Monday, December 28, 2015

NEW MUSIC :Jesse Mcjessiey (@Mcjessiey) ~ Loved

As we enter the Last days of 2015,one of   the most Talented and consistent young gospel artist I know Jesse

Tweet Of The Day

Be contented,  Hard work pays

Fans Arrow Comedian For Dressing Awfully To Thanksgiving (See comments)

He posted the thanks giving photo on Instagram yesterday and fans bashed him for his bad dress sense,  you like?

Oh No!! See Why Sarkodie's Fans Are Boycotting His Concert

Well,  they are just taking his advice,  he said Hand to Mouth and not hand to another pocket right? Lol

Are You Tired Of being Single?? Ladies and Gentlemen get in here....

Please help me to post on your blog. I am ready to send anything to you to confirm that am genuine but for your viewing only and the interested lady. And please don't publish my email address.

I will be gratetful if this will work. I'm Opeyemi williams(not complete name) searching for the woman I can call my own. I'm of average look, 30+ in age and a postgraduate (PhD) student in one of the universities in Southwest. Teaching Assistant but ready to settle down in 2016.

Shy and an introvert ofcourse! Not looking for a perfect woman but looking forward to meeting the lady that will be my best friend. She should be emotionally stable, God fearing, humble and submissive enough (hope these are not too much). Oh! Yoruba by tribe will be perfect and as long she is older than 18 but less than 30.  My pin;27B44726 and 08120768087(sms only). Thanks Enekem !


Hi Enekem hope you doing well?. I would like my mail address private. I'm so heartbroken rigth now. I sometimes posted a mail requesting for a serious soulmate cos I have been lonely not that I  have toasters
but they just want to get in either because of my face or body or just cos of who I am. I met someone after the post and we began talking.

Enekem I won't lie,this is my first hookup thing n just felt like trying and see if it was gonna work. He made it real and I was happy I met him.

 I'm so fu*** in love with him,can't get him out of my head. He's everything I wanted and I was hoping we were seeing until he started acting up.

Sincerely,I dunno how I fell so hard in love with him;I stare at his pics all day on my phone but he has totally forgotten about me.

I want to forget him soon so i want it re-posted pleaseeeeeeeee. I need a working class,Tall(6ft above) guy between 30 to 33 for companionship and not LIEtionship. Thanks n kisses

My contact is 

BUSTED :Pastor Caught While Burying Charms In His Church In Benin

To the miracle Seekers be careful where you go searching for miracle

The police in Benin arrested one Apostle Ikenna Okafor on Sunday for burying charm in his church premises in Benin.

The identity of what the suspect buried was unknown even though residents around the church located along Esigie St. in Benin alleged it was a live animal.

The police took away the suspect to avoid being lynched by angry residents who stormed the church.

An eyewitness, Mr Chinedu Nnamdi, said his father woke him up around 2 a.m. on Saturday night to watch what the Pastor was doing.

According to him, the pastor buried something in front of the church and later performed a little ritual by walking round the church several times.

Confirming the report, the Police Public Relations Officer of the Edo Police Command, DSP Osifo Abiodun, said the suspect was under investigation.

The spokesman explained that the suspect has made useful statements that will assist the police in their investigation.


Those convicted in the $2.1bn arms deal will forfeit their property, stolen funds to the FG - Buhari

Buhari at the weekend assured that anybody convicted in the $2.1billion arms deal would forfeit his/her property to the Federal Government.

Speaking on BBC Hausa ser­vice on Christmas eve, he said by the time his government blocks all the leakages, there would be enough fund to run the country despite the fall in oil price.
His words:

"Remember dur­ing the campaigns, we said Ni­geria is facing three things and nobody disputed that assertion. Firstly; there was widespread insecurity, war in the North- East, while the country's oil was being stolen at random in the South. Secondly, there is mas­sive unemployment, 62 per cent of the nation's population are youth from the age of 35 years downward; most of them are un­employed, including those who went to school and those who did not, that is a serious problem.
"Therefore, it has become necessary to restore peace and create employment. That is why we are returning to agriculture and mineral resources. Thirdly, bribery and corruption are basi­cally suffocating the country. If we don't kill these monsters, this country would go down.
"That is why those who stole monies meant for arms pro­curement and shared the fund among themselves are being arrested and are being shown documents, so that they would be asked to refund the money or face prosecution; we would use those documents to prove what they stole, collect all the assets acquired from the proceeds and then jail them," he said.

