Thursday, October 6, 2016

5 Simple Rules to a Lasting Relationship

Many people often wonder why their relationship doesn't last or why things go cold after 3 months or more

Well it is really simple there are basic rules that need to be followed to have a long lasting relationship that can last till death,  these rules look pretty simple but if you overlook them trust me your relationship is on her to the rocks


This is really important,  you should not be in a relationship and still live your life like a careless bachelor,  sooner or later,  physically or otherwise your unfaithfulness and promiscuous lifestyle will ruin your relationship,  come to think of it,  if you were not ready to be faithful, why did you commit yourself to one person? Yes the world is listening and watching,  Loyalty sure sustains love.


This should never be overlooked,  people love being where they feel appreciated,  that's  a life rule,  if you love your partner always make them feel special,  some people do this during the early stage of the relationship then the appreciation declines,  that's not good it should stay at its peak for as long as you want the  relationship to last ,  compliment your lover,  Tell her/him how awesome and special he/she is,  trust me we love to hear this from someone we love.


Respect they say brings out the best in who it is being offered,  respect your spouse,  understand him or her,  what do they like and hate, ?  How do they love to be talked to?  Understand their flare for respect and feed it. Know the right things to say and when to say it.  We All love people that respect us.


Social media has made this rule seem baseless,  but trust me,  if a man/woman  really loves you, he will be jealous when he stalks you and find out that you telling random people you love them, calling them romantic pet names and also dropping those sweet smileys under their comments. trust me,  Real love comes with some form of jealousy,  if you don't want your man or woman thinking that you might actually be having an affair with your online or social boos and baes better stop flirting.

Also in real life event,  same law apply don't flirt with people,  respect your relationship and the person you love. It is outright disrespectful for your lover to be by your side and you are calling someone else you boo,  come on that is lowkey too much play though you are just socializing.


By now it is no news that communication is a very key factor in every relationship,  you have to make time and spend time with your lover, whether physical or virtual/digital

no matter how busy you may be or stuffed up your time is, always make sure you make out  time to chat, call, text or even see your lover.

this is one of the rigid rule that sustain relationships (long and short) ,  #communication,  where there is no communication,  there is #Disconnection


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