Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Imagine! Beyoncé Injured During Performance, Fans Cut Themselves In Show Of Support.

Beyoncé had a bleeding ear on stage during a Tidal X: 1015 performance Saturday, and some fans took their love for the superstar too far by cutting themselves in solidarity, NY Daily News is reporting.

Queen Bey's long braid got entangled with an earring during a high energy performance and ripped it from her ear. Beyoncé noticed that her earlobe was bleeding and dripping blood on the stage, during the performance of her song Haunted, but she did not miss a step and continued with her rendition.

After the show, fans of the Lemonade singer took to Twitter to give the singer a shout-out for going on to give an awesome performance despite her injury. The show of support soon turned graphic, with members of the Bey Hive purportedly cutting themselves and flaunting it on social media under the hashtags #bleedforBeyonce and #CutforBeyonce

The images have been dismissed as the handiwork of trolls who are mischievous and have plenty of time on their hands. However, self-harm is a reality among people who want to escape emotional pain, and the trend has been seen as worrying because some people might actually think it is alright to do so.

One fan tweeted that fans needed to spill their blood so that the "spirits" of the queen could be restored.

The Formation superstar has since come out to tell her fans not to hurt themselves.

The Beyoncé Bey Hive are known for their notoriety and stinging anyone who gets on the wrong side of their delectable diva. Kid Rock experienced this first-hand when he said the "Drunk in Love" songstress was not talented. A pissed-off Beyoncé ordered her followers to flood all his posts on social media.

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