Saturday, October 8, 2016

Meet Obese Woman That Find's Self-confidence in Her Body (Photos)

Obese woman refuses to lose weight because she loves her curves

A 28-stone (177kg) glamour model has refused to slim-down even after doctors warned her if she didn't lose weight she could die.

According to Sarah Rout, she doesn't want to lose her self-confidence or lose her ever-growing legion of fans by losing her beloved trademark curves.

MirrorUK reports that the 30-year-old mum-of-three has been modeling for seven years and now relies on her husband Tony to help her with some simple things her size makes difficult, including drying her back and legs and helping her up from low furniture.

Sarah, who models under the name Babyjane, is also suffering from sleep apnea - a nocturnal breathing condition often caused by obesity .

Doctors have warned the plus size model that she is at risk of having a heart attack or developing diabetes and dying if she does't lose weight.

Sarah said:
"I love my curves. But I am worried about my size now.
"My plan is to lose some weight but not too much. To be the perfect size for both my health and my modelling.
If I was 18 stone (114kg), I'd be happy and I could still model."
Her husband Tony said:
"I've become sort of a carer to Sarah now.
"She struggles from time to time to do even simple things, like drying herself after a shower.
"Her weight has a massive impact on our day-to-day life."
Tony and Sarah met online after chatting to each other for twelve months. They fell in love and have been happily married for three years.

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