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Graphic Photos: London Based Woman Goes Mad & Naked After Her Relatives Duped Her

Things happening in this world may God help us.

According to a Facebook user, this woman pictured above based in London had been sending money home to her relatives in Ghana to build a house for her. When she returned home, she discovered that no piece of land had been bought for her talk more of building a house in her name.

She allegedly ran mad and stripped herself naked on the streets of Ghana -as bystanders videoed the incident. This happened on Sunday, December 20, 2015

HMMM :Ghana President Bans Public Officials From Flying First Class

The President of Ghana has officially banned public officials from first class air travel in a renewed effort to cut wasteful spending.

The ban has come into effect as the country implements an IMF aid deal to revive state finances, the government said on Tuesday.

Ghana is preparing to hold presidential and parliamentary elections next year and, with the opposition accusing government ministers of inflating contract sums, inappropriate spending will be a top campaign issue.

 The presidency issued the directive this week asking all ministers and other top officials to avoid "unwarranted" foreign trips on the public purse, Communications Minister Edward Omane Boamah told media.

Ghana, a major producer of cocoa, gold and oil, began a three-year program with the International Monetary Fund in April to fix its economy.

The country's economy has been dogged by high deficits, a widening public debt and unstable local currency.

Finance Minister Seth Terkper told media on Tuesday the cabinet is also discussing a financial accountability bill .

The schedule would impose penalties such as dismissal or jail time for public officials who are found to violate it.

"It is expected to be clear enough to enable the general public to see malfeasance if there is any and hold the agency involved accountable," he added.


Wow, Nigeria should emulate this, don't you think?

The Moment Timaya Prostrated In PH

Singer  thanked PH by prostrating!

The turn up was massive for ‪#‎iConcur‬! The Ijaw man felt at home while on stage..

Exclusive: Man United have sacked Louis van Gaal #MUFC #Enekemdotcom

We want to officially inform you all that Man Utd manager Van Gaal has been sacked

The talks on his future was decided by Woodward which is one of the core Pillars of the club

Though the new manager that will will replace is yet to be decided we just want you all Man Utd fans to know that your supposed problem has been  Eliminated

Check back for full report on this

News exclusively gotten from indykaila

TRAGIC : Nigerian Referee Collapses and Dies During Fitness Test In Ibadan Today (Photos)

Regular medical checkups cannot be over-emphasised as we witness a rise in sudden deaths among young people today.

A Nigerian referee Basil Giwa collapsed and died during South West fitness test in Ibadan, Oyo state. This was revealed by Nigerian journalist and sports television presenter -Collin Udoh through his twitter handle.

Hot Dude: Flavour N'abania Shares His 2015 Christmas Card

It is that time of the year again,  and since we have less than 4 days to Christmas day our Nigerian celebs are already posting their Christmas cards and yea Flavour slayed in this men

EXPOSED : See The Church Where Bible Is Not Used and The Oba Of Benin Is The G. O (Photo)

On Akpakpava Road in the heart of Benin City, the Edo State capital, is a church founded over 500 years ago. The architectural design of the building tells its story. It does not advertise itself; yet has a large following. The Oba of Benin is its spiritual head, reports Osagie Otabor.

The Holy Aruosa Cathedral is to the Bini people what the Church of England is to the English people; no wonder it is referred to as the Church of Benin.

Welcome to the Holy Aruosa (the eye of God) Cathedral.

Members of the Holy Arousa are different from flocks of other religious bodies: they are seldom seen sharing pamphlets to convert members or inviting people to the church. The church leaders do not hold crusades or revival services to convert 'souls', neither do they invite people to experience miracles.

Legend has it that the church was located at the place because it was the spot the Bini had direct contact with Osanobua (God) long before the coming of the European explorers and missionaries.

During the British invasion of Benin Kingdom, the church was destroyed and the black stone was carted away along with other artifacts from the ancient city at about 1897. The invaders came with their own God, mode of worship and forbade the people from worshipping Osanobua at Holy Arousa.

It was Oba Akenzua II (father of the present monarch) who rebuilt the current cathedral, not only in Benin City, but in Onitsha, Umuahia and other areas.

The Oba of Benin is the spiritual head (general overseer) of the Church. His deputy is the Benin Crown Prince. The presiding head of the church is known as 'Ohen Osa' (God's servant). A special seat is reserved for the Oba at the church. The priests dress like the Roman Catholic priests and usually wear red caps.

Service at the church is conducted in Bini language. The Holy Bible is not used in the church; much of the preaching revolves around reminding the congregation that the Oba is God's representative on earth and on the need to be good while on earth. Baptism of new converts is done with the white chalk (Orhue) in what is regarded as 'Igborhe'.

