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Rising Nollywood Actress '' Koko Pat'' Talks About Career,Future & New Movie in Exclusive interview @iamkokopat

I woke up this  morning feeling all excited and bursting at the seams  because a certain Talented/Fast rising Nollywood diva promised me an exclusive interview today....

I know you all are dying to know who she is.......yeah i can hear a pin drop she is no one else but the alluring beautiful koko Pat
Below is the chat between her and me Miss Tochi Karen Obiwulu (enekem brand ambassador) where she shares really exciting stuffs about her career, Future and plans,

Tochi(E A): Good afternoon ma'am,thanks for taking out time off ur busy schedule to chat with me

Koko Pat: Afternoon

Tochi(E A):The readers would like to know who koko Pat is....can u please introduce yourself ma'am?

Koko Pat: I am koko Pat . From Akamkpa local govt. Cross river state. A graduate of modern languages and translation studies. University of calabar.

Tochi(E A): Oh wow!!So how many languages can you speak or translate?

Koko Pat: Just 2,French and Spanish

Tochi(E A): Thats impressive
Koko Pat: Thanks

Tochi(E A):  We have seen that you have featured in a couple of Nollywood movies, How did you get involved in Acting?

[Koko Pat: I have been an actress right from my childhood, i started acting in church when I was 5yr old, but there was no opportunity then to join the big I had to focus on my education when I graduated from school the opportunity came. I went to Cross River State Cultural Center to help my mum deliver a msg. When i got there i saw a notice for an audition so i went to the make up artist to ask how i could be auditioned, he said i was late that the audition was over. But he could help me if i accept to be his assistant I accepted,When we got to the location,One of the actresses didnt show up I was given her role the rest is history.

Tochi(E A): Lucky youπŸ™‚
Koko Pat: 😁
Not luck but the grace of God

Tochi(E A): I hear you sister...Grace takes us everywhere.
How long have you been an actress?

Koko Pat: Started officially 2014 after my Nysc.

Tochi(E A): Thats 2yrs ago.....and you are already becoming a popular face on the big av done well for yourself girl

Koko Pat: I am still pushing. Not yet there.

Tochi(E A): Its a step at a timeπŸ™‚dear.
How many plays/movies have you done so far? 
Koko Pat: Over 10
Tochi(E A): What is your favourite role or movie you have ever played /done?

Koko Pat: My lastest movie,The one thats going to hit the screen soon... Agony of Chikama .

[Tochi(E A): Can you please tell me a lil about the movie?

Koko Pat: Its about a poor family who couldn't afford to send their children to school and the only option they had was to give out their eldest child 'chikama' out for marriage at the age of 16. The guy Chikama got married to was excepting to marry a virgin but unfortunately she wasnt a virgin so he started maltreating her and her parent didnt bother about the way he treats her cause the guy use to give them money.
I dont need to tell you the whole story but it's a must watch.

Tochi(E A): It sounds very interesting ma'am....nice one
Koko Pat: Thanks

Tochi(E A): Talking about your movie...i was about to ask a question,i gathered that you are also a producer, What is the job of a producer in the movie industry and how many movies have you produced so far?

Koko Pat: I just started I have only produced one."'Harvest of hatred". I was only d executive producer not the producer it was produced and directed by John Peters Obiaha.

Tochi(E A): Okay dear
Any other current project apart from "Agony of Chikama"? 
Koko Pat: Yeah....Working on another one right now

Tochi(E A): Wow thats great
Tochi(E A): In relation to your career as an actress there any role given to you that you dont like and is there any role you wish u could have done better?

Koko Pat: None For now

Tochi(E A): Okay dear.
Tochi(E A): Permit me to go all personal.
Koko Pat: Alright.

Tochi(E A): What does koko pat do for fun.
Koko Pat: I have a very boring life.
When i am not working i am always home with my Family

Tochi(E A): Now to the question your male fans would be interested in.....when we posted your picture on our official instagram page we kept on getting questions like is she dating?is she single?lolπŸ˜‚πŸ˜ƒ
Your fans would like to know if you are in a relationship?
Koko Pat: 😁😁😁
Lips sealed

[Tochi(E A): No now...dont be like thatπŸ˜ƒ
[Tochi(E A): spill a little pretty please😌
Koko Pat: I like to keep that private.

Tochi(E A): Aiite dear
Tochi(E A): You heard that guys.....i tried but she aint
Koko Pat: Lol

Tochi(E A): Back to your career hun
Tochi(E A): Where do you see koko Pat in the next 5 years?

[Koko Pat: In Hollywood
Tochi(E A): Wow Hollywood watch out for koko pat....nice one girlπŸ™ŒπŸ»
Koko Pat: 😁😁

Tochi(E A): Any role models?

Koko Pat: Mercy Johnson..
I love her

Tochi(E A): Wow i love her too
Tochi(E A): Any special recognition or awards recieved for your acting skills
Koko Pat: Not yet....Bt i pray it comes soon

Tochi(E A): Amen
Tochi(E A): What are your best qualities as an actress?

Koko Pat: I interpret my role very well and take my job serious

Tochi(E A):  Did you also face the pressure of Directors trying to sleep with upcoming actresses before giving them a role? and how did you handle it?

Koko Pat: I have not.and i pray not to experience that.

Tochi(E A): Aiite dear
Tochi(E A): Do You feel Nollywood is going towards the right direction and may get an oscar recognition in the future?

Koko Pat: I am.We are trying our best to bring out quality movies.Compared to Nollywood before.We are really growing.

Tochi(E A): Aiite dear
Tochi(E A):  Do you do anything outside the movie industry?

Koko Pat: Planning something soon.Nothing for now dear.

Tochi(E A): If You Had Supreme power,  What and what would you change in the movie industry?

Koko Pat: Some directors
Koko Pat: Dats all.A gud movie depend on d director and the editor

Tochi(E A): Okay
Tochi(E A): . What has been your most embarrassing moment so far on and off set?

Koko Pat: I was running on a set then i fell down my clothe was open and i didnt wear anything under just my pant.I felt like fainting cause there were alot of people watching.

Tochi(E A): Woooh i can jst imagine.
Koko Pat: Lol

Tochi(E A):  Ok one funny question,  we always ask our interviewees this,  If you were to be an animal for one day,which would you be an why?
Koko Pat: None. I am scared of animals.

Tochi(E A): Oh alright dear
Tochi(E A):  before we let you go,  what last words do you have for your fans and those that intend to follow your line of career?

Koko Pat: Never give up on ur dream. Strive hard n 1 day u will get there.

Tochi(E A): it was nice,entertaining and informating and chatting with you.....Thanks for your time ma

Koko Pat: you are welcome dear

You can connect with koko Pat on her social media platforms
Facebook : Koko Pat
Twitter/Instagram  : @iamkokopat


  1. This babe fine o chai, i have not seen her movies though but looking forward for the Agony Of Chikama, Nice one

  2. Enekem no contact number?

  3. Hmm seems like Calabar industry is different from Lagos, i went for audition in Lagos and before anything they said i should meet the producer in one hotel, i just run off. WISH you more success in your career dear

  4. Think i have seen one of Koko's movie where she acted as an house girl, was impressive knew she must be Akwa Ibom. Lol

  5. Why Una dey always hide una relationship, are you not proud of your boo or you have many? Plus that Hollywood dream is a huge one. Goodluck with it.

  6. When will the life of Chikama be out and hoq can i get it am in UK?

  7. i see u go higher in movie industry my dearest frnd

  8. Really good interview, nice one enekem please interview more talented people for us lets learn from true stories and not gossips


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