Friday, January 29, 2016

This Passenger Boarded A Plane, You Won't Believe What He Found (Photos)

It's every airline passenger's dream; a private jet , with unlimited leg room, no screaming children and air stewards waiting on you hand and foot.

And that dream became a reality for lucky Alex Simon, who turned up for his flight to an exotic island and discovered he was the only passenger booked on the journey.

The 28-year-old incredible good fortune occurred when he arrived for his Phillipines Airlines flight from Manila to Boracay.

"When I arrived to the airport I just heard my name on the speaker: 'Sir Alexander Simon, please come to the information,'" he told Mail Online.

"So the lady explained to me that I don't need to wait two more hours on my connecting flight, we're gonna start in 30 minutes because there are no more passengers except me," he added.

Alex, a travel blogger living in Austria, was able to walk on board without needing to queue, and could choose any seat on the plane he liked.

A video shows a delighted Alex stretching out amid rows and rows of empty seats, before suggesting he might go and sit next to the pilot.

The video then cuts to Alex sitting with said pilot, as he talks about the people on board his "private plane". 

The video was posted on to Alex's YouTube channel last year, but this week became a viral hit after being picked up by Digg.

How Alex came to be the only passenger on a flight that is usually packed remains something of a mystery, with Alex himself putting it down simply to 'good fortune'.

And despite being allowed to relax wherever he wanted, he reportedly opted to sit in economy, in the seat he paid for. 

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