Saturday, April 23, 2016

Please help, I Kiss My female Bestie in photos normally but now i might lose my life

Enekem please am in deep shit,  Me and My Bestie normally kiss on the lips in photos and i always thought it was a normal girlie thing when people judge us i get angry and bash them for not minding their business, .... not until last night, me and this my bestie  went clubbing together in Maitama Abuja and after the drinks, smoke and dance we went back the Hotel Room which she booked for us earlier,  At exactly around 3am a Lighskinned Woman in her late 40s entered the room with sex toys, i was shocked then my friend camped me down and told me she is a Lesbian like us that she wants a Threesome, i couldnt believe it,  when i tried to explain myself my friend told me not to embaarass her or make the woman feel bad cause it might cost our lives, She then Brought a blue tablet and we all took it then we had sex with sextoys, finger and tongues,

i enjoyed it though it was my first time, unfortunately after everything the woman gave me and my friend 100k cash each... Then warned me especially  that i must never have sex with a man cause i will die that day, am still in shock i dont know what to do, please advice me, my gf is not picking my call, i have not spent the money yet #Enekemdotcom

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