Saturday, July 9, 2016

ADVICE!! My 16yr Old Younger Sister Is Pregnant With My Baby, Please What Should I do??

Enekem Good evening,
I am a follower of your blog and after 2weeks of deep thought and depression, I want to seek for your advice and that of your platform followers.

I am 24 Stay in Abuja, I am still seeking for admission into higher institution, i am a very good person but this mistake started last year when I caught my younger sister presently in SS2 and 16years now having sex with her supposed boyfriend,  I threatened to report her to my parents then she begged and promised to do anything I want,  I jokingly told her to have sex with me and she obliged,  before I knew it, we started having sex anytime we are alone in the house, though we both enjoyed and saw it as better than sleeping with people outside, my conscience always judged me everytime
Last week I started to discover certain changes in her and I got worried, she started eating a lot,  vomiting and sleeping more,  I decided to take her for test then the doctor told us she is pregnant, I wanted to abort immediately but she is insisting that she doesn't want any blood in her hands, she wants to keep it.... I don't want my parents to hear about it cause the pregnancy is almost a month already and would soon start to show,  please what can I do? Am really scared my parents are Christians and trained us in a Godly way,  this is the work of the devil please advice me....


  1. Na wa o, so when you were knocking her you did not ask for advice, it is when there is now fire on the 🗻 that you are running to Enekem, guy go and tell your parents? And how come this have been going on and they didn't find out? Incest is a sin and taboo, don't has to your misery, tell your parents and maybe the abortion might just be the thing to do.... Don't follow my advice

  2. Blood of Jesus, may God forgive you


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