We took a time out with FULUIFE NKECHI the winner of LOLO IGBO 1 2015/2016 PAGEANT and she opened up to us about how life was before the crown and how it has been after the crown.
Enjoy our interview with her and get to know her better.

LOLO IGBO 1, May we know you please?
Nde wo nu oo, ohaneze ndi Igbo, My name is fuluife Nkechi, I hail from Ezeagu L.G.A an undergraduate of Geology and Mining in the Enugu state university of science and technology. I hail from Ezeagu L.G.A. Am the second child in a family of six, my mum is a banker and my dad is a business man.
Geology and mining? Why did you choose to contest for a pageant, it’s not in your line of career.
Hahahaha, I have a great passion for modeling.
How has being a beauty queen affected your life?
It has affected my life in so many ways am no longer the girl next down am now a “Queen” and a lot of people are expecting so much from me now. This crown has added so many flavors to my life and has made me improve a lot! Am more eloquent and can speak boldly unlike before, I get to met with high profile people and celebrities , I have a better platform to tell the world whom I am, Now when I go for an event or met a group persons in a function , I gain recognition , they will say to me “ oh! Lolo, good to see you” hahahaha, It feels so good! To have a new status quo.
Who has being the greatest influence in your life?
God has being the greatest influence in my life, because without him, I don’t think I will be here.
Do you think beauty pageants are overrated in Nigeria?
Yes they are far more over rated in Nigeria; they are lot of mush room pageants, unorganized firms promising prizes that they can’t afford to give to the winners of their pageants, sometimes contestants have to sleep with the managing directors to win the pageant. But I thank God for vine shield limited immediately I was crowned “LOLO IGBO 1” I was handed over a brand new Peugeot car.
What have you learned about yourself that you will like people to know about you?
I am God fearing, I love helping people and also I am a go getter.
Why do you choose to compete for a cultural pageant?
Well it’s because of the level of modesty credibility that comes with cultural pageants, the people of Nigeria and Africa values culture a lot, so they get to respect you knowing you met the required level of modesty for a cultural pageant.
What’s your favorite Igbo food?
Fio fio and eji
What part of the Igbo culture thrills you most?
Our food and our language.
if you must change anything in the Igbo culture what will it be?
I will change the level at which our people are known for loving money. Because it makes us not to be trusted with any political office involved with money. And this limits our opportunities of being front burners in the country.
Who would you attribute your success in life to?
God and my mum.
Why your mum?
My mum is a disciplinary, she is strict and Godly, she brought us up with her right hand and I have life’s best lessons from her.
Is there anyone you admire?
Yes! A whole lot of people but I will mention a few. Onyeka Owenu and her Excellency, Mrs. Cecilia Ezilo the deputy governor of Enugu state.
I love onyeka because of how she represents the Igbo people with style and class, and she is so talented, she sings and acts. And her poise and charisma is so gracious, I want to be her when I grow old, she makes old age look good. And Mrs. Ezilo, her strong will and determination make me respects her all the way. She being the first female deputy governor in Enugu state makes me realize that I can be whatever I want to be, if I stick my head out.
What are your plans for the future?
My plans for the future is MISS NIGERIA 2017, my dream is to become the next Agbani derego in Nigeria.
Tell us about your pet project.
My pet project is the Igbo national debate, I gearing towards promoting the Igbo language among secondary school student.
Lolo Igbo thanks a lot for your time, we appreciate you and we are happy to know you better.
it’s my pleasure.
You can follow Fuluife Nkechi @lolo_kechy