Saturday, March 12, 2016

'' All The CHANGE Agents Have Suddenly Gone Underground '' - Biafra Activist Uju Nwokorobia Lashes Out

All the ''change'' agents have suddenly gone underground. And some probably don't have electricity nor fuel to power their electronic gadgets.

Some are being remorseful for the economic calamity they brought upon themselves, albeit covertly.
They have come to realise that Buhari aura is a mirage. That it does not exist.
They are beginning to realise that the 20th century octogenarian brain--that is currently in control of affairs - has nothing to offer.

Hence the ''wailers'' camp is growing with leap and bound. And the economic frustrations getting out of hand.
Yet, those who warned and foresaw the implications of crowning this dullard still groan under the pains of his rule.
Suffering for the stupidity, carelessness, miscalculation and bigotry of their misguided compatriots.

This is the one reason I have always maintained that DEMOCRACY in the midst of ignoramuses and Almajiris is a passport to doom.

It is a system of government that is best adapted to homogeneous countries where socio-cultural frictions are minimal--that which we will have in NEW BIAFRA--an agglomeration and aggregation of familiar bedfellows.
Nigeria as presentlyconstituted is irredeemable, a tower of Babel, a jungle suited only for the fittest, hence genuine democracy will continue to elude her.
Light and darkness can never co-exist at the same time. The feudal/Islamic North and the South are miles apart, and will forever remain so.

The political mechanism of Nigeria will continue to throw up people like Buhari to the chagrin of others; for the under-development of the country, until we do the needful---that is, structural reorganisation of the entire polity or outright disintegration.

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