Sunday, January 17, 2016

10 IMPORTANT things Your Mother or Pastor Will Nit Tell You Before Marriage

It is the wish of many ladies to get married and while some ladies are fully prepared for the institution,many are tot
ally naive about what lies ahead after saying i do but from my little experience in life, i present to you 10 things no mother or pastor will tell you before you say i do to that man.
1.That no matter how sweet the man is to you,no matter how caring and romantic and no matter how many prophets told you he is your man,that sweet man can turn to a demon after saying i do so what it seems before marriage is never a guaranty of what it will be after marriage.
2.If your man beats or cheats on you when you are courting,there is a 90% possibility that he will do even worse after marrying you and you need to understand that it is a big mistake to marry a man with the hope that he will change some characters you don't like but just learn to love him that way or take a walk.
3.If your man beats you once,it could be a mistake but if he beats you the second time then its a habit he is likely never going to stop.
4.That it is good to marry a man you have feelings for but it is a terrible thing to marry a man who does not desire you as much as you desire him.
5.That if you marry a man because of what he has and not because of mutual love then be ready to be miserable in that marriage as long as it lasts.
6.That a man can love you with all his life and could still cheat on you because most men think with that thing down there when it comes to their feelings for women and are polygamous in nature and no matter how sweet and disciplined you are,it will not stop him from cheating on you and divorcing a cheating hubby is no guaranty that the next man won't do worse.
7.As a lady, as long as you are sexually decent,GOD fearing,an excellent cook,financially independent and humble,you have absolutely nothing to fear because it will be extremely difficult for your man to disrespect you much less divorce you.
8.That not all men are calm but some have innate tendency to be violent so you must try at all cost to avoid any form of confrontation. 
9.That women are women worst enemies and many of your female friends will be glad to see your marriage crumble so avoid discussing your marital flaws with them but take it to God in prayers and you must block your ears from hear says and believe what your hubby tells you even when you have an irking that he is lieing and whatever you have not seen does not exist. 
10.That there is always a lady out there who is ready to push you out of your matrimony and take your place but 90% of men who cheat on their wives are not ready to divorce their wives but it is these wives that push the man out with impatience and hot temper so you will need lots of patience to deal with a philanderer because in most cases,they always come back home after having their feel of the side dishes.


  1. Nice, wish all women can see this and understand why marriage life is tough

  2. Well I am not ready for marriage, you should have added for about to Wed, I just waste my MB

    1. Mr or mrs, next time show your name let's bounce you out


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