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Vic O Tweeted Why He Wasn’t Nominated At #TheHeadies2015

This guy is going crazy o.. Rily?? People please read his tweet and see if this artist is still on Earth

Another #LEAVETRASHFORLAWMA T-shirt, you like?

Well I prefer this to the first one,


This is a serious question o. Lol

INTERVIEW : I Am Sex-starved(3yrs) But Waiting For My Ex-husband To Return - -Actress Uche Iwuji

Hollywood actress Uche Iwuji's barely 1 year old marriage crashed in 2013 after an alleged nude photo of her hit the net along with cheating accusations.

In a new interview with Vanguard today, the mother of one revealed she is sex starved but is waiting for her ex-husband Mr. Juwon Lawal to return to her before that need can be satisfied. According to her,  no other man can take his place in her heart or be as good as he was ever was to her.


You have not been in public scenes for a while, what happened?
This is simply because my life has changed. I got married, separated, and have a child. I am re branding myself and that is why I have left the public scene. That doesn't really mean I have left showbiz but only took some time out for my family. I am fully back but not as the former Uche Iwuji, I am a new Uche Iwuji.

What 's the difference between old and new Uche Iwuji?
I have always been involved in one scandal or the other. That will change because Uche is now a mother who wants the best for her son.

What are those things you really want to change?
I used to go out a lot, I was always every where.

So, you mean that has always landed you in trouble?
No, it does not put me in any form of trouble. It only made people know who I was. Then, I was single so it is allowed. I am now a mother, things must change.

Your experience as a single mother?
It is not easy; I must confess. I have to be there for my son who will be three this year. I have my businesses that has been footing our bills. I hang out with single mothers like myself. I thank God that every one is showing me love. However, a man settles your bill when you are married but that has changed because I fend for myself and my child. Nobody is asking for my account now (laughs).

Is it true that men take advantage of single mothers?

No, I don't think it is true because that has not happened to me.

What has been married and single taught you?
I have learnt to be strong for myself. Separating from my husband was not a good thing at all. Though, an eye opener. As far as I am concerned, being single again is fun. I am free to do whatever I like. I have been able to get over the break up when I look at my son. He is a bundle of joy

How did you meet your husband?
No way. I don't want to talk about that.

What went wrong in your marriage?
The marriage failed because we didn't understand each other well.

Your courtship was for three months, do you think that could be another factor?
Not really, I still respect and love my ex husband till date. In fact, I still pray for him.

Does that mean you will accept him if he comes back?
Yes, I will a million times. He is the best gift I have ever gotten.

Who do you have to blame for your break up; The media, choice of career or your family members?
I blame it on the society. People were always saying rubbish about me. However, I advise intending celebrity couples to understand each other well and shun third party.

Do you think your marriage affected your career?
Yes, in a positive way. People now see me as a matured woman. Some still address me as a Mrs. It only boosted my career.

Why do celebrity marriages fail because it seems to be a trend?
Not only celebrity marriages fail, it happens everywhere. It is somehow natural because people don't really wish us well. They just say the marriage will soon crash and it will. This is because many people have made the prophecy.

Do you think this will affect your child?
I thank God for my child. Sometimes, when I even talk about his father, he just says "mummy don' t talk about him". They communicate on phone. He also calls me because I have a child with him.

Is it true you are unlucky with men as purported online?
Yes , I' m not that lucky with men but I think I was lucky at a point. To have been married to my ex husband means luck was smiling at me. We only didn't understand each other well.

Do you have any plan to remarry?
No way. I will marry my ex husband a million times again. No other man is good for me. I believe he will come back when he is ready.

How do you intend to manage sex in his absence?
I am sex starved for now but I don't really long for it. I have been without sex for a while now

Many celebrities these days now have tattoo?
Yes, I also have it but it's not just too obvious.

Sweet and bitter moments of your career?
When I started it was bitter. Then, I wasn't getting the roles I wanted. But things got better. I now get befitting roles and that is sweet. I don't hope to have more scandals in the future.

How do you rate a successful film: is it the money you get,the award or what?
It is the award and its impact on the people.

What do you dislike about being in the limelight?
Our lives is not ours anymore,it is not private. You even have to smile even when things are not fine, but I think I am coping well.

"Don Jazzy, Olamide And The ‘Hyundai Skelemba’-Taking It To A Bank" by Charles Novia

Controversial writer and movie producer Charles Novia weighs on the Olamide/ Don Jazzy brouhaha, and as usual, he doesn't disappoint.

