Sunday, July 10, 2016

( For Deep Thinkers only): One Reason Why You Should Not Fear Death.

Death is one topic,  we normally choose to avoid,  based on the circumstances that "Life " is solely what we are accustomed to as humans,   and we tend to think that death is devoid of any form of reality , meaning that when we die it all ends.
Although some of us with the vision of religion,  paint the illusion of an "afterlife effect" accompanied by death,  that is,  the possibility of the existence of a place of sanctity and salvation(Heaven) and a place of damnation (Hell),  and because a major disadvantage of religion is that it lacks any form of unity in beliefs and liturgy, some broken pieces of it,  believe that death is a key to unlocking the concept of "reincarnation".
However,  it is a sure and irrevocable knowledge that eventually everything in nature dies,  in Support of Martin Heidegger's metaphysics that says man as a natural being,  is being unto death.  Many of us fear this truth,  therefore, to avoid it: some delude themselves in believing that acquiring  enough wealth will grant them immortality,  some bask in the dream that when they leave this world (through death) they will transcend to another that is more peaceful and blissful, a sort of paradise (subscribers to the afterlife effect).  To the former category of persons  its a fool's thought,  while to the latter its an uncertain dream, highly agnostic.


This reason,  is solely based on deep reflection and rationale,  but first,  before giving a reason "not to",  lets outline an abstract and general reason why people fear death:

*people fear death,  because it is an unknown reality, (something not experienced before, i e, the fear of the unknown)

*An end to a reality they were used to,  since conception(or birth)

*it is inevitable (can't avoid it)

*it is permanent (eternal slumber)

*it is unpredictable (comes anytime)

Aside other reasons you might want to add,  these 5 are the most general and underlying arguments why people are afraid of death. Now the simple solution in allaying these fears is what i call "Future Understanding". Its a mind therapy,  quite in depth and abstract , but in it simplicity it can be explained as knowing the constructs and contents of the future itself. 
Death is a futuristic plan (for those still living), it is not a past nor a  present plan,  it is a future occurrence. Now, what are the contents and construct of the future?
*it is unpredictable (despite your plans for it)

*it is unknown( making it unpredictable)

*it is permanent (the future is eternal,  even when the  entire world dies)
*It is inevitable (No One can avoid the future)

Now look at this 4 contents or construct of the future,  is it not similar to the reason  why people fear death ? Death is unpredictable as well as the future,  Death is an unknown reality as well as the future,  it is permanent as well as the future , it is inevitable as well as the future,  therefore it seems " Death" and "Future" are concepts similar together in good fate.

Once you can come to terms with how the future operate (Future understanding) , then why should death scare you?  Is it not rational to be scared of the future instead?

Now a lot of us make plans for the future,  we are not scared of it because we think we can sculpt it to what we want,  but it has disappointed us a lot of times because of its unpredictability ( just like death) the future is unknown (again like death) yet we look forward to it ,  especially those with dreams,  now how many of us actually achieve those dreams?A good analogy will be that of a child  aspiring to be a doctor in future, but due to circumstances that child grows up to become a criminal instead. Is that child's dream not crushed? Honestly speaking the future carries a lot of things,  some  pleasurable some dangerous and chaotic and death is one of them.

In conclusion therefore, the therapy of future understanding should teach you that "  i as an individual understanding the operations of the future, should not be scared of death  , but rather the future because it is the tree from which the fruit of death falls from" .

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