Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Thousands Of Staffs Are Starting 2016 Jobless As Visafone Winds Down Operations

This is not a good one,  hope these Staffs enjoyed their job while it lasted and also have something to fall back on,

In what seems to be one of the aftermath of a down-trodden economy , a major CDMA Telecoms provider in Nigeria, Visafone has just closed down operations in the provision of telecommunication services.

Consequently, thousand of the companies employees have been disengaged from their jobs with effect for today the 5th of january 2016, with just 3 months pay as severance. The only categories of staff left are the personnel on the transmission team.

This has definitely aggravated the affected employees who are set for a show down with the Visafone Management.

7 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Blog In 2016 and How To Run a Successful Blog

You may be thinking that you have a job or you are a student, so you can't blog. No! No! I'm a student, in my final year. From experience am telling you that blogging will even help you as a student. You'll get to understand as you read on. Your job shouldn't be a barrier also. It shouldn't stop you from blogging. I've met a few people who have full-time jobs but are interested in blogging and I help them set up their blogs. You may be thinking about the possibility of combining your job with blogging. Ayeni Tobi of MissTechy dot com recently wrote a post on how she does this. She's got a job, but very consistent on her blog. You can learn from her experience if you want to combine your job with blogging.

Back to the topic:

7 Awesome Reasons To Start Your Blog This Year

1. You'll Become A Better Writer

Blogging is definitely going to improve your writing skills. Becoming a better writer lies on much practice, and how frequently you write. And then that is what blogging is about. This is one of the reasons it will help you as a student. Blogging has greatly improved my writing skills and other bloggers out there.

2. You'll Make A Difference In The Life Of Others

One time or the other, we have all read a story, a blog post, or an article online that inspired us. You can change people's life for the better through blogging. Inspiring young people to discover their true potentials, directing people to make better choices in their relationships, spreading the virtues of your faith.There are many ways you can help others through blogging. Your voice matters, making it heard will have a positive impact on others. Start your blog today to be an inspiration to others.

3. You'll Meet New People.

I've enjoyed many benefits since I started blogging. Meeting interesting people is part of them. If you've been blogging for while, you'll agree with me on this. People that are interested in your niche will always contact you to know more about it and you'll end up making friends with some of them. Beneficial friends. You may also get to meet top bloggers in your niche. Meeting new people and making friends is fun.

4. You'll Become A Better Thinker

You don't get taught in school how to think, but it's one of the greatest attributes every human must possess. Blogging fills that void, it helps you grow your thinking muscles exponentially. Before writing anything, you have to think so you can give your readers what they want from you. Now is the best time to think about having your own blog.

5. It'll Build Your Confidence.

Blogging will make you confide in yourself, it'll help you learn to voice your opinion without being scared of making mistakes. With time you'll realize that your voice matters and you have something to offer others.

6. It'll create opportunity for yourself and for your business

Writing about a particular topic consistently shows you are an expert in that field. When you become known in that area people looking for expertise will eventually contact you. One of my major services online is to set up blogs. I've been doing that even before I started this blog. But after starting this blog, I get to meet more people interested in my services because they see me as an expert.

7. You Can Make Money From Blogging

I know you've heard a lot about making money from blogging and that is the main reason some people go into it. Though it is true that you can make money blogging, but blogging is not a get-rich-quick scheme. (You've heard about that too). Create values and grow your audience before you think of making money from your blog.

So are you convinced? You want to start your blog? Don't rush. Don't jump into entertainment niche like others do and end up becoming a "copy-and-paste" blogger. Carefully choose a niche that is right for you. I wrote a post that will help you choose the right niche. Check my profile. 

One more thing.

There are two major platform to set up your blog; Blogger and WordPress.

Blogger is a free service owned by google, where you can easily set up your blog in minutes and get a free sub-domain like yourblog.blogspot.com.

WordPress on the other hand is divided into two; Self hosted and free hosted (wordpress.com). Just like blogger, wordpress.com is free and you'll also get a free sub-domain like yourblog.wordpress.com.

But to use the self hosted WordPress, you'll need to purchase a hosting account and install the WordPress script.