He continued

"It is generally believed that a fish begins to rot from the head; once the head is rotten, the whole body is also rotten. We have tried to remove all the heads of the organisations, and most of the lieutenants have been changed.
"A lot is happening in this government that people do not appear to understand; many per­manent secretaries of ministries have been changed; we used to have 42 ministers, now we have 36 because the Constitution re­quires that each state of the fed­eration must have a minister; we used to have 42 ministries, now we have 24.
"Everybody knows Nigeria is not a poor country, we are rich, and we have human resources, the problem had been that lead­ership did not take seriously, curbing corrupt tendencies," he said.

On the N5,000 the All Pro­gressives Congress (APC) -led government promised to pay the poor and vulnerable people, he said it is not possible for every­body to benefit from the gesture.

"At the local government level, almost everyone knows each other. It would be easy to identify those to give who would go into trading and how to get it back. It would be like a cooperative and we all know how it operates.
"Also, state governments would identify those who have capacity to employ more people and all we need to do is to em­power them. Our people already know how to go about imple­menting these modalities to create employment for the citi­zens", he said.

On the December deadline for defeating Boko Haram, President Buhari said 

"I want people to un­derstand that after I settled down and got good grasp of what the country is going through, we removed all the service chiefs and appointed new ones. We also undertook an investigation and found out how the monies meant for arms procurement were diverted and shared by officials in the last administra­tion," the President noted.

FAMILY TIES : Beyonce In Adorable Photos with Mum Tina

You can see the bond, Beyonce's mum shared this cute photo and captioned it "My sweet girl"....

Dad accidentally shoots teenage daughter

A teenage girl died on Boxing Day after her dad accidentally shot her in the face with a gun he thought wasn't loaded.

Kaitlyn Pullam, 17, died two days after her family made the heartbreaking decision to switch off her life support machine on Christmas Eve.

The youngster was shot on December 20 at her home in Ohio. Butler County Sheriff Mark Dobbs told KFVS news her father thought the gun was not loaded and it went off by mistake.

Cops found Kaitlyn in her bedroom unresponsive and a what appeared to be a single gunshot wound to her face.

She didn't have a pulse when officers arrived.

Paramedics rushed her to hospital where her heart restarted, but she remained in a coma until her family were forced into their desperate decision on December 24.

Witnesses said the black powder rifle went off and shot her through the wall.

Pastor David Stewart said:

"They [the family] just greatly appreciate everything that people have done. "They've have been surprised by the number of people who've wanted to be involved and connecting. "They've been overwhelmed by the amount and outpouring of generosity."

Pastor Stewart described Kaitlyn as an intelligent girl who had dreams of working in forensics.

"She had goals, she was driven, she was going to accomplish those," he said. "In fact, she really had already graduated, but was going to hang out for just one more semester just to walk with everybody else." The family plans to donate Kaitlyn's organs.


A lady kept a little quantity of sugar in a nylon on the table on a Monday morning, with the aim of using it to bake cake on Friday. In a haste to catch her flight, she rushed out. The ants soon traced the sugar, made their way through the nylon, and started 'devouring' the sugar! When she returned on Friday night, she took the nylon of sugar in readiness to bake the cake; but discovered that it has been reduced to nothing by the ants! She was unhappy! No where to get another sugar that night! She was worried about this disappointment and her inability to bake the cake for her friend's party the next day! If she had known, she would have been patient enough to keep it in a plastic container, and probably where ants wouldn't have access to !


In the same vein, ladies are like 'sugar'. God has made them so beautiful with great features and nice physique! Their 'sweetness' will definitely attract both the good one and the 'ants' who are just ready to 'devour' and reduce a lady to nothing! So many ladies in their impatient state and lust for material things/ pleasures, have allowed 'ants' into their lives! These 'ants' have no value to add but just to 'lick' away their virtues and reduce their 'value'. ONLY IF THEY KNEW THIS BITTER TRUTH!!!


After so many ladies have wasted their 'youthful age', and its time to get married, they now begin to make some 'almost late adjustments' ,not particularly because they are repentant; but just in the bid to get a decent man. Forgetting that a 'scar' has been made, and the 'news' of their escapades had filtered into the ears of so many men, thereby discouraging them from coming to them! They arrive at their 'night' so early where only little can be done ! ONLY IF THEY KNEW THIS!!!


My beautiful sisters, no doubt, your 'sweetness' will attract men, but the final decision lies in your hands of either allowing the 'ants' penetrate OR you build a defensive wall round you! You all know that, when one buys a new mattress, it is still hard and balanced! But when different people of different sizes begins to sleep on it; in due time, the mattress begins to give a 'funny' shape and gets flattened. So also is a lady's body! When different men begin to use and lie with her, she becomes so loose and no longer firm! This makes her look older than her age because the body has been subjected to a lot of 'work' by different 'labourers'! But in the case of a virtuous lady who has kept herself; she would still be like a 'firm strong balanced mattress' and her husband will definitely appreciate her!


