Monday, May 9, 2016

ARTICLE : '' Ladies Beware of Jobless Men With Strong '' Dick''!!!'' - Uju Nwokorobia

Single ladies, especially hardworking ones should always resist the temptation of marrying jobless men in the name of love, sex or worse still to be labelled a ''married woman''. The love of a jobless man is fake, is not real, and is conditioned by poverty
A jobless bachelor can hardly be a ''jobful'' husband! A man who could not take care of his basic material need as a single man cannot perform magic when coupled in marriage
Poverty has an amazing way of humiliating and humbling a man thereby making him lose the very essence of his manhood--a deflated ego that accepts everything.
Poor and jobless men are always the most attentive to your emotional and physical needs
They often make good bedroom bully, they major very well in sex and all the spoils of it--but be wary! It's often a well-honed skill to escape poverty under the shadow of vulnerable rich women
When these men are rehabilitated financially from the labour of their partners they always tend to recoil back to the real man poverty has hidden all this while. Their changed economic status automatically changes their taste and social comportment
They seek their real woman outside the confines of their matrimonial boundary. Hence cheating and infidelity crept in. Their wives become object of hate giving way to domestic violence
So, if you want a fulfilling marital relationship steer clear of all these smooth talking, flattering and emotionally supportive randy men without any sustainable means of livelihood-----''Ndi-oji amu eri''. Fine young "boys" with empty pockets.
This admonition maybe difficult to adhere to in a society where women are pressured to marry in order to enjoy societal validation. Where chronological age maybe running higher. Where the so-called ''men of god'' adduce spinsterhood to phantom spiritual enemy and sins
But in all this, we still have our individual life to live irrespective of the unjust demands of the society.
So, rather than marry a lousy, lazy and good-for-nothin
g-man as husband, single parenthood remains a reasonable option to realise full-fledged motherhood
A financially comfortable woman with children is happier without cashless husband
Single motherhood has never been a sin neither is it punishable by ''hell fire''.
It is simply a choice and a way of life!

By Uju Nwokorobia

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