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Anybody Can Make It, One Eye NEW Star Fetty War Shares Testimony

Never underrate or look down on anyone, 

I know some might say he is just an artiste so why won't he make it,  there are thousands of artistes out there, very gifted ones that you are yet to hear of...

The best way of looking at success is using it as a motivation to push harder in your own domain, don't give up even if 2015 didn't give you the breakthrough you desired, 

If you can read this,  you have hope

BADDO : My Husband Went To Nigeria To Marry Another Wife"- Pained White Woman (Photos)

Nigerian ladies and their love for men that are based outside Nigeria (abroad) is becoming something to address,

WHEN her hubby of ten years had to spend Christmas with his relatives in Nigeria, Tracy Akingbogun hoped he'd return with a special gift to make up for their time apart. David, 43, had sorted out a present — for himself.

He had secretly MARRIED another woman in Nigeria on Boxing Day.

Mum-of-four Tracy only discovered the shocking news through a friend months later — and kicked him out.

Heartbroken Tracy, also 43, says: "While I was at home with the kids missing him at Christmas, his present to himself was a new bride. "I still can't believe he did that to us after more than ten years together.

"I did some research and saw that the ceremony was a religious one and not a legal one. So he hadn't committed bigamy. "His dad had five wives during his lifetime, so I suppose David thought he could do that too.

"But not when he was living in the UK and not when he was married to me."
David announced he would have to go to Nigeria over the 2014 festive period. Tracy says:

"I was furious. I told him he should be here for his sons — for our family. He kept insisting he had important family business." David flew out the day before Christmas Eve and Tracy was upset the family would be apart. She says: "I was so angry with him, but I wasn't going to let the children know that. "It was Christmas so I was going to make it a good one." She messaged David, reminding him to call their boys on Christmas morning.

Tracy says: "David finally called at 9pm. I gave him an earful but let him speak to the children. I was so angry with him. "On Boxing Day I didn't hear from him, but I spoke to him and his family the next day and they were all friendly and normal." But, on David's return,

Tracy felt something had changed. She says: "When he wasn't away working he was on his laptop. He was hardly speaking to me or the boys. I would encourage him to spend time with them, but he'd snap at me and say he was busy."

Tracy tried to make her family life as happy as possible but in May came a bolt out of the blue.

She got a message on Facebook from the partner of one of David's friends in Nigeria, a woman Tracy had met when she visited. She says:

"The message read that he'd got married to another woman on Boxing Day — everyone knew apart from me. She didn't think that was right.

"The world I loved had been whipped from beneath my feet. Tears streamed down my face. I'd known something was up.

I confronted him and he tried to deny it again but this time I told him I'd seen the photos and read the messages. I told him to pack his bags and get out.

"I don't take calls from his family, as they were in on this and went to his wedding last Boxing Day while lying to me.

"He abandoned his children and me to get married to another woman. He's made his choice and now he's stuck with it." David said: "I can do what I want. It's nobody's business. What do you want me to do?"

Miss Colombia Offered $1m(N285m) To Feature In Porn Movie

Seriously, this Miss Colombia has a brand o... She is even more famous than the winner,

Miss Colombia could become the biggest thing in beauty pageants since Vanessa Williams ... if Steve Hirsch, the boss of porn entertainment company Vivid Entertainment  has his way

In a letter published by TMZ, Steve Hirsch writes to Ariadna Gutierrez on Tuesday offering up $1 million.

He made his case with Vanessa Williams, another famous pageant queen, writing, "The only name that most people remember is Vanessa Williams," adding the reason for her rise to fame was nude pics in Penthouse.

Hirsch goes on with his pitch ... "Celebrity sex tapes we have distributed have enhanced the careers of stars such as Kim Kardashian, Kendra Wilkinson, Pamela Anderson and many others."

And Hirsch is willing to give Ariadna wide berth, saying, "You will pick your partners, the type of sex you want to have and how many movies you ultimately appear in."

And Hirsch put a cherry on top by saying he would "commission the making of the first Vivid Girl Crown for you and we believe it will be grander than anything Miss Philippines will ever wear." e 

I wonder if she will take it... 

TOUCHING : The Pain Of Losing 5 Of My Loved Ones In 2015 - Omaje

My name is Omaje ( official model) and I just to share a piece of me with anyone reading this.


