Friday, November 11, 2016

PAINFUL;Blog reader whose boyfriend cheated & impregnated another lady needs your counsel

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Hi everyone please I need advise because I am confused on what to do. Here is my story:

I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend who I love so much for almost 3yrs now. I am a single mother with a 6yr old son which my boyfriend has been aware of from the very first day we met.

We have been happy up until November last year wen we started having problems about him cheating on me with different girls, and I have been battling with this situation all this while up until two months ago when I found out that a girl whom we used to quarrel about is pregnant for him and is about to give birth to a baby boy for him and she is currently with his mother been taking care of.

But here is my confusion: he says he loves me and that he never wanted her to get pregnant. That she was the one that insisted on having a baby for him and now with the situation that he just wants to do what's right by taking care of her being hat he knows he is responsible for the baby.

As 1 am writing this we just came back form a trip together to Abuja together where we went to cool of
and talk about things.

I love him with my soul but am hurt and I am confused. Should I get angry with him for having a baby when I already have my mine? He says he loves me and wants to make things work but he needs to
take care of his responsibility as a father.

My fear is what if he changes his mind to marry this girl with family pressure as he sometimes
claims? Where does that now leave me? Should I stay and make it work or should I move on?

Please advise because I need to know what to do. I love him so much and have tried to let him go but i just cant.

Am I just been a fool not to see that he has made a choice with this girl or if he's just using me because he often tell me that I motivate him and that he feels better me.

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