Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Ladies!! Reasons why you should not use vaginal tightening products

Recently there is a new rave for the usage of vagina tightening sticks, or wands for ladies out there who feel their private region is too wide.

These are sticks and products made from plants, herbs, and other substances, that those worried about their tightness are encouraged to insert inside their vagina for two minutes and they are being sold online.

The sellers promise that the stick will tighten and 'clean' the honeypot, with one company suggesting the resulting tightness will 'make you feel wanted again.'

It's also claimed that the sticks will eliminate honeypot discharge.

And this is where we remind everyone, once again, that the vagina is a self-cleansing, self-regulating, and generally wonderful organ

It's not supposed to be a pencil-narrow shaped , and it's most definitely NOT supposed to be discharge-free (discharge is all part of our lovely cleaning process. Accept it. Love it).

Let's not even get into the very damaging idea that women need to 'tighten themselves ' to make themselves desirable to men.

So let's just focus on all the potential negative effects these sticks could have on your honeypot, remembering that these products have not been properly tested or regulated by any health-themed governing body.

Dr Jen Gunter explains that the chemicals in these sticks work to temporarily dry out the honeypot – a very bad thing.

She writes: 'The lack of wetness and pain from the resulting abrasions may also cause the pelvic floor to spasm during sex (not in a good way) and this will tighten the vagina opening (which can make insertion painful).

'Practices that dry the honeypot are known to increase the transmission of sexually transmitted infections. never mind make sex painful for the woman.

'If the Japanese vagina stick can only be inserted for 2 minutes then it is almost certainly a direct caustic effect from chemicals.

'But if it does have some effect on the honeypot it's like over washing your hands until they are dried and cracked and bleeding, but achieved in 2 minutes. In the vagina .'

Dr Jen reminds that, vagina are SUPPOSED to be relaxed and wet during sex. That's what makes sex pleasurable.

Please, ladies do not use herbal sticks to 'tighten' your honeypot.

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