The Headies 2015 ( which ironically held on the first day of 2016) was an anti-climax after that.

And perhaps the public tantrums of both Don Jazzy and Olamide were the highlights of what was before then an above average telecast with glaring lapses which could have been remedied with more precision.

When the artistes nominated in the 'Next Rated..' category were shown in a mini-documentary somewhere in the show, taking photo-ops in the Hyundai SUV and pleading for votes from their fans so as to win the prize, I told myself after seeing the earnest expectations on their faces that this category would surely be competitive but would have some bad blood drawn thereafter. The visuals of the four nominated acts seated side-by-side in the hall thereafter, being interviewed by the Hip TV Presenter just before the category was announced also showed an unease amongst them even if they were trying to put up aloof facades.

Korede Bello, Kiss Daniel, L'il Kesh and Reekado Banks. Four nominees in perhaps the 'arclosest-to-call' category in The Headies ever. Looking at the list, they each had hits in 2015. But in my personal opinion ( which I'm entitled to, innit?) I would have pruned the list at the final stage to just two; Korede Bello and Kiss Daniel.

'Godwin' was probably the biggest song of 2015, transcending both the secular and gospel charts and finding resonance all across Africa. How could such a song not get the artiste a winner in that category? On the other hand, 'Woju' by Kiss Daniel was another monster hit in 2015 which certainly would have won him that prize without raising eyebrows.

With due respect to Reekado Banks, I don't think his ' Katapot' track was that much of a phenomenal hit in 2015 but it was a good track. And L'il Kesh too, who was touted by Olamide as having back to back hits in 2015 ( by his reckoning) stood a chance as well but I would say a misfit of personal branding by the YBNL team for Kesh might have added to his loss in that category. Club and dance hits are different from acclaimed general hits when it comes to the brass tacks and 'Gbese Re' was huge on the club and dance circuits but can't be termed a huge hit compared to Korede's and Kiss'

Thus, when Reekado won, I was one of the surprised folks watching on television. Obviously this didn't go down well with Olamide, on whose label Kesh is signed on to and he went on a profane and perhaps alcohol-induced rant onstage a few minutes later, calling out the organisers and storming off the stage thereafter.

Don Jazzy, the acclaimed Producer, who is the Head Huncho at Mavin Records which has Reekado as one of its acts, picked up the gauntlet a few minutes after while receiving his Lifetime Achievement Award and called out Olamide. He asked Olamide to come take the car won by Reekado and stormed out of the awards with his crew.

Olamide later went on twitter to rant more expletives on Don Jazzy.

Both artistes were wrong on many fronts. For Olamide, his open inebriation on stage calls for much questioning of his public conduct when he's not in performance mode. As he boasts in his songs, he might have packed halls and swayed trends in the past year but trying a Kanye West onstage at The Headies was ill-advised. One should ask this question ( which I will also throw at Don Jazzy later as well) that if L'il Kesh had back to back hits as Olamide claimed, why didn't YBNL deem it fit to buy him a car ( if he hasn't any) all these months?

And Don Jazzy too should have stuffed it when he said that he had told Korede and Reekado not to bother themselves about the car if they didn't win because he would buy them a car. Really? Did he mean to tell us that with all the shows and endorsements both acts had last year under his management, there wasn't any 'change' left to buy his acts cars?

If that's the case, something is wrong somewhere.

Don Jazzy screwed up though by calling out Olamide in his speech especially as Olamide never mentioned his name. But to a discerning mind, it seems those two had festering issues before last night and that incident was the last straw.

Mutual discontent and petty misgivings are common in the entertainment industry. I am never fooled by put-on smiles and show of camaderie most times by artistes as they are human like everyone else. What sets off animousities are usually a struggle for a space on top; a definition of ambitious egos or just plain loathing for petty reasons.

The struggle and not the hustle is what is real. Territorial dominance and egotistical relevance.

The major beneficiary from all this, in spite of the furore over the winner, is Hyundai. The brand now has more exposure than it bargained for and everyone would remember the brand for months to come. No publicity is bad at all in this regard for them.

To think that Don Jazzy and Olamide did a collabo a couple of years back and an anaemic one too, in my opinion. A song which didn't make sense and was soon forgotten as soon as it came out.

With the storm over this award and the degenerative posibilities it portends, one can only suggest to Hyundai to come out with a new model inspired by this.

And calling that model 'Hyundai Skelemba' won't be a bad idea.