It was an educating and interesting chat between Karen ( Ambassador) and Marilyn Oma Anona(little Oprah Winfrey) as she is fondly called by her friends and fans....

RIVERs State Police Admit Killing Final Year UNIPORT Student (Photo)

Few days ago we published a news about a Uniport Student that was hit by a police van that took a wrong way, more lights have been thrown on the report

It was learnt that the Assistant Commissioner of Police (Operations), A.A. Muhammed, who delivered a condolence message to the deceased's family on behalf of the state Commissioner of Police, Musa Kimo, promised that justice would be done in the matter.

Last Sunday, Oghenekevwe was returning from a church and was standing at the Assemblies of God Church Junction, in the Alakahia area of Port Harcourt, when a police van driving against traffic hit 

The police were said to have attempted escaping from the scene, but were held by passersby who compelled them to take the victim to the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital, where he died.

The police reportedly denied killing the victim, saying they only picked him from the road after he was knocked down by a vehicle.

PUNCH, however, learnt on Tuesday that the police had admitted to killing the student.

His younger brother, Emmanuel Edah, said Oghenekevwe's death was painful to the family because he was their breadwinner.

He said:

>  "I was in Delta State when one of his roommates called me and said he had been knocked down by a police van. I was told that he was coming from the church when the van hit him and the police wanted to reverse their vehicle to make it look as if they were on the right path, but people held them down and forced them to take him to the hospital. 

> I got to the emergency ward of the hospital and I was told that he was dead."

He said the victim's roommate reported the matter at a police station and he later went to make an entry as well.

He said the police contacted them on Monday and the ACP promised to get justice for the victim.
He said investigation revealed that his brother was killed by a highway patrol vehicle.

Lamenting the death, Emmanuel said:

>  "We are seven in my family and two of us are the only boys. For the past 15 years, he had been doing professional photography and event coverage. He took care of us with the money and use the rest for his education. We want justice and nothing less. We have decided to follow the case legally and not take laws into our own hands."

The SUG President of UNIPORT, David Dariereka, said the students would stage a protest in the school. He said:

>  "We are not going to take it lightly with the police because we have discovered that he was killed by a highway patrol van and we have been able to trace the vehicle.
> We have asked our lawyer to take the matter up and soon, we will be having a protest to show that we will no longer condone this kind of thing. On January 1, we also lost a student on that road. We are going to use this to remind the authorities that human life is very precious and we can no longer be killed like fowls."

The state Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Ahmad Muhammad, declined further comment on the case, saying the police wanted to conclude investigations.

"We want to conclude our investigations, so for now, we will not say anything again on the matter," he said

Nigerian Pornstar Aforcandy Release Controversial Christmas Cards With Raunchy Photos (See em)

She just won't stop,  AFrocandy and Maheeda are the two major sex figures we have in this country and against our traditional ethics these ladies don't care about what the majority think of them,  as seen in the instagram comments above, AFrocandy blocked all the people that did not support her immoral behavior

See the Raunchy Xmas cards here
See them all






Robber Caught In Lagos After He forgot His Escape Route

The police in Lagos have arrested a suspected robber, Saliu John, on the Old Apapa Road, Oyingbo, after allegedly dispossessing some market women of about N28,000.

PUNCH Metro gathered that John, who came to the area with two others, was nabbed by members of a vigilance group after he reportedly missed his way after the operation.

It was learnt that John and other accomplices had suddenly become separated, forcing the suspect to 
hide behind a tanker parked on the road. Some local security men later sighted him there.

John was arrested at about 9pm on Monday, was questioned by the security men and he told them that he had come to do business in the area from Ijora, after which he missed his way.

When the suspect was, however, searched, the vigilance group members were said to have found different purses containing money, arousing the suspicion of the security men that John allegedly attacked some market women.

The suspect was said to have been taken to the Iponri Police Division on Tuesday.

A member of the vigilance service executive, identified only as Musibau, told PUNCH Metro that John's three-man gang usually came from the Ijora area to rob on Jones, Atitebi and neighbouring streets on the Old Apapa Road.

Musibau added that when John could not account for the cash found on him, the security men knew he was a robber.

He said:

 "It was at about 8.30pm on Monday. The robber was hiding behind a tanker parked by the roadside. It was a security man at a hotel nearby who noticed the stranded robber and alerted the vigilance group.