If you already know about WordPress and Blogger, you should also know that using the self hosted WordPress is the best. There are many articles online supporting this claim. Personally, I don't take bloggers on a free platform like wordpress.com and blogger serious. Especially those without a custom domain name.


7 Famous People Rapper Olamide Has Had Serious Beef With

Rapper/singer Olamide, had his most successful year in 2015, some people aren't cool with that, that is one, his signee, Lil Kesh, also had the best year of his life but was not crowned with the award he deserves as the next rated Nigerian music star.

Olamide expressed his anger after his "boy" Kesh was ignored and that led to his fall out with Don Jazzy, who called him out on stage.

We take a look at Don Jazzy and 7 other celebrities that have had issues with the man.

Don Jazzy is the latest man to fall out with Olamide. Don Jazzy called out Olamide's name while receiving a special recognition award at the 2015 Headies.

Olamide on the other hand went ahead to rant on Twitter about how Don Jazzy isn't a big deal.

Toni Payne used to be Olamide's manager before he rose to bigger success then she went on to drop him, a decision that has now proved a poor one.

Toni Payne allegedly terminated the management deal because she had once or twice caught the young rapper performing at shows without her consent. Olamide was said to have been collecting performance fees also.

Olamde and Toni did not grant any interview on the matter.


Linda Ikeji fell out with Olamide after the blogger broke news about the rapper getting a woman pregnant.

Olamide denied getting anyone pregnant and warned Linda Ikeji to stay off his news if he can't post his music materials.

Olamide welcomed a child 7 months after the outrage which proved the blogger got her story from a good 


D'Banj's producer DeeVee came to social media to talk about how Olamide steals "musical ideas" from D'Banj and himself and how he lacks originality.

Although Olamide didn't respond, which might mean it is true, DeeVee released 2 songs that sounded like an Olamide record.


Olamide walked out of his deal with ID Cabasa owned Coded Tunes, the label which he released his debut album.

Coded Tunes couldn't do anything to stop Olamide who went on to achieve major success.

Olamide and ID Cabasa seem to be on talking terms now but nothing was the same.

6. M.I

M.I has never hidden the fact that he is not really cool with Olamide although Olamide seems to have an open mind about him.

M.I in an interview addressed the perceived beef he has with the YBNL chief.

He said,


I am a huge fan of Olamide; people do not realise how much I appreciate what he is doing right now. He is not alone because there are other indigenous rap artistes like Reminisce and their music is amazing. What they are doing has never been done before apart from that of the late Da Grin. They should be supported. However, I have no problem with Olamide. We see each other and we are friendly towards each other but I will not say that we are close friends. I am happy about his success. He is even on my album and we do not have any form of beef,"

In a Snapchat video earlier this week, M.I mocked "street music" and Headies controversies.


Nigerian rap icon Modenine tagged Olamide and his peers as clowns after they said punchline rap doesn't make ends meet again in Local Rappers.

Speaking to HipTV, Modo said,

"We all know that punchlines still and will forever bring in the money. Because if you check advertising, you will find out that the payoffs, the punchlines are always there and that brings a lot of money. Punchlines bring in the money. I like the song, but seriously, I know they were just clowning around,"he told Hiptv.

Tinted Glass Permit is Now Free And Can Be Accessed Online – Nigerian Police

Indeed, motorists in Nigeria can now breathe a sigh of relief as the Nigerian police have declared that tinted car permit is now free and can be accessed online.

The officer in charge of Complaint Response Unit (CRU), Nigerian Police, Mr. Aboyomi Shogunle has revealed that tinted glass permit can now be gotten free unlike before when many Nigerians pay through the nose to obtain the permit.

Some Nigerians had resorted to abandoning their tinted cars because of police harassment as a result of not obtaining the permit.

The revelation by Shogunle came three days ago after some took to twitter to express their disgust at how the Nigerian Police handled the tinted car permit issue. Some feel the police has been using that as a means to extort the citizens.

However, the officer made it clear that the tinted car permit is now free and explained all the process one will pass to obtain one.

