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Question Of The Day, Be Honest

Haha,  this type blessing..... I know what to do. Lol

Oyo State Governor Ajimobi Pictured Playing Draft With One Of His Security Guard

This Governors be forming like they care,
This is how Gov. Ajimobi unwinds when he is at home. He was recently pictured playing the game of draft with one of his security aides...... call him Fayose wannabe, he doesn't care!.....

WOW!! This Girl Was 5 minutes Faster Than Death (details)

this is really amazing, God is Great
Some days ago,Serina Mina, escaped death by the whiskers after a brick fell through the ceiling of her room and landed on her bed, just 5 minutes after she got out of bed. The grateful girl took to Twitter to share her testimony..... may she continue to taste d money.....

Beef Between Olamide & CDQ Goes Public? See Whats Happening….

After CDQ threw shades at his fellow indigenous rappers in the game Olamide & Reminisce with his previously released track "Talosobe" with a lyric line that says "Ta lo so pe punch line o jawo mo?" meaning who say punch line doesn't pay anymore, knowing so well that Olamide said punch line pays no more in a track from Reminisce titled Local Rapper..

Ever since then, there has been a negative vibe between Olamide & CDQ despite the fact they both work together on 2 different tracks of CDQ, Indomie & Woss Wobi.

CDQ who seem to be new in the game show what some people might call act of an ingrate throwing such shades at people whom he met in the game and might have assisted him in collaborations.

Hiphop game from history always attract beef as we have seen a lot from the past, we just wait for who to throw the first stone, CDQ has done that, Olamide might have replied in disguise with his recently released track "Eyan Mayweather" but it wasn't direct. Olamide said " Brother Saula, esa mi " meaning Brother Saula Hail me and CDQ was the artist who released a track titled "Saula".

It is clear now that Olamide is taking the beef serious by not including the most expected artist on his concert, "OLIC 2" which has alot of artist, A list and under ground artist but CDQ is not included despite having 2 collaborations with Olamide.. now my question is..

IS THE BEEF REALLY ON? or is this just a mere coincidence?

See The 7 Things The Bible Forbids, But Most Of Us Do Them

We know the Bible can be pretty difficult to accurately interpret. Some people say the old testament laws don't count anymore, but others think they still do. Bible scholars are needed here because there are some actions the Bible ban both in the old and new testament, and we'd like to know if they are still considered a sin or not?

1.  Checking babies out:

Matthew 5:28

"But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in His heart

2. Braiding your hair:

1Timothy 2:9

"likewise, I want women to adore themselves with proper clothing, modestly and discreetly, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly garments. "

3. Women speaking in church :

1corinthians 14:34

"let your woman keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak, but they are commanded to be under obedience as also saith the law".

4. Eating more than you have to:

Proverbs 23:2

… And put a knife to your throat if you are given to gluttony"

5. Trimming your beard:

leviticus 19:27

"Neither shalt though Mar the corners of thy beard"

And when people call the bible outdated, people will start shouting "son of the devil".

6. Gossiping about your colleagues:

leviticus 19:16

"Though shalt not go up and down as a talebearer among the people: neither shalt thou stand against the blood of thy neighbor, I am the Lord"

7. Tattoos:

leviticus 19:28

" ya shall not make any cuttings in the flesh of the dead, nor print any marks upon you, I am the Lord.

Over 150 Muslims join Christians for Christmas service in Kaduna

Over 150 Muslim youths as well as Imams worshipped with their Christian brethren during Christmas service in Kaduna to strengthen peace, unity and religious tolerance in the state.
According to the the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), Pastor Yohanna Buru, the general overseer of Christ Evangelical Intercessory Fellowship Ministry led the service in Kaduna.
Buru said;

"I am very happy with what I witnessed today; It is a very special day to all Christians all over the world, it is surprising to see that not only Christians came to worship with us today."We have large numbers of Muslim youths and traditional title holders who joined us in prayer; this is a clear fact that Nigerians can really be their brothers' keepers; it is amazing.
"We all must remember that we are from same parents (Adam and Eve) and we all worship one God.''

Among the traditional title holders at the prayer session were Alhaji Ahmed idris, the Chika Soran Zazzau and Hakimin Unguwar Ma'a'zu, who led a team of some Muslims to the pastor's house to congratulate him and wish Christians a Merry Christmas and happy New Year in advance.
Idris told Pastor Buru that

"we are here to join our Christian brothers in prayers and to let you know that Muslims also love Jesus Christ.
"We want to enlighten you and to let you know that in Islam, whoever does not believe in Jesus Christ is not a true believer.
"We all must realise that we are from same parents and we all worship one God and we must know that there is no need for misunderstanding because we are one.''

Relocate to Sambisa to prove Boko Haram has ended, Fayose tells Lai Mohammed

Ekiti State governor, Ayodele Fayose has described Federal Government's announced reduction of petrol pump price from N87 to N85 per litre as a continuation of the deceit propagated by All Progressives Congress (APC) led government.

The governor who also challenged the Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed to relocate to Sambisa in Borno State or Yobe and move around there without heavy military security if indeed he was sure that Boko Haram had been defeated.

Speaking through his Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka, Governor Fayose said; "only God's intervention can save Nigeria from the present economic and security problems as it is glaring that the man running the affairs of the country at the federal level does not have any answer to the problems."

