Thursday, January 7, 2016

Superwoman!! Blog Reader Chidimma Wants to be The Reason Why You Shouldnt Quit Yet


My parents are still alive, I have never lost any of siblings, I went to good schools and my parents did their best to provide for me. I wouldn't say I was abused as a child or that I had to serve someone in other to have my next meal. You would say I had a privileged childhood. 

I wouldn't deny that, it started well but along the line it got though. My parents began to struggle. Things began to change, threat of changing me to a cheaper school were made every day. School fees were paid after my parents borrowed from different sources. Things gradually moved from good to bad. At first, my parents were hiding the situation from me, they wanted me to just concentrate on my studies but at a certain age, my mum began to tell me the harsh realities. "things are difficult now, we can't provide for you and your siblings  as we used to"

It dawn on me that it was time for me to start 'hustling', it was time for me to be a woman even though I barely knew what the word really meant. I had to start looking for ways to earn money so I could help my parents and younger siblings. I was born independent and stubborn; I never really believed in the word 'impossible'. If someone could do it, then I could and I wasn't scared of anyone. Well, except my father, he was the only person in this I was genuinely scared of.

My first job hunting was after my secondary school, I know a lot of people started earlier than that. I didn't even know what I wanted; all I knew was that I didn't want to sit at home doing nothing till I got admission. So I went to a computer center and offered them my services, I had basic computer knowledge then. I didn't even go with a resume. The owner of the establishment looked at me with disapproval, I was too small to be looking for job even when I told him I had finished secondary school, he didn't believe me. I had no WAEC result then to show as proof because we were still waiting for it. The man was polite enough to tell me that he would get back to me so I dropped my mother's contact with him. After waiting for a call back for three week, I gave up on him and went on to another place.

The next place, was a little bit nicer, it was still a computer centre. Even though I didn't get the job, I was allowed to come there for computer training free. So I started classes. I already had the knowledge of the basic parts of computer so I moved on to the next level.

I got admission that same year, and managed to do registrations after series of borrowing. My mum made me promise I wouldn't work while schooling. I should just concentrate on y studies. 

So I watched her go through hell for four years just for me to be a graduate. Most times she sold some of her valuable, which I have vowed to replace every single one of them when I make it in life. Sometimes, I watch her answer threatening calls from people she owed and after everything she would look at me and smile. It literally broke my heart every single time I saw her worried. 

After my university education, I went on real job hunting, I couldnt waste close to 8months before NYSC doing nothing, so this time I typed my resume and set off to get a job. I made lots of photocopies of it. I went to a lot of places searching for job. There is a way, employers will look at you and you would lose hope. Since I wasn't a quitter, I held on. I went from restaurants to hotels, to computer centers, to companies I had no idea what they were doing. Few accepted me but their pay was horrible, I would even spend it all on transport, some had outrageous rules and working hours that my parents didn't accept. I started checking online for jobs maybe I would be lucky, but none was forth coming. Every single company required an NYSC discharge certificate or exemption letter and I had none.

By this time I had spent two month out of the 8 months job hunting without success. Then I realized I was doing it all wrong. I was doing it on my own. I wasn't asking God for guidance so I changed mode of operation. I prayed every morning before I left to search for work. After few days, I started seeing the difference, I was getting positive replies. I finally got an online job which paid reasonably well. I worked for them for four months before my call up latter came out. 

I had to quit because it was close to impossible to work in camp. I asked them if they were going to take me back after camp because I believed NYSC would give me the time. They promised to keep my job for me till I returned.

After the camp and all, I mailed them to inform them I was ready to start working again, but I found out my job was no longer there. So I learnt my lesson 'your job may not be there waiting for you'. I went on to start looking for another job. I got one with a production company and worked there for two months before I had to stop because it was a contract job.

Now, I am still job hunting, things are still though but my journey so far has taught me a few valuable lessons. 

It will be tough, nothing good comes easy.Hard work with prayer will eventually pay offImpossible still doesn't exist in my dictionary.You must get paid for job at the first trial, at least get the experience and prove to them you worth the job.Empower yourself, get more education, make yourself better than the next person out there.
Even though I am yet to replace my mother's valuables, I know I can and will do it. It is a matter of patience and perseverance and I would get there real soon.

Thats the spirit girl
Better days are ahead
Be strong 

Chidimma is a graduate of Economics from UNN
reach her on 

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