Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Blog Reader Feels Molested by Male Doctor Who Squeezed Her Breasts


Hello Enekem
I dont know if I should tell my husband about this or just swallow it so as to avoid causing problems or a confrontation. I went to ****** hospital close at Alausa to check for chest lumps.

A very young doctor came strolling in to the office where I was asked to wait. He looked so young that I was even tempted to ask him if he was really a doctor or was a student on houseman-ship but I decided to keep cool as he was wearing their white gown as was actually assigned to me by the admin at the general waiting area. 
The hospital was actually recommended by my sister in-law who had her mammogram there. It was my first time and I was very uncomfortable when he asked me to remove my top and bra and then he started touching my breasts. I decided to close my eyes and wait for him to finish the examination.

The touching soon turned to caressing and at a point he seen to concentrate on my nipple and to be honest, I have a very sensitive nipple and the always harden and jut out when touched (even breast feeding my babies felt that way)

This went on and on until I was almost shivering. I was embarrassed beyond words and wanted to ask if lumps form in the nipple area but i felt so violated to speak. I opened my eyes to tell him to stop only to discover that he was looking at me smiling sheepishly! All the while he's been fondling my breasts!

I felt so awful. I felt used and molested. He didn't say a word, I removed his hands and dressed up while he continued smiling and then started saying some medical trash that didnt make no sense to me cos I wasnt listening anymore.  When I finished dressing up, he even asked me to come back in 7 days time for another round of checks as I left his office.

This happened on Monday and up till now I have this heavy feeling of being violated by a kid. I still cannot calm down, as if I was defiled. I have been moody and unable to tell my husband. Please what should I do?

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