be carried out but given the present situation, getting into the US is going to be a lot harder. What you consider a normal Facebook post might raise a red flag.

As an individual, perhaps it's time to be more careful on social media. Your posts on Facebook and Twitter may later affect you. Even the kind of videos you put up on Youtube should be decent.


Traffic in Lagos Is Amazing, Took Me 2hrs To Reach my Hotel room from the Airport – Trey Songz

Welcome to my city bro, lol

Trey Songz was in Nigeria this week for the Pepsi Rhythm Unplugged event.

During a press conference at the Eko Hotel and Suites on Friday, Trey said he was amazed by the traffic in Lagos. It took him about 2 hours to get to his hotel from the airport anf Trey couldn't believe it. Watch him describe how amazed

How The Word Of God Has Turned Criminal (must Read)

Good morning Enekem and my fellow EB readers, Its sunday morning and i am in church hearing enough word of God. This is the right time and place. I want to speak up on an issue we have all chosen to ignore out of fear or ignorance.

Have you ever boarded a bus to a long destination and while you're trying to catch a wink of sleep the passenger sitting beside you starts preaching?

It is one of the worst experiences in public transports. Bus preachers, they steal the comfort of travelling. What motivates them or do they just enjoy disturbing other passengers?

A transporter was arrested in South Africa for allowing a preacher preach in his bus. The authorities said it infringes the religious right of other people. That the passengers are a collection of people of different religions. When will the Nigerian authority start enforcing such laws? 
If you observe very well you will notice that it is usually rampant on Mondays. After hearing sermons on Sunday these people go out on Monday making every vehicle they board their religious centre and the passengers their congregation. 

The worst of them all are the ones from The Lord's Chosen ministry. OMG! They are aggressive, loud, tactless, stubborn and offensively sanctimonious. Their voices are louder than that of the conductors three times over. Because of their noisy preaching a lot of people miss their bus stops every time. 
Bus preaching should be made a punishable offence. Offenders should be banned from boarding public transports for six months or pay a fine of N1 million. This social misconduct needs to stop. A bus is not a church.

By Dr Mike Okezie 

Guys, do you agree with him on this?

SHOCKING :Lamar Odom Can Now Walk Without Support

Lamar Odom made a huge stride in his recovery this week ... taking steps for the first time without assistance.

TMZ reports:

Sources close to Lamar tell us he hadn't been able to move without a walker. We're told Thursday Lamar ditched the walker and took three steps, shocking the docs.
Lamar has had limited range of motion in his hands, but during a recent visit from Khloe he was able to reach above his head to put his hood on ... a BIG step. 

And that's not all ... his brain function is slowly improving. He was able to recognize a hospital staff member, which is significant considering at one point he couldn't even recognize family. 

We're told Lamar will soon be moved to a rehab facility.  

Our Blog model Stuns In New photo, hot or not?

Omaje be slaying with her sassyness me likey

BUSINESS OT : The Business Of Sport In Numbers - - - Strive Masiyiwa

Pause: The business of sport, in numbers.

If you're one of the highest paid football players in the world today, you can be sure that key people in the industry spend a lot of time looking at your "numbers," and by this I don't mean the number on your jersey. Modern sport at the very top is a game of "numbers."

The top clubs employ "data" gathered on each player to assess performance. If a player is a striker, they analyze data from each game to assess his performance and effectiveness. They can use it to compare him with players from other teams and leagues. Those figures also play a critical role when it comes to buying and selling players.

Gone are the days when players were assessed by just watching them play. Even avid fans are increasingly debating player performance, using such jargon as "number of assists," "number of tackles," etc.

If you spend millions buying a player, it's not enough simply to see him play. They've developed a complex matrix to analyze data on each player. In fact, the data I've mentioned so far is just the tip of the iceberg. There's a whole "science" involved in monitoring the performance of supreme athletes at the top of the game, whether soccer, American football, cricket, tennis, etc.

If you've spent your life following a team as a fan, it's often easy to forget that sport is a big business. Those "clubs" that you like to follow, they're businesses. Just like any business that you know, they're selling a product or a service. Behind the scenes are shareholders, entrepreneurs and managers (some more important than the well-known coach). There are business plans to be executed and profits to be pursued.

As an entrepreneur, you must always "see" the business side of things, even if it's your favorite sport. I can tell you the financial numbers of some of the leading soccer clubs in Europe. I'm so used to thinking and seeing things as an entrepreneur that I make it a hobby to check for "numbers." 

Performance is measured in numbers... As an entrepreneur, you must always try to find ways to measure your performance with numbers. The more you do this, the more respected you will be. Whatever it is you are doing as an entrepreneur, it must be measured constantly, and using numbers.

Every type of business has its numbers. There's a way to measure performance of every type of business utilizing quantitative data. Do you know the numbers of your business, or industry? Now you don't have to invent your own numbers, because in every type of business (just like in sport) there are universally agreed numbers.

"How profitable is your business?" If I ask you that question, there's a way to answer as a man in the street or as an "entrepreneur." Which one are you?

Your answer can lead to an investor saying, "let's sit down and talk," or politely ending the conversation and running away from you! There's a way to present your answers in a way that will have investors wanting to give you their last penny, and another... to run far, far away from you! You owe it to yourself to begin to know these things.

Now that this secret has been revealed to you, it's your job to "search out" these matters:
‪#‎If‬ you're running a trading business, what numbers should you collect and analyze?
‪#‎What‬ about mining, farming, telecoms, hairdressing, repairing computers or driving your own taxi?

Whatever business you founded, manage or are dreaming to create…What numbers you should be collecting and analyzing? 

We know the good players by their "numbers." As an entrepreneur, you must respect numbers.


AHHH!! Yoruba Girls, Mbok This Is Not Cool

I don't know what to say. Smh

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...