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Lady Who Has Done Abortion Four Times Needs Your Advice

Well, what you say

6 Nigerian Banks To Merge In January 2016

According to a report by Citizen Six commercial banks are likely to seek mergers and acquisitions in the New Year.

The publication reports that the development arises, "no thanks to the shock created in their assets and balance sheet sizes in the face of declining oil prices. Crude oil prices have fallen to as low as $37.11 per barrel from over $110 per barrel a year ago.

This has adversely affected banks' oil assets. Besides, the level of non-performing loans in the sector has risen."

According to the report, Managing Director, Sterling Bank Plc, Yemi Adeola, who disclosed the news yesterday, reportedly stating that he envisaged possible shrinking in the number of local banks in the New Year.

However, he didn't name any banks that may be involved in the merger.

I just Love Adele's Thinking,

Ladies learn

This Pretty Lady Found Out Her BF Is Getting Married Next Week, See her Nasty payback(screen shots)

So I was on Twitter today,  and I found this interesting gist,  Twitter user @vivi_fabulouz tweeted about her discovering that her Bf is getting married next week,  what a sad knowledge,

But she didn't stop there she had to compensate herself by  sharing his Nudes with the wife to be , Taking his benz
And becoming friends with his wife to be

If it were you how would you react?

Ladies See The Side Effects of Waist Trainers (must read)

Waist trainer, body shapers and corsets have been used by women for centuries. But in recent times, it has become unusually popular and over endorsed by high profile celebrities all over the world. They have been said to reduce the size of the midsection and make the waist slimmer.

Though research has shown that waist trainers don't really work, simply sticking to the right diet and doing exercises would naturally help reduce the waist line. Women would rather wear waist trainers because high profile celebrities endorse them as the secret behind their great bodies.

According to those in support of waist trainers, waist training is said to be a permanent means of waist reduction and re-shaping achieved by putting on a waist trainer, regular exercise and a healthy diet. Sellers of the waist trainers go as far as giving an assurance of a slimmer waist line if they are worn up to six hours daily for about a month.

Some women wear waist trainers in the quest for a permanent slim waistline, while others put it on for temporary purposes to enhance their figures on certain outfits and maybe boost their confidence.

However doctor have warned that use of waist trainers is potentially dangerous.  They say that women need to understand that the body shapers or waist trainers don't help with weight loss. In fact, if it is worn too tight, it can cause digestive problem and affect food intake. It can also harm the major internal organs in the stomach.

The best way to loose weight or tummy fat, remains exercise and a healthy diet. If at all anyone wants to use a waist trainer, it should be worn in moderation and not too tight, as they can cause a lot of damage to the internal organs and it also causes a lot of pain and discomfort. It could also cause compressed lungs and fractured ribs.

There's been no actual scientific proof that waist trainers work. Waist trainers are not totally a healthy way to lose belly fat. They are totally uncomfortable and damage internal organs. For a flat tummy, exercises and a proper nutrition is the best way.


As Seen in Benin. Lol

Na WA o. But fire fit dey the church shss

Photo From The Ghastly Motor Accident at Ikeji Along this morning

How will anyone survive something like this?  Only through a miracle

This Uniport Student Was Killed By a Police Van Driving One-way Last Night) Graphic pics)

Too many people are losing their lives this period

A University of Port Harcourt student Edah Oghenekevwe Richard lost his life last night after he was allegedly hit by a police van driving one-way.

Richard, whose birthday it was yesterday, was on his way back from Church and standing along Assemblies of God Church junction in Alakahia, PH, when he was allegedly hit by Police Van with registration number NPF 1791D driven by Inspector John Kanu.

"The police van after hitting the boy, tried to drive off but were stopped by onlookers at the junction and eyewitnesses who demanded that the victim be taken to the hospital.

The police agreed and took him to the University of Portharcourt Teaching Hospital (UPTH), but on reaching there, they allegedly told the attending nurses that they just picked him while they were driving along NNPC Filling station at Rumuosi and they weren't aware of what had happened to him." a source close to the case told LIB exclusively

"It was one of the nurses in the hospital that took down the details of one of the policemen involved. When called by the family members of the boy, the policeman denied it in it's entirety.

The police up till now are still denying the incident despite the several onlookers and eyewitnesses that were at the scene of the accident." he added

NEW MUSIC :Yung6ix Ft. Stonebwoy – For Example (Prod. By E-Kelly)

KKTBM hip-hop titan Yung6ix enlists BET "Best African Act" winner Stonebwoy for his new single titled "For Example".

