Friday, May 20, 2016

Photos: Company invents 'condom bag' that collects urine so men don't have to visit the bathroom

The wearer to inserts his penis into a condom-like sheath and then he can then urinate through a small tube into the washable and tear-resistant plastic bag which can hold nearly a pint's worth of liquid. In other words, the man will not need to visit the bathroom all day.

This is such a really gross invention, in my opinion. 

If you've ever been stuck in traffic and can't stop this could be the device you've waiting for. While it's far from the most glamorous of devices, the makers of this reusable urine bag claim it could end hours of misery. In fact, they claim the 'HeWee Go' condom-bag is the ideal solution for any man who needs to relieve himself without actually going to the bathroom - because it can be put on in the morning and worn all day.

The jockstrap-like device allows the wearer to insert his penis into one of three different-sized condom-like sheaths. He can then urinate through a small tube into the washable and tear-resistant plastic bag which can, apparently, hold nearly a pint's worth of urine. 

The fluid collection bag is strapped to the thigh or leg and the urine is directed there with a flexible surgical tube connected to the sheath. A spokesperson for the company said:

"The HeWee Go Active fits securely onto the wearer and, unlike medical urination systems, can be washed and reused again and again. It comes with an adjustable support belt of up to 40 inches, but for those with a larger waist, they can order a ten-inch extension strap."

There are three different sizes, measuring 30, 35 and 40mm. The device is already available online through and is set to become more widely available later this year.

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