Does miracle happen in the church? Ohen Osa Harrison Okao said people received miracles and God's blessings directly from God without any intermediary.

He said: "Those who seek God come here. We don't beg people to come. If you attend and discover that your contact with God is cordial, you will remain. If you beg God for promotion and you come here and got it, you will remain here."

Harrison said the church was founded during the reign of Oba Esigie and to worship God without praying through any intermediary.

He said: "We use our local language to communicate with our God. We are aware of other diverse ways of reaching God. If you are a good Muslim, God will accept you. If you are a good Christian, God will accept you.

"We don't use the Bible here. We have our own book. We use the book of Holy Arousa according to the sayings of the ancient belief written by the wise men. The church is still in existence till today, it is an entity that will last forever. Nothing can stop it."

"A professional doctor does not need sign board. Oba is a special human being. He is God's representative on earth. The seat that concerns Omon N' Oba, nobody can sit on it. That seat is exclusively preserved for him."

The Nation

Be Careful With TRUST : See How This Girl Deceived And Ruined Her Lecturer's Life

A student has been jailed for ruining her female lecturer's life with a web of lies including faking terminal cancer.

Elisa Bianco, 22, from Cornwall pretended she had cancer and had been abused by her parents to move in with her caring teacher, Sally Rettallack, then used horrible mind games to cause problems between Sally and her husband.

The twisted student broke up her lecturer's marriage and even sparked a fake love interest with her online, by posing as a man.

The student met Sally, 49, on her college course and produced an elaborate sob story. Elisa claimed she had been abused by her parents and then managed to convince her lecturer to let her move in.

Her disgusting deceit didn't even end there, claiming she even had terminal cancer and only had three months to live.

Elisa's disgusting web of lies promoted her concerned lecturer to give up work and help fulfil the students 'bucket list', Truro Crown Court heard.

She would be dropped off every day at the hospital, would sit in a cafe in her pyjamas and even dress herself in fake bandages.

After Sally's marriage broke down, the sick student then set Sally up with a 'recently widowed' consultant physician called 'John' – who was actually her using a 'husky' voice and fake email address.

They became close after exchanging emails, but Elisa invented another cancer diagnosis for her internet lover and killed him off before the mother-of-four could meet him.

With the lecturer's life left in pieces, she has now moved to France to rebuild her life, the court heard.

Elisa pleaded guilty to stalking, causing serious alarm or distress and has now been jailed for two years and eight months.

Speaking about this case, Judge Christopher Harvey Clark QC describe it as ' a strange but very disturbing case' and compared Elisa to a 'uninvited cuckoo fledgling in the nest of a willow warbler'.

Delivering his verdict, he said to Elisa: "You heartlessly manipulated Mrs Retallack's deepest emotions. No sentence will compensate her."

Elisa met Sally when she enrolled on a college course taught by the health and social care tutor in 2009. Then a 16-year-old, she aced her first year but after Sally became her personal tutor that's when she seemed 'socially isolated', the court heard.

Speaking after Elisa's arrest, Sally spoke of her 'darkest deception'.

She said:

    'I was an outgoing, positive, career minded individual who loved her job and developed a real pride and satisfaction nurturing the young people who would be in my care. I had a close, loving home life. My entire family had empathy for Elisa's personal situation and welcomed her into our home. Now I have no career, no job, no husband, little self confidence and have recently started to try and rebuild my life by moving to France.'
This is absolutely horrendous. We can only hope Sally does manage to rebuild her life after this disgraceful deceit she suffered. Be careful who you open your arms to because thee are so many horrible people out there.

LIFESTYLE: Ladies, Men That Criticize You For Having Stretch(ed) Marks Are Boys

So this Morning I want to address the issue of Girls With Stretch(ed) Marks

Am tired of Some guys Making natural women feel bad because of some unnatural body they saw on the Internet, 😕😕😕 Some guys will come online and be deluded by Clear Skin photos  of celebrities, models, Vixens, Strippers etc and in their little minds a perfect girl should not have stretch(ed) marks or should always glow with the photo effect they see (wake up son, you need to meet these women and get them naked to conclude their bodies are what they seem to be)

Well for your knowledge some of those photos were edited before released online, some others are not NATURAL!! after about 8 Months of research and verifications in different part of the world it was recently stated by the Board of researchers that at least 5 in every 10 girls have stretch(ed) marks on their body,3 out of the 5 have it on their body parts that can only be seen when they are fully naked

Without formal education we know that Stretch (ed) marks is either caused by increment or loss of Body Fat. So why slander these ladies for this?? To my ladies don't let any man shit on your self - esteem because of stretch(ed) mark, such a person is not even fit  to be called a man to me, if he doesn't like you for that well there are people out there that don't mind...