My precious sisters, have you allowed 'some ants' into your body and they are already 'devouring' you? The end-result is always shame, destruction, delays, etc... why not run to God to wash you now! No matter how far you've gone on this 'destructive path', if you are willing to come to God NOW; He will abundantly pardon and cleanse you ! 

Isaiah 1:18: " Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool". 

God has power to miraculously 'close you up', replace all your 'missing parts'/ virtues; and in His mercy, bring a man who will still adore and cherish you. His grace and glory upon you, will speak 'volume' and make a lot of difference! Don't remain in that mess! You've been bought with a price and still of great value ONLY in God! You are only worthless if you decide to remain in sin! 

2Corinthians 5:17 says: "Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new." COME NOW!!! You can begin to keep your 'sweetness' now for the man God will permit to be your husband! You are a woman of substance, and the most stunning of all God's creation; Maintain that dignity!!!

(A wise brother will know that this also concerns him and not only for sisters).

King of the East @Phynofino pulled some Wiz Khalifa on stage #OLIC2

Pretty cool

Update :Check-out what people tweeted about Vic O's Unclad photo

Thank God I am not the only one expressing disgust..

Rapper Vic O Goes Unclad In New Photo

Seriously this guy needs to take a chill pill..but then he won't be famous, technically Vic O (a self-proclaimed rapper) has being basking in the glory of his numerous online controversies, Especially his continuous beef with top Nigerian Rappers.

Honestly have you heard this guys song?? Is as worse as his face..
Just look at this picture people and tell me if the world is still normal..

See What @VectorThaViper Wore to the stage #OLIC2

Damn this is the first time am seeing him in AGBADA

What Was Your Biggest Lesson Of 2015?? Read my priceless lesson... #OLIC2

As we grow older we learn a lot of things, experience is the best teacher and that's why elderly people are sometimes called a library.

2015 will be over in less than and 5 days and as a matter of fact I learned a couple of things the hard way this year.

To cut to the chase, my trust is now more expensive than it used to be, cause of what I experienced this year, a lot of people out there are Devils in disguise and if you are not careful these type of people can turn your life backward or take you back to level one regardless of how successful you thought you were before you met them.

I experienced scam the  hard way three times this year and funny enough some of the culprits are people that pressed me hardly with phone calls and messages  which made me vulnerable because I wanted help them.

A couple of my so called friends which I paid to get me something carted away with the funds, I didn't chase them though I felt it is their lose cause I won't sacrifice my friendship for such change,

my company  lost money and you should know how humiliating that feels when you tell your partners that the money you collected from the company account  to execute a project was been lost to someone you confided in them that you trusted or even bragged to be like a family to you.  Please my people be careful In your dealings with human beings cause they are very wonderful creatures.

Well Amongst these experiences the most painful of all was the one that involved Akpraise the owner of Akpraise.Com, 

I Don't want to mention how much was lost but God bless that guy,  even though most of the decisions in that transaction was been made by me and we got scammed he overlooked the lost and didn't ask me to refund his money back to him and even after such a bad first business experience, the disaster did not really affect our professional Relationship we still talking till today,I felt bad cause it was the first money business I had with him and I hoped to have more, I know only a few people out there that can overlook such a loss. But God did it,

In conclusion, even though October 1st completed the 1 year anniversary of and Enekem Business I have learned that God is bigger than any setback you face in life and if you trust in him, You will always laugh last,  the last 6 months have been a very successful period in our blog history I won't share the testimonies yet but know that God is Good

LESSONS:Never put what you can't live without in the hands of any person, Human beings are not always what you think they are and With God you are 'Too Big To Fail'

If you have learned anything this year,  comment or send us a mail

Love you all


Top Nigerian Actor, Charles Okocha Hit By Stray Bullet.

This is serious!! Charles Okocha has being reported to be a victim of a  gun shootout.

Kelly Hansome just broke the shocking news on Social media. 

Don Jazzy Vows To Retire Artist Side In 2016 Cause Of Stress

Don Jazzy has finally decided to rest his frog voice and focus on sound production,  he tweeted his intention and fans started arrowing him with tough questions

What do you think about his plans?

About To Wed!! Nicki Minaj Give Subtle Marriage Plans

So Meek Mill is finally settling down soon,  woow

Oh!! See What Tiwa Savage Wore To #OLIC2 cause of massive criticism

This is hilarious

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...