Saturday, March 5, 2016

Need Capital For Business?? See How To Get 1million Naira From Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji's i rather be self made project commence this  Saturday...she plans to give out 1million naira cash!

She wrote... 

Hello ladies and ladies...hehe...we are finally ready to commence the second phase of my pet project, 'I'd Rather Be Self Made'. Venue for the gathering was what was delaying it but we finally found a place. So we are meeting on Saturday March 12th somewhere in Surulere...I wanted to give one week notice so that the ladies who are interested will prepare, especially those who live outside of Lagos.

Someone told me and I'm hoping that the statistics are wrong, that 50% of ladies between 18 and 28 in Nigeria sleep with men for money. The purpose of Self-Made in 2016 is to reduce that number to about 49.8%. :-). But more than anything else, encourage young ladies not to go down that path.

So, we are not only going to help with financing small scale businesses, we will also mentor young girls. Apart from meeting this Saturday, I'm also planning a monthly Self Made mentorship programme where aspiring female entrepreneurs can meet established ones and rob minds and help each other. We need more women to inspire the next generation. For this one on Saturday...

Bring your proposals with you on Saturday. These are the guidelines for your proposal...
I. Only three pages of the proposal/business plan.
II. Give biodata, provide phone contact, email and state of residence
III. State business idea, explain how it works and list what is needed to start up the business
IV. The money you need shouldn't be more than one million. (We are giving between 100k to N1m max)
V. Be aware that you are going to defend your proposal if you're picked.

I promise ladies, I will do everything I can to establish businesses for as many young ladies as I can...I will not only use my money...I plan to eventually disturb some rich people and get them to buy into this dream and invest in our women.

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