The E-Kelly produced banger follows-up Yung6ix's smash hit, "Blessings" featuring Oritse Femi, which is currently anthem across Africa

Listen, share and enjoy the GH-Naija collaboration

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President Buhari rated poor in security In Anti-Graft War (See ratings)

A poll conducted by Governance Accountability Initiative of Nigeria (GAIN) has scored the Muhammadu Buhari led administration 63% overall approval rating.

The acclaimed independently conducted poll rated the Nigerian Senate led by Bukola Saraki 13%- the lowest approval rating of all governmental institutions.

Nigerian Army got 69% approval rating as 61% of Nigerians have high expectations of the new ministers as 75% believe the anti-corruption war of the APC led government is working.

56% give the government high marks for the anti corruption campaign just as 81% of respondents give high ratings for handling of Boko Haram crisis.

Performance low in housing, availability of petroleum products, transportation, economy and jobs and healthcare were 61%, 55%, 54%, 52% 52%, respectively.

Respondents give poor ratings to government's handling of Pro-Biafra agitations and Fulani Herdsmen clashes which stood at 52%, 66% respectively.

Cossy With Her Boo#bs Cause PANDEMONIUM in Calabar Event(photos)

The endowed actress posed with some fans in Calabar... All eyes were on her massive spilling boobs...

BADDO : Man rapes girl he met on Facebook after luring her with N15,000

A 26-year-old man, Taiwo Oluwatobi, has been arrested by the Lagos State Police Command, for allegedly luring his Facebook lover to his house, and raping her.

Punch Metro learnt that Oluwatobi had met the 24-year-old victim, identified only as Temitope, on Facebook. He had allegedly lured her to his house in the Alagomeji, Yaba area of the state to collect N15,000, during which he raped her.

It was gathered that the incident happened at the suspect's friend's rented apartment on Queens Street, Alagomeji, on Monday, November 30, and the visit was Oluwatobi and Temitope's first meeting.

It was gathered that the victim, who worked as a printer in the Mushin area, told Oluwatobi, who she reportedly met on Facebook around June 2015, that she needed N15,000 to settle a debt. The suspect was said to have invited the lady to Alagomeji, to meet each other and also collect the money.

Temitope was said to have arrived at the apartment around 6pm and left at about 8pm, during which Oluwatobi allegedly raped her.

The victim was said to have reported the matter to the Anti-Robbery Squad of the State Department of Criminal Investigation, Yaba.

It was learnt that Oluwatobi, who hails from Ila Orangun, Osun State, was arrested on Tuesday, December 1.

According to the police, the suspect, said to be a graduate of a university in Oyo State, was also a suspected member of the Buccaneers' Confraternity.

It was gathered that the police also arrested the suspect's friend, Adenuga Adedayo, in whose apartment the rape allegedly took place.

Speaking with Punch Metro, Oluwatobi, who worked as a caterer, said he had a consensual sexual intercourse with Temitope, adding that he saw the lady off when she was going back home. He said he was shocked that she reported the sex as rape to the police.

He said, "We met on Facebook some months ago. From Facebook, we began to talk on the telephone. That day was the first time we would meet, and we had a sexual intercourse. She does printing jobs and she stays in the Mushin area.

"She had asked me for N15,000, saying she had a debt she needed to settle. I invited her to my area. After the intercourse, she went to the police to say I raped her. She was the one who told the police that I was a cult member.

"The reason for her coming was that I promised to give her N15,000 to settle someone she owed money. We had sex and at about 8pm, she left. My friend was not at home that time and I see no reason to tell him that somebody visited me.

"I joined the Buccaneers Confraternity when I was in 200-level in the university. I was just a member. After leaving school, I quit the group."

The friend, Adedayo, from Ijebu Ode, Ogun State, denied any knowledge of the rape, saying he housed Oluwatobi for a week when he (Oluwatobi) said he had a job to do in the area.

He said, "The police accused me of housing a cultist and his girlfriend, but I did not know about the incident. I work in the Apapa area as a teacher. I did not know he is a cultist. He had come to me to assist him with accommodation, as he had a job in our area. That was in the last week of November."

The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Joe Offor, had yet to reply to a text message sent to his phone on the incident.


SMH: As Seen In Lagos

Girls girls

HKN Hype-man 'Special Ed' Cops N25M Mercedes Benz GL 450

hype-man turn singer, Edward Chukuma-Ijah popularly called Special Ed just acquired a brand new whip.