When we searched him, we found purses containing sums of N1,500, N3,000, N2,500 among others, which added up to around N28,000. He could not give account of where he got the purses. He initially lied that he was coming from the Ijora area to do business and he had missed his way. 

Later, he confessed to robbery, and we held him until the morning when policemen from Iponri came to take him away. The hoodlums have a culture of robbing women who are returning from markets in the evening. They would attack them with broken bottles and clubs and collect their day's sales. 

We learnt that the suspect came with two others who had escaped, but he got separated from them and was left behind. We did not find any weapon on John. But he came from the Ijora Badia, Apapa area."

A resident, identified only as Kareem, said the gang also stole the batteries of two cars parked on Atitebi Street.

One of the car owners, who declined to be named, told Punch that he wanted to warm his car when he discovered that the hoodlums had removed the battery.

He said:

 "When I opened the bonnet, I did not see the battery. As I searched for it, I was told that some robbers had struck on the neighbouring street, and one of them was caught. But it is their custom to sneak into our street and remove car batteries. I have yet to see the battery."

The vigilance group and the police were making efforts to track the two other suspected robbers.

The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Joe Offor, promised to get back on the incident. He, however, had yet to do so as of press time, Punch reports. -

Oh Boy:Caption This Epic Photo Of A Man And His 'Blushing' Wife

Seem like the man did not arrange this marriage and his wife is tired of staying with her mum

The Babe Stabbed Her Boyfriend To Death For Cheating On Her (Graphic pic)

This is just in sane,  he is not even her husband, just a boyfriend ahhh

According to Cameroon media reports, Kelly reportedly suspected him of cheating and checked his cell phone to confirm her suspicion.

This let to a heated argument between the pair and ended up with Natto getting stabbed in the process of trying to retrieve his cell from her. Natto Green's last appearance on Facebook was on Saturday.

The alleged girlfriend is reportedly in police detention in Thailand and her Facebook account has been deactivated. See graphic pics of late Natto...

LADIES :There is one thing I want you to understand about us MEN!


There is one thing I want you to understand about us MEN!...


When you post half- naked pictures of yourself on Facebook, doing a sexy pose ,or showing us your cleavage, or lying seductively on your bed... The only thing you are doing is making us lust after you.

I know you will feel excited about the 500 Likes and Comments you will receive and you will even pretend you care less when a guy says he wants you...when in reality you are so excited.

One thing you should know, NONE of those guys who will like that photo of yours loves you! They are just in lust with you! Infact they loathe you, and none of them would take you home to be his wife! . Men, both good and bad admire ladies who dress decently and respect themselves! . Decent clothing that reveal less about you make us love and respect you! It tells us you are a virtuous woman..

Do we really care about your excessive make-ups and face paintings?? NOOOO We don't!.... .

Value your Body !!

Be simple !!

Be real !!

Be Modest !!

And the man ordained by God will come after you!


Miss Colombia Shares Heartfelt Message With Her Fans After Harvey Crowned Her Wrongly

Miss Colombia has shared a heartfelt social media post after she was wrongly crowned Miss Universe on Sunday night.

Ariadna Gutiérrez had to hand over her crown to Miss Philippines after Steve Harvey mistakenly called out her name in front of a live TV audience.

Reacting gracefully, the runner-up thanked people for their support and kindness following the incident.

Writing on Instagram alongside a snap taken at the annual pageant, Ariadna said:

"After the storm comes the calm. I want to thank each and everyone of you who have sent messages of support and strength. Every one of you has become an incredible human being in my book and I am the most fortunate and thankful for having the support not only from one country but from the whole entire world.

She added that she was pleased that Colombia and the Latin community are being talked about all around the world.

"Your destiny is written for you. And my destiny was this. I was able to bring happiness to my country after becoming Miss Universe for only a couple of minutes... Today because of that COLOMBIA and the LATIN COMMUNITY are being talked about in every corner of the world. I also want to congratulate the Philippines for their new Miss Universe. 

The happiness that you must be feeling must be incredible. Life continues and in the future we will find out why things happen the way they happen. Thank you all for your LOVE SUPPORT and KINDNESS."

How Many Churches In Nigeria Can do this?

I just wish most of them could, 

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...