The sales might just be something the company can 'bank' on.

EX-President Obasanjo Reacts To Olamide and don jazzy Beef – See Tweets

Olamide and don Jazzy beef is  getting outta hand for it to even draw the attention of Nigerian Ex- president Olusegun Obasanjo.

Plans To Assassinate Buhari Are Been Strategized – Father Mbaka

Founder of Adoration Ministry, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, during his new year sermon yesterday in his church, revealed how some certain people are planning to take the life of the President, do that corruption can continue in the country. He says they are planning to kill because of his campaign against corruption. He said;

"I am not a sycophant, but I want to tell you that so far God is happy and he who God has blessed none can curse. Many people are planning to kill Buhari – there are many plans on how to eliminate his life so that corruption will continue, so that embezzlement will continue. But I speak to Buhari that God who put you there will protect you; be firm, remain resolute, don't be intimidated."

Mbaka then went on to say;

"President Buhari, God and his people are behind you, you are the answer to the prayer of His people. Nigeria, as we speak now, economically, security wise is in the intensive care unit. If the oxygen is removed, Nigeria will die. People of God prayed, from here and there and God gave us Buhari. God has told us that Buhari is prayer answered.

President Buhari is an answered prayer; whether you hate him or like him, Buhari is prayer answered.

The Bishops of Nigeria, the Catholic bishops prayed against bribery and corruption and this President came with a charter that has to do with war against corruption," he said.

Lil Kesh responds to losing The Next Rated Award at #TheHeadies2015

Lil Kesh lost The Next Rated Award for 2015 category to Reekado Banks which led to a beef between his record label's(YBNL) boss-Olamide and Reekado Banks' record label's(MAVIN) boss Don Jazzy. The award came with a vehicle. He took to twitter to express his emotions about the whole brouhaha .check them out..

We Have Commenced Investigation into Davido's Child Abduction Case - NAPTIP

The drama between pop sensation, Davido, and the estranged mother of his daughter, Sophie Momodu, took a new dimension earlier in the week when the latter wrote a letter of petition against the musician through her lawyer, Mr. Gbolaga Ajayi.

Ajayi had while seeking protection for the rights of his client, petitioned the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons because the case borders on child abduction and trafficking.

When Saturday Beats contacted the Lagos State Zonal Commander of the agency, Mr. Joseph Famakin, he said that NAPTIP would be impartial as it proceeds with investigation into the matter.

"The case was reported to us on Wednesday and we have already commenced 
investigations. That is the only thing I can say for now. We are known for doing a diligent job irrespective of who is involved.

"For now, I cannot say anything about the case because we have just sent out invitations to the parties involved. I have neither seen nor interviewed any of them so for now I cannot really say much. All I can say is that we have commenced a full scale investigation into the matter after we received the petition on Wednesday evening.

"It is when we listen to all parties involved that we would establish if there was a case of human trafficking or not. There have been no facts presented to me other than the petition I received. The people who presented the petition would make a statement, likewise the other party involved then we would be able to come to an objective conclusion. We cannot presuppose.

"I cannot assume what would happen if they refuse to honour our invitation but when we get to the bridge, we would cross it. When we start the investigation, you would be informed but at this stage, we have just received the petition and we just commenced," he said.

However, when Mr. Ajayi, Sophie's lawyer, was contacted by Saturday Beats, he corroborated Famakin's position before giving an insight into the matter.

"This case is a novel one that is open to different dimensions in my understanding. There was abduction from the story that I was told. The lady was tricked to go to a house supposedly for custodian purpose but when she got there, the baby was taken from her and she was thrown out by Davido's sister. That looks like a case of abduction because the young woman forcefully took a baby that wasn't hers.

"The second part is the attempt to take the baby out of the country. As soon as the immigration officers at the airport asked who the mother of the baby was, Miss Ashley Adeleke, raised her hand up that she was the mother. Immediately, her passports were taken from her and she was asked some questions but because of the crowded nature of our airport, she was able to abscond from the place with the baby. As it is now, the baby is still in her custody. The lady tried taking the child out of the country without the knowledge and consent of the mother. That wasn't the first time such would be happening. That, in my understanding, is trafficking," the lawyer said.

Speaking further, Ajayi disclosed that his clients were not interested in making a case but want peace for Sophia and her daughter, Imade. According to him, the whole saga had thrown the young lady in a psychological mess.