Shogunle explained that the process of obtaining a tinted glass permit can be done while sitting in your room. He explained that the process can be accessed online


Mr. Aboyomi Shogunle is the Officer in Charge of Complaint Response Unit (CRU) at @PoliceNG | 24/7 #CustomerService at @PoliceNG_CRU | For Crime News @PoliceNG_News |

IMPORTANT – We Pray This Good News Won't Be Abused By Bad Motorists Or Better Still, It Should Be Limited To Users With Specific Reasons Of Acquiring This Permit

Do You Agree With This Man?

This morning, Ex-PDP chairman, Haliru Bello, arrived court in a wheelchair in Abuja. He is being charged with collecting, amongst others, the sum of N300 million naira from the office of the NSA, then headed by Dasuki Sambo. 

Some people think it is all gimmicks, so they have taken to social media to bare their minds. One of them wrote this on Facebook:

Checkout The Most Expensive Hotel Room That Costs $55k (N9.9M) Per Night (photos)

Well I can build a house in Lekki, Lagos with this amount of money. 

The Ty Warner Penthouse suite in New York is the priciest suite in the US as it costs $50k (almost 10 million naira a night).

Why does it cost that much? Well, according to the business Insider, it has an amazing 360-degree panorama (as it is the highest suite in the city).

It is 400 square metres (4,300 sq ft) which is about the size of an NBA basketball court. Plus a 56 square metre bedroom with finishing touches like Thai silk with 22 carat gold threads.

The suite comes with its own private elevator, a 24-hour private butler, a chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce, an art concierge (to guide you through the hotel's collection) and a personal trainer and the suite can accommodate up to three people.

Davido Lied against Sophie Momodu: Dele Momodu Shares Photo of Baby Imade in Dubai to Prove it

Mr Dele Momodu has shared his reaction to what he called the cruellest lies as told by Davido that his babymama, SophieMomodu is a cannabis smoker who has infected their baby Imade Adeleke.

As proof that Davido is lying, Dele shared this photo of baby Imade swimming with Davido's sister, Ashley Coco inside the heavenly pool of Atlantis, The Palm Dubai, one of the most luxurious resorts in the world while anxiety kills Sophie Momodu back home

Solid Star Survives Ghastly Car Accident (See Photo)

Nigerian music star Solid- star(No pun intended) took to instagram to thank God for saving his life from a fatal car accident.. Checkout the post above.

Exclusive: Olamide Prostrated before Don Jazzy after Aliko Dangote Made Them End their Fight

We won't forget the Controversial event that kicked off 2016 at the Headies 2015 while on Live International TV between Don Jazzy and Olamide  which later spilled over to Twitter and made a bloody mess.

Fast forward to two days later, a huger, bigger surprise lay in wait. The two super icons at the same time on Instagram and Twitter, that said they had reconciled.

Their fans and colleagues were excited but if you re among those who have been wondering how this reconciliation happened, I've got the gist for you. It's EXCLUSIVE to Laila's Blog and you can take it to the bank, thanks to a very credit worthy friend who witnessed it all.

Africa's richest man, Aliko Dangote was the brain behind the reconciliation. No, Vic O wasn't 
involved either.

I'm told that the picture we all saw of Olamide & Don Jazzy shaking hands was taken at Aliko's place. Aliko Dangote stepped in for there to be peace. I'm also told that Olamide prostrated himself for Jazzy. Yes, my guy was shocked too when Olamide did that. All thanks to Dangote.

I'm told Jazzy has been angry since the incident happened, infact he wasn't even talking to people.
He was angry especially because Olamide did something similar last year when Reekado Banks got the Headies 2014 Rookie award.

If you recall, the undisputed street King went on stage to receive his award at the 2014 Headies and while giving his speech for the "Best Rap Album of the year ", he clearly stated his displeasure for the omission of his Label mate and protege "Lil Kesh" in the Rookie of the year Category, the category which was won by Mavin's Reekado Banks.

Olamide took the mic said some stuff in Yoruba and then added "I dedicate this award to my nigga "Lil Kesh" for the Rookie of the year , Fuck that sh*t'' and then returned the mic.   

Fast forward to 2015, my source says everybody that was sitting next to Jazzy was sad Olamide did what he did. I hope you know Olamide and Tiwa did a song together on her recent album plus Teebillz, Tiwa's husband, I'm told, really loves and respects Olamide. I'm told the video of the song has not been finished sef, Olamide's part has not been done sef.

