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Which of Them will you pick?

Lol,  for me none unless any of them will share money

See What Examination Hall In Saudi Arabia Looks Like

Wow, but people will still Fail. Lol

MUSIC : Koruz Feat. Gzone – Packaging

BLACK ACE DYNASTY presents: "KORUZ" with his debut joint which features "GZONE".

A track is for fun lovers and DJs in the biggest parties.
He titles it "Packaging".
Produced by beat maker "Mole Morh", mixed and mastered by "GZONE".. Enjoy!


HUMILIATING!! How Controversial Rapper Left Stranded Outside Olamide's #OLIC2

This is so wrong,  but it is also wrong to go to a place like that without an invitation,  Damn!!

Source Net Exclusive

The Downside Of Keeping To Yourself

Good morning Enekem's Blog Readers (EB) , please always talk to God or us,  don't keep to yourself it makes you dark inside,  just let go.....

"Radio Biafra Transmitters Installed on MTN Masts"= FG

The Federal Government has said the transmitters for Radio Biafra, which has been accused of spreading secessionist agenda and campaigning for the carving out of a Biafra Republic from Nigeria, were found to be installed on MTN masts in Enugu and Anambra states.

According to the Federal Government, the installation of the transmitters on the telecommunications company's masts was to ensure wider coverage for the radio.

The headquarters of the radio station is "presumably in London."

This is contained in the government's case summary of the fresh six counts of treason and other ancillary offences instituted against the founder of Radio Biafra and leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, and two others, before the Federal High Court in Abuja.

One of the two other defendants in the six counts filed by the Federal Government is a field maintenance engineer, David Nwawuisi, charged with the responsibility of maintaining the MTN masts in Enugu State.

The other defendant, Benjamin Madubugwu, was said to be living in Ubilisiuzo, Ihiala Local Government Area of Anambra State, where he allegedly received custody of a container housing transmitters from Kanu.

On December 23, during the accused persons' appearance in court for their scheduled arraignment, Kanu refused to take his plea due to what he called his lack of confidence in the presiding judge, Justice Ahmed Mohammed.

The judge promptly returned the case file to the Chief Judge of the Federal High Court, Justice Ibrahim Auta, for reassignment to another judge and the three accused persons were returned to the custody of the Department of State Services.

The fresh charges were filed against the three men barely 24 hours after Justice Adeniyi Ademola, in a ruling on Kanu's bail application on December 17, ordered his unconditional release from DSS custody, having been detained for about two months without any valid charges filed against him.

The Federal Director of Public Prosecutions, Mr. Mohammed Diri, who signed the fresh charges, the case summary and other processes accompanying them on behalf of the government, alleged that Nwawuisi installed the transmitters on MTN masts "on request by an IPOB member, Chidibere Onwudiwe."

Diri added, "The 3rd defendant (Nwawuisi), a Field Maintenance Engineer, charged with the responsibility of maintaining MTN masts in Enugu State, was also arrested in the course of the investigation.

"He agreed, on the request of an IPOB member, who is at large, Chidebere Onwudiwe, to install and did install IPOB radio transmitters on MTN masts for a consideration."

The prosecution alleged that the transmitters were smuggled into Nigeria by Kanu and were discovered during a search in Madubugwu's residence.

While Kanu was accused of treasonable felony, management of an unlawful society (IPOB), and smuggling of goods, including radio transmitters, into the country, Madubugwu and Nwawuisi were accused of assisting in the management of the said unlawful group.

The prosecution alleged, in the six counts, that the transmitters were installed on the MTN masts between April and May 2015.

The sixth count read, "That you, David Nwawuisi, at Enugu and Anambra states, between April and May 2015 assisted in the management of an illegal society by doing an act to wit: you permitted one Chidiebere Onwudiwe, now at large, to install Radio Biafra transmitters with knowledge that the said transmitters were property of the Indigenous People of Biafra, an unlawful society, with the intention to propagate its secession intention and that you thereby committed an offence punishable under Section 6 of the Criminal Code Act, CAP C38, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria."

Kanu was said to have on many occasions broadcast on the radio, which is said to have as its Mission Statement, 'The defence of the rights of the Indigenous People of Biafra; and ultimately the actualisation of the Republic of Biafra', reiterating that "Biafra must be realised."

The case summary reads, "In one of such broadcasts on August 1, 2015, he called on members of IPOB in the Diaspora to identify children of Nigerian dignitaries, their residences and schools, with a view to taking reprisal action against them in the event of attacks against Biafrans by Nigerian security agents."