"Our primary concern is that the baby be returned to the mother but if the agency is able to establish that Davido abducted the child, then it could either lead to a custodian sentence. The fact before the court would determine what sentence he gets. But there would be conviction before there can be a sentence. I cannot say what the sentence would be," he said.

Photos: Africa’s Tallest Jesus Statue Unveiled by Catholic Church in Imo State

The 8.53 metre (28 foot) tall "Jesus de Greatest" statue commissioned in 2013, was built by a Chinese company and  carved in white marble.

Standing barefoot with arms outstretched, the 40 ton statue  towers over St. Aloysius Catholic Church 
in  the village.

More than 100 priests and hundreds of Catholic worshippers attended the statue's official unveiling.
It was commissioned by Obinna Onuoha, a local businessman who hired a Chinese company to carve it and placed it in the grounds of a 2000-capacity church that he built in 2012.

In his homily at a Mass before unveiling the statue, presiding bishop Augustine Tochukwu Okwuoma said it would be a "very great symbol of faith" for Catholic worshippers and passers-by alike.

"It's  the biggest statue of Jesus on the continent," said Onuoha, the 43-year-old chief executive officer of an oil and gas distribution company.

"Definitely pilgrims will come, " he said.

43 year-old Obinna Onuoha, the CEO of Premier Petroleum Limited who financed the erection of the statue  said  he had a dream in 1997 to build  it.

When his 68-year-old mother fell seriously ill a few years ago, she made him promise that he would build a church if she survived. He built it  also in Abajah. Obinna's company  Premier Petroleum Limited was founded in 1995 and has offices in Abuja, Lagos and a factory in Osisioma Abia state . It  produces VIVA branded petroleum  pruducts, such a s grease, engine oil.

The Company also provides onshore and offshore supply logistics. Obinna had worked for Texaco Nigeria Plc. (Chevron Texaco) in the areas of Product Distribution & Logistics (South Eastern Region- Nigeria) He  graduated from York St Johns University (United Kingdom) where he studied Leading Innovation & Change.  He also holds a degree in Applied Business Management from Harvard Business School (OPM46) Cambridge, Massachusetts. (USA). In his biographical sketch on, Mr. Obinna says he was an alumnus of the Harvard Business School, and a member of the Harvard Business Review. He is married and has  four children.

Wow Naija: Customized Shirts Carrying The Punchline In Olamide's Twitter Rant Already Out

Lol,  if you followed the twitter rants of Olamide earlier today he dropped the - Leave trash for LAWMA ' line in one of his Tweets and barely 24-Hour after that,  the shirts have been made. Naija I hail o

Burna Boy,Phyno,Lil Kesh,Wande Coal react to Olamide vs Donjazzy Headies saga

Burna Boy who has always criticized Nigerian award shows took to twitter to laugh after Wande Coal tweeted "LOL..Just passing though"..
Looks like they are all on Olamide's side ..See Phyno,Lil Kesh's reactions.

WELL SAID : Olamide Tenders Humble Apology To His Fans, Keeps Silent On Don Jazzy

Like I said on Facebook and BBM

Just Pray God bless your Brand/Business with Money So no Don Jazzy Will base your judgment on material things-

This is a smart apology

When God Change Your Life, Remember Your Momma....

Some of you all spend millions in clubs, spend a lot of money on call girls, use expensive phones, drive expensive cars, now living a life better than the one you were born into,

you Flaunting your wealth on social network but your momma is still in the Gutter where you started , 

you can't even take people to see her cause it won't match the kind of persona that you have created for yourself, please bro/sis it is wrong,

when God changes your life remember your momma, take care of her, share your blessings with her regardless of her age. .. Because no one in the world can take your momma's place. #Enekemdotcom

#Headies2015 Fans Go for Dija For Jumping after Don Jazzy's Rant

The Babe was funny, I forgot for a minute that she was pregnant

Fake A#ss, Olamide Drop More Angry Tweets #Headies2015 #Enekemdotcom

The heat is on,

#Headies2015 really?? #Enekemdotcom

What's this?

#Headies2015 Fuc#K Don Jazzy - - Olamide Draws The Battle Line, SMD vs YBNL

I think another big industry beef is about to go down courtesy Headies

#Headies2015 Reekado Banks Wins Next Rated Award, Lil Kesh be like...

Lol,  this is another Controversial win cause most people have tipped Lil Kesh to be the most successful art in the category but like the last time,  Kesh has been robbed again

#Headies2015 Bovi as B-Banj, Nailed Or Failed??

Am still up,  compiling the winners for you guys

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...