The new Mercedes Benz GL 450 valued at over N25m, according to him, is a Christmas gift to wrap up the good year he's had. Just a month ago, Davido acquired his 8th car, an Audi R8 valued at over N39m


1. Spoken English
It is so sad that majority of
Nigerian students in tertiary
institutions don't bother about
polishing their spoken and written
english. Some graduates speak
english worse than a toddler, making
one wonder what they spent 16yrs
doing in school. You hear them spew
gabbage like "he come and slap me
and I come and beat him". If you
speak such english to an interviewer,
even with first class clearly written
on your CV, he will probably think
you runzed your way through school.
The use of words like yeah, goddamn,
omo, sh*t, f**k etc should be stopped
cos they don't portray you as a
decent person.

2. Mode of dressing
Looking fly on campus was one of the
things I enjoyed during my
undergraduate days. It was fun cos
you had so much of the opposite sex
around to admire you. The moment I
graduated, my orientation changed.
Not that a graduate should stop
wearing denims and sneakers, but
sagging and putting on studs with
crazy hairstyle should come to a stop
if such a person wants to fit into the
corporate world. In the corporate
world, you get to mingle with
matured or married men with enough
decency. Sagging in their midst will
make you look kiddo. Just cos your
favourite musician davido sags his
trousers doesn't mean you should do
thesame. He gets paid to do that
while you could get fired for doing

3. Spendthrift attitude
The first time I heard someone say
his salary is 70k, I hissed and
mocked him in my mind cos that was
thesame amount we students spent
on phones just to oppress each other.
Now I've seen people earning less
than 45k even with years of
experience. What kind of person do
you think you'll turn out to be when
all you want is the latest expensive
gadgets? In the real world, no one
cares about the kind of phone you
use. Even on naija campus these
days, girls have stopped falling for a
guy because of the phone he uses,
they now trip for flashy cars. So,
before you spend that huge amount
on a phone, ask yourself this
question: "is it going to improve my
standard of living?". I didn't know I
could turn my smart phone to a mini
laptop with WPS, Excel etc until I got
employed. My phone was all about
bbm, whatsapp and facebook. I now
saw the full potential of the phone.
You need to cut down on your
spendings. Also, get the idea of
clubbing off your mind or it might
ruin your pockets. The money saved
from disciplining yourself can be
used to start something great. Use
your head.

4. Laziness
You remember how you use to
complain about the large notebooks
you have to read for exams? If you
lack a good reading culture, it is
certain you will be bereft of ideas
to contribute to a company's growth.
You are always seen reading gossip
blogs where you are updated with
the lifestyle of celebrities but lack
the idea of what the top 20
questions interviewers ask. Scaling
through campus days as a lazy
person doesn't mean such is likely to
continue in the real world. Carrying
on with laziness is what leads to
prostitution, where a lady feels she
can use her body to fetch her daily
bread instead of her brain, or where
a guy still expects his uncle to be
the one to help him achieve his
targets even after getting him a job
through nepotism. You get to wonder
why they spent 16yrs developing
their brain in school.

5. Pride
I remember when I was in my final
year at school, I was always happy
about what the future held for me. I
knew I was going to get a job that
pays 350k immediately I graduated.
Reality slapped me in the face when
my first offer was a job paying 30k.
I had no choice but to take the offer
cos I was already tired of adding
more months to the six months I had
spent at home just sleeping. Luckily
for me, that job paved the way for a
better one cos it gave me the
needed experience recruiters want to
see on a CV. I've now realise that
350k is only feasible for those in
the oil sector and those with huge
years of experience, not a fresh
graduate who doesn't know his left
from his right. As you are about
graduating, never see any job as
demeaning. Take it up while you
continue searching for a better one.
This gives you experience. A bird in
hand is better than a million in the
bush. Remember, you are a nobody
and no one gives a damn about you
out there. So, drop your pride and
use your head and hands or end up
spending years still eating your
mum's food with insults.

If it make sense to you share to a student.

Video : Steve Harvey Crowns the Wrong Winner at Miss Universe, Then Misspell Both Countries On Twitter

You'll notice he misspelled both "Colombia" and "Philippines."

 As host of the Miss Universe pageant Sunday night in Las Vegas, he called out Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez as the winner of the highly publicized Miss Universe 2015 competition. Except Gutierrez wasn't the winner. Miss Philippines, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, was. Miss Colombia was actually the first runner-up.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter exploded almost immediately with viewers taking jabs at Harvey's expense. Some, however, defended him. Earvin Magic Johnson tweeted, "Steve Harvey made a mistake tonight, we've all made mistakes in our careers & lives. @IAmSteveHarvey keep the faith and keep going strong!"

Steve has now apologized again with an official statement.

The attention comes after Miss Universe went through some big changes earlier this year. Donald Trump and NBCUniversal owned the competition, but they parted ways after Trump's presidential campaign garnered controversy, and WME/IMG took control of Miss Universe. Trump took time to revel in Harvey's mistake, retweeting someone who wrote, "Where's @RealDonaldTrump when you need em?"

