Tuesday, July 5, 2016

5 Things You Must Do Every Morning To Enjoy Your Day

The Most important part of every day is your Morning and Night, 
How you start your day will determine a lot of things during the course of the day,  so it is only right that you start your day doing the right things.

People start their days differently,  some start with a glass of water,  some start by smoking,  some by having sex or masturbating,  some start by praying, some by Eating,  some by exercising, some by reading a book...  The list goes on....
Study has shown that if you start your day with a positive energy,   your day will be filled with joy and happiness and on the other hand if you start  negatively you are mostly to have a bad day
Let me set you straight that there is no body nor mind benefit when you start your day by Smoking, Taking alcohol, masturbating, watching porn,  etc
So what is the best way to start your day?  Here are couple of things that will help you in enjoying every day of  the rest of your life
1. The First thing to do when you wake up is pray, Be Thankful, Thankful prayers to God for making you see a beautiful day is the best positive way to start your day
2. Read a verse or passage of a Book📚 that will give you a positive mindset or teaches you something about areas you want to develop as a person,  The Bible always does it for me mixed with motivational and business related books
3. Spend at least 10 Minutes on Exercise just to put your body and soul in position to face the deal of the day.
4. Tell yourself positive things,  I. E
I am a happy man/woman,
Today will be a great day,
God has made me see today so it is going to be great, 
This is another opportunity to Chase my goals,
Nothing bad can happen today cause God is in charge ..... Etc,
repeat these sentences till they become a part of you
5. Drink a Glass of Warm Water 💦
And you are ready to go... Do enjoy your day cause you cannot experience the same day twice,  Make it positive

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