People were not just happy that Olamide conducted himself in such a manner. That was why Jazzy said all he said on the podium. He had been pushed to the wall.

Olamide, you all already know, destroyed things back in Headies' green room. I'm now exclusively told he also punched someone.

Anyways... Dangote called Jazzy, got Olamide's number from him and then he called both parties to his house for the settlement.

And, EVERYONE is cool now sha.

My source says Reekadobanks will release a new single this January. His label did not expect to win Headies' Next Rated.

Good Morning, Can Any Enekem's Blog Reader Answer This Quiz?

Will drop the correct answer this evening,  let's see who has the highest IQ.....

Embarrassing Throwback Photos Of When Kim Kardashian Was Paris Hilton's PA

All self made (not hereditary) celebrities have a story to tell about their humble beginnings and for Kim Kardashian hers just got unfolded by someone she wouldn't like to meet.

In touch Weekly magazine unearthed old photos of socialite Kim Kardashian that the mother-of-2 probably wishes she could scrub from the Internet.

In her first real job as Paris Hilton's personal assistant, Kim slaved in Paris's custom closet for years.

Kim's job duties entailed making Paris look good in the latest couture fashions; organizing Paris's huge closet and throwing out any frock she saw another star wearing to an event.

One of the perks of Kim's job included borrowing one of Paris's many handbags. Paris didn't pay Kim enough to afford her own Louis Vuitton handbag. She also didn't pay Kim enough to afford expensive breast implants and butt injections. Those accessories would come later in her career.

Kim's high profile job led to appearances on Paris's reality TV show and exposed Kim to Hollywood's snobbish high society.

One of the Hollywood personalities Kim met through her association with Paris was Brandy Norwood's sleazy little brother, Ray J, who cast the flat-chested budding porn star in his latest home movie.

The rest, as they say, is history.

It seems the years got by, Kim's breasts, boobs and face underwent a drastic transformation..

Yakubu Gowon's Ex-Convict Son, Musa Is Back In Nigeria After Spending 22 Years In US Prison

Musa Jack Gowon the 47 year old son of former head of state Yakubu Gowon is back in Nigeria.

He came back on the 1st of January, 2016 after spending 22 years in an American prison.

Last year, he was released on state pardon granted him by President Obama after spending 22years in jail.

African Sun Times Picks Linda Ikeji As The Most Influential Person of 2015 Under 40

She sure deserves this recognition,

Ms. Linda Ikeji, founder of the lindaikeji.blogspot.com. Ms. Ikeji has achieved great fame and influence through her blogging, and is read by millions of people around the world who even get news about what is happening in their country through her blog. Dubbed the African Queen Blogger by the African Sun Times, Ms. Ikeji has become a role model to thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs in Nigeria, male and female and who she is increasingly mentoring through financial grants and personal advise. 

In her own words she wrote:

Moi, of course! Feeling myself...lol. Just found out this morning! African Sun Times is Africa's number one and largest newspaper in America and has been in circulation for 37 years. On Dec 31st, it announced its Persons-of-the-Year. 

They also named former president Jonathan 'International Person of the Year'. I am very honoured. Thanks to the guys at African Sun Times. I don't take these things for granted.

You can read the full list of winners at Africansuntimes.com 

Angry Wife Paste Viral POSTERS In Neighborhood Of Lady Trying To Snatch Her Husband( pics)

Lmao some women no get joy,  according to the gist Hellen Is trying to Snatch the husband of the poster and she felt the best way of sending her a cautious and Embarrassing message is to make posters of her and paste in her neighborhood. Smh

No joy at all

Mark Zuckerberg plans on creating an Artificial intelligence assistant.

It's 2016, and Facebook tycoon Mark Zuckerberg is kicking off in an Iron Man/Tony Stark-like way by working on an AI (artificial intelligence) smart home project. On Sunday, he announced his New Year's goal and resolution and likened it to that of Tony Stark's Jarvis in the Iron Man Marvel movies. He even learned a new language in recent times : Mandarin.

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...