Monday, April 18, 2016

SOB!! He Secretly Took Nude Photos of Me And I Didnt Know Until Yesterday

This was sent to Aunty Laila,

Hello Laila,

please help me. I am in deep shit. I was chatting with my ex over the weekend and I found out that he took nude photos of me when we were dating 4 years ago way back in uniben without my knowledge and he kept them even after we both graduated and had moved on though we chat from time to time. We were just gisting and he asked me to send him nude, that he misses me and want to know what my boobs look like now. i was shocked. I was like, Are you alright? how dare you ask for such rubbish and that was when he told me not to worry that my I am safe that he even had some nudes of me all these while but the he didn't expose them even when I hurt him by breaking up with him. That that was how much he loved me. That he knew i would leave him someday so he wanted to have something to remember me by.

To say that I was shocked that he kept the photos all this while would be an understatement. I told him that he was bluffing about still having the photos so I asked him to show me one and he send me an old pix of me awkwardly nude and laughing claiming to have many videos and pix, Honestly, Its been so long and he must have been using his laptop webcam on me all that while and I didnt know. i knew he was crazy and shit I never knew he was that sick and obsessed to have taken and kept these images. i begged and begged him to delete them but he said no and promised that since the last 4 years that he has kept them safe and that he loves me too much to ever hurt me.

That even if he marries tomorrow that he will still keep the photos because according to him, they were not just photos but sweet memories of when he was really happy. Aunty, since yesterday afternoon, i have lost my happiness, I have always been bashing people sending nudes to boyfriends without knowing that my own nude library is somewhere in unknown quantity. i have called him over 100times between yesterday and now begging him to delete the photos but he is telling me that he still loves me and cant delete the photos. he knows I am engaged and will soon settle down so I honestly cannot afford this right now.

Please is there any law against holding someones nudes against their will? Idot know if I can get him arrested and I dont know if it will be safer to tell my fiance before he find out on his own. Its not like he is blackmailing me but the thought of me nude in someones laptop is killing me. 

I have been moody and cant even concentrate at the office.

please can fellow lailans advise me on a way out of this mess

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