You are all beautiful with or without the marks and you don't  need any man to tell you that.

Thanks for reading


Too Much Money!! Floyd Mayweather Shares Photo Of Him On Money Bed

This man won't stop Flaunting his weather,  but who can we say he works hard too and his very legit.

It is not OVER: FG charges Nnamdi Kanu and 2 others with Treasonable Felony

As members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) jubilated last week over the news of the release of their leader, Mr Nnamdi Kanu, by the Federal High Court in Abuja, the Federal Government has slammed a fresh charge of treasonable felony on the Radio Biafra Founder, who had been detained since three months ago.

The Federal Govern- ment had gone to a Federal High Court in Abuja last Friday to prefer six charges against Kanu, Benjamin Madubugwu and David Nwawuisi.

In the charge-sheet signed by the Director, Public Prosecution (DPP), Mohammed Saidu Diri, for the Attorney-General of the Federation and exclusively obtained by Daily Sun, Kanu and the two others were charged with treasonable felony which is punishable under Section 41(C) of the Criminal Code Act, CAP C38 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria.

Giving details, the charge-sheet read in part:

"That you, Nnamdi Kanu and other unknown persons, now at large, at Lon- don, United Kingdom, between 2014 and September, 2015 with intention to levy war against Nigeria in order to force the President to change his measures of being the President of the Federation, Head of State and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federation as defined in Section 3 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as amended) by doing an act to wit: Broadcast on Radio Biafra your preparations for the states in the South- East geo-political zone, South-South geo-political zone, the Igala Community of Kogi State and the Idoma/Igede Community of Benue State to secede from the Federal Republic of Nigeria and form them- selves into a Republic of Biafra, and thereby committed an offense punish- able under Section 41(C) of the Criminal Code Act, CAP C38 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004."

On count two of the charges, the federal authorities also accused the trio of managing an unlawful society.

Giving the particulars of the offense, the Attorney-General said:

"That you, Nnamdi Kanu and others, now at large, between 2012 and September, 2015 at South-East geo-political zone and the South-South geo-political zone of Nigeria within the jurisdiction of this honorable court manage an unlawful society with more than 10 members to wit: unregistered with the Corporate Affairs Commission or any other registration authority to wit. The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) thereby committed an offense which is punishable under Section 63 of the Criminal Code Act, CAP C38, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004."

Kanu and the two others were also accused of concealing goods in a container that was holding goods of different descriptions, punishable under Section 47 (2)(a) of the Customs and Excise Management Act, CAP 45 Laws of the Federation.

The particulars reads:

"That you, Nnamdi Kanu between the months of March and April, 2015 imported into Nigeria and kept in Ubulusiuzor town in Ihiala local Government Area of Anambra State within the jurisdiction of this honorable court, a radio transmitter known as TRAM 5OL concealed in a container which you described as containing household items, which you so declared and that, you thereby committed an offense punishable under section 47(2) (a) of the Customs and Excise Management Act."

They were also accused on counts four and five of assisting in the management of unlawful society and unlawful possession of firearms respectively. Madubugwu was also charged with assisting in the management of unlawful society: "

That you Benjamin Madubugwu in the month of April, 2015 at Ubulusiuzor town, Ihiala Local Government Area of Anambra State of Nigeria within the jurisdiction of this honorable court assisted in the management of an unlawful society known as the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) by doing an act to wit, accepted and kept in your residence a container housing a radio transmitter known as TRAM 50L, with knowledge that the said transmitter belongs to an unlawful society (known as IPOB) and that you thereby committed an offense punishable under Section 63 of the Criminal Code Act, CAP C38 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004."

Earlier, while raising the alarm, Kanu's younger brother, Prince Emmanuel Kanu, told Daily Sun on phone that after the court released his elder brother unconditionally, IPOB members went to the DSS office to complete papers for his release, but that unfortunately, the DSS brought a document for Nnamdi Kanu to sign to the effect he would denounce the agitation for Biafra.

Prince Emmanuel dis- closed that based on the fact that the Abuja High Court granted his brother unconditional release, Nnamdi Kanu rdid not sign the document and the DSS refused to release him on the pretext they were coming up with a treason charge against the IPOB leader.

The Sun

Lol, See What A Blog Reader Got From Her Aunt For Using 'North' s Pic As Her WhatsApp DP

The woman made a lot of sense. I like her

Actress Stella Damasus Harshly Depends Steve Harvey's Miss Universe Mistake

The comedian and TV host announced Miss Colombia as the winner only to later realize his mistake and announce Miss Philippines as the rightful winner, prompting officials to remove the crown from Miss Colombia and place on Miss Philippine's head. He has received alot of bashing especially from the Latin community.