The pageant was held at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas.

Watch video here

UPDATE :I Accused My Boyfriend Of Rape For Posting My Nudes Online - Teenager Confess

There is a new twist to the alleged rape case of a 19-year-old teenager, Gbemisola, as she now claims to have framed 24-year-old Kunle in order to punish him.

PUNCH Metro gathered on Friday that Gbemisola and Kunle were in an intimate relationship and had sexual intercourse by mutual consent.

It was further learnt that Gbemisola had sent some of her nude pictures to Kunle on Whatsapp before 
things went awry between them.

Gbemisola, a caterer, had alleged that Kunle asked her out, which she turned down because she had a boyfriend already. She had alleged that the suspect lured her into his parents' house in Agiliti Estate, Ketu, and raped her.

She claimed that the suspect did a picsmix of her nude pictures, included her phone number, and shared them with his friends on the Internet.

The suspect, while reacting, had told Punch that Gbemisola was his girlfriend, adding that the 19-year-old sent him the nude pictures, which he only showed to his friends.

On Friday, PUNCH Metro learnt that the suspect was arrested by the police and the case was immediately transferred to the State Department of Criminal Investigation, Yaba.

After both of them were grilled by police detectives, it was discovered that Gbemisola lied in her statement to the police at the Ketu Police Division.

Kunle, who was in tears at the SDCI, said that the only evidence he had of their relationship was destroyed by Gbemisola on the morning of his arrest.

He said:

 "I am in a big trouble. The only evidence I have that she sent those pictures to me was my chat history. But immediately the police came to arrest me, she picked my phone and threw it into a well. 

She is the only one that can save me by just telling the truth. We were in a relationship and I didn't rape her."

Punch's correspondent, who later spoke with Gbemisola, asked why she lied against Kunle.

Gbemisola said she wanted to punish him for betraying her trust and sharing her nude pictures with his friends and family members on the Internet, adding that some of his friends had been calling to demand "their own share of sex."

She said she threw his phone into the well because Kunle claimed he had evidence of their relationship.

She said:

 "He is my boyfriend and we had dated for just one week when he asked for my nude pictures. When two people are dating and they are in love, anything can happen between them. 

Initially, I declined and he started begging me. I asked him to swear on oath that he would later delete the pictures from his phone and he did. I sent the pictures because of the trust I had in him."

Gbemisola said she visited him few days afterwards, and he had sex with her.

"He didn't rape me, but I gave in because he begged, saying it had been long since he did it."

She said the following day, Kunle asked for a recharge card, which she sent to him, adding that he made more demands and when she declined, the suspect threatened to make her a "celebrity" in the community.

"I discovered he never loved me and merely wanted to use and dump me.
"When he asked me to come to his house again, I refused and asked him to do his worst. He then asked me to log in to Whatsapp. Immediately I did, I saw that he had made my nude photos his Display Picture (DP). He also sent them to me, as well," she added.

She said her first boyfriend, who got hold of her phone saw the pictures, and was angry.

Gbemisola said she also received text messages and telephone calls from those who saw the pictures.

"They were saying, 'come and let's sleep with you too.' I was humiliated. A few days later, I was on the road when Kunle saw me and started mocking me. I almost committed suicide," she added.

She said she damaged Kunle's laptop after he continued with his threat that he had another explicit video of her.

"I lied against him to punish him for what he did. I threw away his phone into the well because he claimed to have evidence. I wanted to destroy him completely. 

But seeing how far this case has gone, I want to forgive him. We are from the same Ondo State and our parents are friends," she added.

The Police Public Relations Officer, Joe Offor, told Punch that investigation was on.

He said:

 "Both parties agreed that the intercourse of that date was consensual and could not have amounted to rape. Other aspects of the allegation are under investigation."

Our Elegant Blog Reader Anwuli Oputa Loses Her Favorite Uncle

elegant damsel Anwuli is still mourning. She lost her favorite uncle Barrister Emma Mbanaso to the cold hands of death.

Late barr, Emma was buried on Thursday, December 17th in his hometown Umuahia, Abia State.

May his soul rest perfect peace.

Anwuli, Accept our condolence

See The Bizarre Haircut We Spotted Lagos

Mbok wetin we go call this one?? A

This OAU law student is missing

Bak-Abasi Ezekiel Umoh, is a Law student of Obafemi Awolowo University(OAU), and according to her family, she has been missing for about 10 days now. They cant reach her on her phone.

The family said they contacted her friends who said she was last seen in school on the 12th of December,

Anyone with any information should please call the numbers: 07065569687 and 08137402729. 

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...