Friday, January 8, 2016

Is Something Wrong with Majority of Black People? (must read)

When you look around the world, you will notice that black people wherever they be e.g. USA, Jamaica, Africa, Brazil there is certain traits & mannerisms that seem to follow the black folks.

The most lamentable is lack of excellence in what we do. If you go to a government office or facility in most of Africa you will find a long queue of people waiting to be served, sometimes people wake up 4 hours before opening time to queue.

The service is at a snail's pace, the people working there are not accountable to anyone, if you complain they will refuse to serve you, if you go to the Supervisor he will behave the same way or even worse. Most times if a white, Indian, Asian person shows up in the queue they work better until its only blacks left the abuse begins again.

Looking around every day you see many people queuing the whole day, I always ask myself, "Are these people not meant to be doing something like work, housework, school". If they are how much are we losing in productive times queuing?

It seems the average black folks have a slavery mindset, where they need to be watched all the time to do their work and must be given a white boss for them to be fearful and do their work responsibly. I imagine these people have a mailbox with 2,000 unread emails from customers & their conscience doesn't move one bit.

At the end of the day they join other people into the traffic home telling themselves I am coming from work. Somewhere a child has a father whose job is to put a stamp & sign documents for people. That father stamps & signs 10 documents out 100 for the whole day & says my child your dad is responsible.

One government department has a call centre who never answer calls, one colleague had a chance to work on a project, and he said these call centre agents get to work and start chatting, doing their nails as phones ring endlessly. The supervisor is also there chatting away.

I know blacks are looked down upon much, but when we look at ourselves do we say this is good enough? I was talking to my friend Stephen that if it was possible Africa would outsource most government functions to Europe, Asia or America. Maybe that way things would improve. The spirit of serving our people is non-existent even if an African civil servant is paid $100,000 to answer phones at work they will still go there to sleep & most of these people got a job simply by being a ruling party supporter, no education whatsoever just a head full of selfish pride. What do we need to do about this appalling situation?

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