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Yippee!!!  November noble feature is out and our cover page is gracefully covered by the CEO of J.G.D investments, Publisher Dipcreek magazine and Owner of Exquisite ready to wear fashion label Twon by Jane, Madam Jane Gam-dede.

She hail from Twon-Brass in Bayelsa State but was born and raised in Rivers State, "I am Port Harcourt girl" like she will always say. 

She is a former Beauty Queen, she was FM Rivers State, Miss Carniriv, Rivers State, Miss Sure-Lere Lagos and Miss Nigeria Eastern Zone, 1999.
She holds an HND in Journalism from the International Institute of Journalism and also a Certificate in Theatre Arts from the University of Port Harcourt. 
She also trained as a Fashion Designer at the Shelton Institute of Fashion.

Enjoy our interview with her as she unravel, the beginning, present and future of her Quick risen fashion label TWON BYJANE. 

I had always had an interest in Fashion, beauty catches my curiosity, so from a very young age, I had started sketching my own designs for tailors. I knew how I wanted my clothes to look like. Even as a teenage, I didn’t let my parent have the final say in my looks.  Therefore it wouldn’t be wrong for me to say fashion found me. So when I wanted to choose a career path, I had 2 careers in mind, fashion designing or fashion & Style reporter. In 2009 I registered Jezreel-Jador, which I re-named to what is now known as Twon-by-Jane in 2014. My idea was to have a Fashion brand that is a true retail brand which will meet the 21st century woman and man’s basic fashion needs. “Sophisticated, classy, elegant and yet not overly expensive”. And why do I say a “retail brand?” It mean, we want our designs or products to be found in different locations, such as department stores, boutiques, shopping centers and on-line store around the world. This is an idea I conceived as far back as 2004, when I didn’t even had 10 thousand Naira in a bank. But in 2009, I started going to Yaba market in Lagos to get sample fabric and will make few pieces was selling in Lagos and will send some to Port Harcourt for my sister to sell for me. I did that still I started my magazine Dip Creek but somehow I just couldn’t manage both and had to rest the Clothing line, however in 2014 I decided to restart and rebrand and here we are with Twon.

I am proud to say, without missing words, “Twon is a unique label that stands on its own.  Our designs are more than a design, it tells stories, we pride ourselves in our craftsmanship, because I am building a label which aim is to have it among other global retail brand. Our motto says, “Dress to achieve not impress”.
And with a vision which states; “to be a fashion brand that is not about selling clothes or fashion accessories but also to inspire the mind of our buyers, to benefit from the power of dressing well and right. We are not just a fashion label but a movement of hope and possibilities.
With 2outlets/ sales point one in Port Harcourt and the other in Abuja, I however have my eyes set at selling outside Nigeria and modalities for that is also in motion.  I wish I can bring the cat out of the bag but I will love to keep the detail to heart for now. Sorry!

The future I must say is promising, for someone who started with no fit capital and to be able to have achieve the much I have, I am so grateful to God and the men and women God has used to continue to propel me and my brand forward. The original idea for me is a Nigeria brand/label that is international. That why, my designs don’t just reflect Nigeria or Africa, Twon is a Nigeria Label, like Zara is a Spanish brand, Christian Doir is a French brand, Adidas is a German Brand or Valention, Prada, Armani that are Italian brands. In a few years from now, I want when people goggle in search of brands and their origin, I want them to find Twon-By-Jane, “Nigeria”.  Its why even before the thought of selling oversea, I registered my label name as twon-by-jane Nigeia. It was deliberate and purposeful.

As my team and I look forward to the coming year, I am so thankful to God Almighty for continual ideas, new visions and innovation that is needed to push twon forward. Indeed, it has been a continuous straggle to see my vision truly come to life but Ha! Some people who started businesses with millions have not achieved what I have in just a few years. People are beginning to understand my concept, now I see people say, Ready-to-Wear, Ready-to-Wear but a while ago, I was advised to get stationed tailors, take fabric and sew for individual but I stayed true to my original vision and look at it today. I now have on-line store requesting my products, I have international request for my pieces. Twon-by-jane as a brand name is beginning to get recognition outside Nigeria. The future is bright I must testify.....

We testify to the success of this brand also!  Lessons learnt from this inspirational being "madam Jane Gamdede" is simply to stick to the vision. 

Twon is a brand that has come to stay and we very proud to tell their story....
Take a quick peep on their collections... here. 

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Instagram @Twonchic 
Facebook @Twonbyjane
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