Well, one person is standing by him,that's our very own Stella Damasus.She wrote;

Hey people, I just want to plead with some people not to ask me any funny questions about @iamsteveharveytv anymore. This man is an amazing, talented, respectable, wealthy HUMAN BEING. I didn't realize that the punishment for honest mistakes is a death sentence by ignorant people who have no idea what it takes to do the work that he does. For decades this man has entertained people and brought joy to many, but all of a sudden he makes an honest mistake and all hell breaks loose. I am actually wondering if we all have to watch every word we say because we all have to become machines who can not make any mistake.

Kim Kardashian's Emoji App Crashed Apple App Store Worldwide For Too Many Downloads

Just saw you know where our next generation is heading to..

Kim Kardashian has apologized after her Kimoji app crashed the apple app store due to massive downloads.

The app costs $1.99 to download.. And a lot of people have been downloading it majorly in US, Canada and UK


1. Spoken English
It is so sad that majority of
Nigerian students in tertiary
institutions don't bother about
polishing their spoken and written
english. Some graduates speak
english worse than a toddler, making
one wonder what they spent 16yrs
doing in school. You hear them spew
gabbage like "he come and slap me
and I come and beat him". If you
speak such english to an interviewer,
even with first class clearly written
on your CV, he will probably think
you runzed your way through school.
The use of words like yeah, goddamn,
omo, sh*t, f**k etc should be stopped
cos they don't portray you as a
decent person.

2. Mode of dressing
Looking fly on campus was one of the
things I enjoyed during my
undergraduate days. It was fun cos
you had so much of the opposite sex
around to admire you. The moment I
graduated, my orientation changed.
Not that a graduate should stop
wearing denims and sneakers, but
sagging and putting on studs with
crazy hairstyle should come to a stop
if such a person wants to fit into the
corporate world. In the corporate
world, you get to mingle with
matured or married men with enough
decency. Sagging in their midst will
make you look kiddo. Just cos your
favourite musician davido sags his
trousers doesn't mean you should do
thesame. He gets paid to do that
while you could get fired for doing

3. Spendthrift attitude
The first time I heard someone say
his salary is 70k, I hissed and
mocked him in my mind cos that was
thesame amount we students spent
on phones just to oppress each other.
Now I've seen people earning less
than 45k even with years of
experience. What kind of person do
you think you'll turn out to be when
all you want is the latest expensive
gadgets? In the real world, no one
cares about the kind of phone you
use. Even on naija campus these
days, girls have stopped falling for a
guy because of the phone he uses,
they now trip for flashy cars. So,
before you spend that huge amount
on a phone, ask yourself this
question: "is it going to improve my
standard of living?". I didn't know I
could turn my smart phone to a mini
laptop with WPS, Excel etc until I got
employed. My phone was all about
bbm, whatsapp and facebook. I now
saw the full potential of the phone.
You need to cut down on your
spendings. Also, get the idea of
clubbing off your mind or it might
ruin your pockets. The money saved
from disciplining yourself can be
used to start something great. Use
your head.

4. Laziness
You remember how you use to
complain about the large notebooks
you have to read for exams? If you
lack a good reading culture, it is
certain you will be bereft of ideas
to contribute to a company's growth.
You are always seen reading gossip
blogs where you are updated with
the lifestyle of celebrities but lack
the idea of what the top 20
questions interviewers ask. Scaling
through campus days as a lazy
person doesn't mean such is likely to
continue in the real world. Carrying
on with laziness is what leads to
prostitution, where a lady feels she
can use her body to fetch her daily
bread instead of her brain, or where
a guy still expects his uncle to be
the one to help him achieve his
targets even after getting him a job
through nepotism. You get to wonder
why they spent 16yrs developing
their brain in school.

5. Pride
I remember when I was in my final
year at school, I was always happy
about what the future held for me. I
knew I was going to get a job that
pays 350k immediately I graduated.
Reality slapped me in the face when
my first offer was a job paying 30k.
I had no choice but to take the offer
cos I was already tired of adding
more months to the six months I had
spent at home just sleeping. Luckily
for me, that job paved the way for a
better one cos it gave me the
needed experience recruiters want to
see on a CV. I've now realise that
350k is only feasible for those in
the oil sector and those with huge
years of experience, not a fresh
graduate who doesn't know his left
from his right. As you are about
graduating, never see any job as
demeaning. Take it up while you
continue searching for a better one.
This gives you experience. A bird in
hand is better than a million in the
bush. Remember, you are a nobody
and no one gives a damn about you
out there. So, drop your pride and
use your head and hands or end up
spending years still eating your
mum's food with insults.

If it make sense to you share to a student.

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...