He said; "Even the Holy Bible said in James 1:5 that if anyone lacks wisdom, he should ask God and as it is, Nigerians must assist the President in asking for wisdom and understanding to tackle the country's economic and security problems before Nigeria is further plunged into more woes with the federal government's decision to borrow N2.2 Trillion, which translates to N6.066 billion per day to finance the 2016 Budget." He described the Federal Government's announced reduction of petrol pump price from N87 to N85 per litre as a continuation of the All Progressives Congress (APC) government's governance by deceit, saying; "Even secondary school students of economics know that you cannot deregulate and regulate at the same time."

The governor said; "it is only in a confused and clueless economy that government will plan to spend more when revenue has reduced by more than 50 percent." Governor Fayose, who maintained that petrol will not sell below N100 per litre in 2016, added that; "Even now that the price is N87 and subsidy is yet to be removed, Nigerians are buying at between N130 and N300 per litre. What will now happen when they remove subsidy and allow market forces to determine the price?"

The governor described claimed by the Information Minister that Boko Haram insurgents had been defeated as strange, saying; "Nigerians will only take the minister serious if he relocates to either Sambisa in Borno State or Yobe State and stay there till the end of March, next year without heavy military security."

He said; "To show their level of confusion, two days after the Minister of Information declared that Boko Haram had been defeated, President Buhari said the government would persuade Boko Haram to abandon their fight. One then wonders how the same Boko Haram insurgents Lai Mohammed said were already defeated will have to be persuaded to abandon their fight.

"Interestingly, the same Boko Haram that Lai Mohammed said had been defeated reported attacked Kimba village in Gur ward of Biu Local Government Area of Borno State yesterday night. "Therefore, the Information Minister must show Nigerians how peaceful Borno and Yobe States have become after the defeat of Boko Haram by relocating to either Sambisa, Maiduguri or Yobe."


What Was Your Biggest Lesson Of 2015?? Read my priceless lesson...

As we grow older we learn a lot of things, experience is the best teacher and that's why elderly people are sometimes called a library.

2015 will be over in less than and 5 days and as a matter of fact I learned a couple of things the hard way this year.

To cut to the chase, my trust is now more expensive than it used to be, cause of what I experienced this year, a lot of people out there are Devils in disguise and if you are not careful these type of people can turn your life backward or take you back to level one regardless of how successful you thought you were before you met them.

I experienced scam the  hard way three times this year and funny enough some of the culprits are people that pressed me hardly with phone calls and messages  which made me vulnerable because I wanted help them.

A couple of my so called friends which I paid to get me something carted away with the funds, I didn't chase them though I felt it is their lose cause I won't sacrifice my friendship for such change,

my company  lost money and you should know how humiliating that feels when you tell your partners that the money you collected from the company account  to execute a project was been lost to someone you confided in them that you trusted or even bragged to be like a family to you.  Please my people be careful In your dealings with human beings cause they are very wonderful creatures.

Well Amongst these experiences the most painful of all was the one that involved Akpraise the owner of Akpraise.Com, 

I Don't want to mention how much was lost but God bless that guy,  even though most of the decisions in that transaction was been made by me and we got scammed he overlooked the lost and didn't ask me to refund his money back to him and even after such a bad first business experience, the disaster did not really affect our professional Relationship we still talking till today,I felt bad cause it was the first money business I had with him and I hoped to have more, I know only a few people out there that can overlook such a loss. But God did it,

In conclusion, even though October 1st completed the 1 year anniversary of and Enekem Business I have learned that God is bigger than any setback you face in life and if you trust in him, You will always laugh last,  the last 6 months have been a very successful period in our blog history I won't share the testimonies yet but know that God is Good

LESSONS:Never put what you can't live without in the hands of any person, Human beings are not always what you think they are and With God you are 'Too Big To Fail'

If you have learned anything this year,  comment or send us a mail

Love you all


Young Blog Reader Chima Opens a Nightclub at Owerri (Photos)

Our blog family is a really big and successful one

Blog reader Chima launched his lounge and Nightclub at his hometown, Owerri, Imo State yesterday.

Billionaire Blog Reader Sir. Owelle Mbaso is a Year Older (Photos)

Blog reader Sir Owelle Onyeka Mbaso is a year older today. We celebrate you today. Sir Mbaso is an APGA Chieftain, A political strategist and philanthropist extraordinaire.

He is currently serving as a senior special assistant to Gov. Obiano of Anambra State.

We don't only celebrate Billionaires message us at least 3days to your birthday to be featured

Amazing, Anita Joseph Stuns in Red for Nollywood Movie Producer's Wedding

Anita is one of the most controversial Nollywood actress and is always portrayed as a razz and classless lady, well she just showed a little bit classy part of herself

Anita yesterday attended Nollywood movie producer, Ekene Okadikeh, aka Onyeeto's traditional wedding in Umuahia and really dazzled in her outfit. Or what do you think? 

LMAO: See How White Girl Reacted First Time She Saw Nigerian Fried (Tweet Convo)

Chai our beloved Dodo, so according to the gist

Khajiit's colleague who is a Nigerian had given her fried plantain.

Young lady didn't know what it was so she took to her Twitter page to ask questions about what to do with it. lol.

NO SHAME : See What One Of Our Future Mother Captioned On Facebook

Oh well,  I am speechless

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...