Sunday, August 7, 2016

Wow!! Lepacious Bose Share Reasons Why She Shed Her Weight From size 32 to 14(Photos)

I always tell people that they can achieve any body size they imagine all they need to do is be disciplined and enthusiastic about that goal,  lepacious Bose is one of the renowned female comed
ienne in the Nigerian industry and she had always been known for always making jokes about her Fatty body,  the embarrassments, pain and agony that follows a fat woman in today's society,
it is clear that she really wants to change that stigma and if you have seen her in the last 6 months you will be aware that fat  lepacious Bose is now becoming lepa (skinny) lady indeed,  below is an excerpt from a recent interview where she shared reasons why she decided to lose weight and where she is aiming at..... Ladies read this and hit the gym today if you want to burn some fat. 

We noticed you have shed more weight again, what inspired the desire?

If you have gone through my Instagram page, you would have seen where I wrote a story of how my nephew said to me that I was breathing funny. I asked him how and he said, I was breathing like somebody that was going to die. When it said it, it was scary. He looked at me and said, Please Aunty Bose, don't die. I took a check and decided to ask myself some questions, Is this all there is to life? I took an inventory of my life and asked myself if I was truly happy and the answer was no! I wrote a list of things that made me happy. I couldn't find much to write. I tried to write a list of things that made me unhappy and I had many things to write.
The first 10 things were tied to being fat. So, I decided it was time to make a change. I decided to take the bull by the horn and do something about it.

Does your change in size give you more confidence?
There is no way you will lose weight and not feel more confident. You will definitely feel happier and healthier. You will feel sexier, people will commend you, saying nice things about you. You will definitely feel more confident.  All that work together. It is not rocket science, once the weight starts going down you will see reactions from people. The fact that you can work into a shop and see your size there is amazing. You don't have to buy what you see but what you like, all that come together to build up your confidence. The more confident you feel, the more love you feel towards yourself.

You actually look more beautiful and sexier, how does that feel?
It feels good, that is the truth. People asked me how I have been able to keep at it and I didn't give up along the way. It is very simple. I just pick a picture of myself and how I used to look and tell myself. I am not going back there. When I posted past pictures and after, people thought I was showing off, no. Why I posted pictures of my before and after was because I was at the point where I wanted to give up, maybe I was frustrated and tired of the journey. Then, I look at the picture of my before and compared it to where I am right now. I tell myself, hell no, I am not going back there. It feels good when people tell you, you look good and you respond Thank you. You also looked at the mirror before you left the house and know that you will actually looked good. It is a good feeling.

How were you able to perform the magic?
When people call it magic, I laugh because there's nothing magical about weight loss. There is nothing miraculous about it. The problem with people is that, I was losing weight right under their roses and they just did not know. I started the weight loss journey three years ago. I have been losing weight for three years and some months now. I am still going on, I have not stopped. To stay away from eba for three years, you think it is something I like? I missed good food. In three years, I have eaten pounded yam like three times, you think it is something I like? It is simply hard work, discipline and commitment. A lot of people started sending me mail. You must occupy your soul, spirit with it. When I wake up in the morning, it is what I think about. When I am going to sleep at night, it is what I am thinking about. All I think about is, I have to lose this weight. When I want to go out, I am already thinking of what I am going to eat. If I am stuck in traffic, I am thinking of what I can snack on. I try to avoid junks, soft drinks on the road. Those are the things that make you pack up fat. I have to think ahead. I am at a party and I am already thinking, what can work for me and what cannot work for me. There are parties I attend and I don't eat anything. I just take my eyes off the food.

What was your size before and what is it now?
I was a size 32 and now I am a size 14.
Are you still continuing or you are okay with how you are now?

Of course, I will still continue.
What is your target size?

My target is size10 but my family wants me to stay at size 12. When I get to size 12, I will decide. If I feel good with it, I will stop. If not, I will continue. Everybody feels it is perfect like this.

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