Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Blog Reader Shares The Horrible Experience He Had Yesterday Cause Of His Wife

Dear Enekem, I want to share a strange experience I had yesterday as I was chilling at a bar with my very good friends. I was actually feeling bad because my wife was really messing up and I had to leave the house for her and go chill at the bar with my friends. They saw my countenance and were asking what's eating me up. I told them and being men who was already in marriage for over 10 years years , they laughed it off and told me that women are that way, that I should be managing her and that I should also try as much as possible to be unavailable and rigid and even a little violent atimes before a wife would be respectful. I was soaking in all they were saying.

Honestly, before I got married, I have always vocal against men who spend their time at beer parlours instead of at home with their wives. Even some of my married friends who have girl friends outside was very strange to me. I couldn't understand why they also kept separate rooms from their wives but since i got married. I have began to understand. 

I honestly don't know why women frustrate good men out of their goodness and into barbarism. The shocker came when we started gisting about having a will or testament in case of death. I was shocked when they told me that if a woman knows that you wrote a will and gave her all you have that she will start concorting plans to murder you. 

I couldn't believe my ears. These was coming from experienced men who have been married for years. Honestly, I don't understand why women don't appreciate good men. 

My wife is really not helping matters. As at now, it's official, I have started the beer parlour life. and I don't know when it will stop.

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