Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Jay Z's Roc Nation suing Rita Ora for $2.4 million and More..


Things between Rita Ora and her label, Roc Nation, have just gotten messier. Back in December it was reported that Ora was suing Roc Nation, claiming that since she signed with them in 2008 the label has only released one album. She says that she has tons of music to release and that the label just won't push it. According to Ora,  her deal could keep her signed with Roc Nation until 2019 or later -- but she wants out NOW! 

Roc Nation is singing a completely different tune. They acknowledge that they signed Ora when she was 25, and an unknown artist. According to the suit Roc Nation has "tirelessly promoted [her] career, investing millions of dollars in marketing, recording and other costs, which was instrumental in guiding Ms. Ora to her current level of success and fame." They claim that they spent  $2 million developing Rita Ora, and it's her fault she hasn't dropped a second album. Her contract has her agreeing to a total of 5 albums with Roc Nation. They are taking the singer to court for $2.4million.

Rita Ora's lawyers don't blame Jay Z or Roc Nation for the new lawsuit, which was filed in a Manhattan court.   "Jay Z has personally and graciously promised Rita complete freedom from Roc Nation, the details of which are now being finalized," Ora's attorney, Howard King, said. "We believe that Roc Nation's distributor, Sony Music, has required Roc Nation to file this action to preserve whatever rights Sony might have pending resolution."

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