Sunday, January 17, 2016

Ladies See The 5 Types Of Ladies That Big Boys/Ballers Love Wedding


Enjoy this juicy article! 

Many people often assume that Ballers only have one preference. People assume that Baller men only want one type of woman, and therefore only date one type. We often forget the many exceptions to those assumptions because we consume ourselves with the minority of Ballers who date this way. I was inspired by, who did a piece on the 7 types of women professional athlete's date. Here's my list of 5 types of women Ballers date.

1. The Fantasy Girl - That can be anyone from a Vixen to a curvacious BBW. Like all men, Ballers have fetishes and fantasies. Some love light skin, some love dark skin, some love full figured women, some want white women. These are the women that they've likely been attracted to long before the money. Sometimes it took getting money to get these women, sometimes they've had these women all their lives. Either way, she fulfills a fantasy for him and that's why he chooses her. 

2. The High School/College Sweetheart - Many Ballers fall into this category. They've known their significant other since childhood. They've struggled together, she encourages him, probably helped him with his homework so he could become the star he is today. He's forever indebted to her and he loves her for how she's stuck around through thick and thin. There are far more of these occurrences than not, people just tend to ignore it. 

3. The Foreign Girl - Sometimes when a Baller reaches a certain status, he feels that foreign is better than a domestic. He imports his car, his clothes and inevitably his women. These types are statistically a lot fewer and further between because Foreign women, true foreign women, don't want you if the paper isn't long enough. This means, you must truly be an A-List Baller to get the Foreign super model that you desire. These women come with a price tag and expectations as high as their heels. I'm not mad! 

4. The Actress/Musician/Model - Every Baller yearns for the day when he can finally date his Nia Long, Halle Berry, Rihanna and more. Celebrity women tend to mostly date within celebrity circles, as opposed to so many celebrity men who do not. I should write a post on why I think that is, look out for that one coming soon. In the mean time, as a man, know that if you truly want to date MOST celebrity women, you have to be a Baller yourself. This is why we see so many "power couples" now. 

5. The Au Naturale - This is your Ayesha Curry types. The Susie Homemaker. The sweet, girl next door that every Baller should probably consider to avoid dealing with gold diggers and cheaters. These are the women whose only concern is taking care of home, being a mom and  rubbing her Baller's shoulders when he comes home from a long day's work. These women don't have a specific "look" to them. They tend to be the every day woman. Very little, if any, surgical enhancements, probably wear natural hair, and fit right in with any one of us.

Plus 1 bonus. Lol 

6. The Professional - Ballers love a professional woman. Lawyers, Doctors, Dentists & Entrepreneurs are often a hot commodity amongst Ballers. They love a woman who has their own and don't mind spoiling her even more. If you do your research, you will find that Ballers end up marrying so many women who actually were doing just fine without them. These women find a healthy balance between being beautiful and being smart and business savvy. 

Keep in mind certain gold digger or bottom of the barrel type women are not listed. I wanted to make it clear that we are specifying the type of women Ballers DATE, not the type they sleep with. There is a very huge different. 


  1. Nice what about us Mountain of Fire and deeperlidee ladies??

  2. This is why girls are turning prostitutes because those are the kind of girls that these young boys with moneymgo for...

  3. I concur. Useless generation filled with rubbish mentality

    1. You are a fool, must everybody want, what you want??


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