The Federal Government said the proponents of the Republic of Biafra proposed that the republic would consist of "states in the South-East and South-South regions except that in the case of Edo State, only the Igbanke community will be part of the Republic of Biafra as well as the Igalas in Kogi State and the Idomas in Benue State."

No new date has been fixed for the arraignment of the accused persons.

The Punch

HEALTH: The Importance Of Physical Fitness and Healthy Feeding - Prisca Alozie (Fitness Activist)

Most people are unaware of the benefits of Exercise, as well as the benefits of healthy feeding. They have this initiative that exercise and proper eating are only to be taken seriously by the fat people, but the slim, can eat what so ever they like and should not even bother to exercise.
Exercise goes a long way in making your health a lot better than you can imagine. 

REDUCES CHOLESTOROL LEVEL; cholesterol is associated with cardiovascular diseases, such as stroke, hypertensive heart disease, atrial fibrillation, endocarditis among others. Most often, you hear that someone suddenly was unable to breathe and dies on the spot, it's a major effect of a high cholesterol level, this cholesterol is like fat, surrounding the heart thereby stopping blood from going to the heart which leads to inability to breath. Most foods that are high in cholesterol to mention a few are, egg, red meat, chicken skin, yogurt, milk, therefore avoid so much intake of those.

KEEPS YOU AT ALERT; yes! You read that! It keeps you at alert. While your colleagues are struggling to run away from danger, say a fire outbreak, you see yourself upfront running like the speed of light. That aside, it boosts your brain power and sharpen your memory, you tend to be able to deliver at all time. It reduces stress, boost happy chemicals and also increase relaxation.

INCREASE METABOLIC RATE; this is simply the rate at which the body uses energy and the number of calories it burns to maintain our vital body process at rest. And the more energy the body use, the more fat it burns.
KEEPS YOU DISTANT FROM DISEASE; most disease tend to fade off or to be at less performance when you work out. Disease like cardiovascular disease, fatigue, obesity, osteoporosis, some forms of cancers, weakened immune system and so many more.

What you eat and the manner at which you eat supplements the exercise you do. It's advisable to those who intend to live a healthy life to cut out carbohydrate and eat more of protein, fruits and vegetables, and also avoid soda (mineral) and take more water.

Healthy eating should not be what you practice for a while and stop, you have to make it part of your daily living, foods that contain proteins tends to curb the fat in your body, and fruits are very low in calories and high in vitamins.
Your exercise is useless, if you don't eat clean.

Exercising contributes 30% to your health living while 70% from what you eat.


Never skip breakfast
Eat in moderation.
Avoid soda(mineral, coke,Fanta,etc)
Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables
Always drink water at least, 8cups daily.
Avoid junk.
Avoid late eating.
Detox are good for your health, try it today.
Learn to eat slow; preferably use a fork and knife while eating, because It takes the brain  20 minutes to realise that the stomach is feel, if you rush your meal , you might end up eating a large bowl of food without realising your stomach filled up, thereby eating too much.

Always get a lot of sleep at night, you should sleep for 8 hrs.

Written by Prisca Alozie
A Fitness Activist

Toolz Transparent Dress to Olamide's ##OLIC2, Nailed Or Failed (photos)

The coke bottle OAP had a lot of jaws dropping during the show on Sunday bit some people have claimed that this is her worse outfit ever,  what do you think?

Oh!! See Why Davido Did Not Perform at Olamide's ##OLIC2

Some of us Were disappointed that Davido Did not turn up for Olic2 well we now know why

Even after waiting in vain as a result of the organisers' promise that Davido would perform after Olamide had closed the concert- the attendees still got disappointed.

In a bid to understand why Davido never showed up, YNaija went snooping and discovered that Davido was actually held up in traffic while trying to get into Eko Hotel and Suites.

Their correspondent saw Davido pull up in his Audi R8 at about 4:30 am when most people were already losing hope and heading out while a few die-hard fans still waited in vain.

Davido was accompanied by his elder bother, Adewale Adeleke and cousin, B-Red.

He eventually made it back-stage but for some reason which we are yet to ascertain at the filing of this report, he failed to perform.

Subsequently, the artiste headed out to club Quilox where he was billed to host a pool party earlier in the day, but as a result of his family's end of year party, he never made it to the event.

'Sometimes less is more' K. Michelle Removes Her Butt Implant (See Photos)

The Singer that recently had her Nudes leaked on the Internet has reduced her massive butt implant as promised in October cause to her it is removing her focus from her music,  how do you see her small waist? Though it seems she didn't remove all the fats/nylon to me

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...