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NEVER GIVE UP :Guy Reminds GTBank Of The Job They Promised Him 3Years Ago (photos)

Oh well I must really commend his patience and memory,

Since then, the tweets have gone viral, with people urging GtBank to give Tobi a job with the organisation. However, the bank doesn't seem to be showing much enthusiasm because so far, the only responses we have been getting are ones like this:

Tbanj, keep your fingers crossed and never say never -

EYA:Covenant Church Pastor Faints After Losing Massively In Anambra Community Election

A popular pastor, Pius Chigbo slumped, became unconscious and almost died after he lost an election in his community. He fainted when he discovered he didn't get a single vote from anybody, even including those who collected money from him to vote for him in the election.

Pastor Pius Chigbo had allegedly spent huge sums of money during the campaign for his community election in Umuchu town, Aguata Local Government Area of Anambra State, southeast Nigeria.

Chigbo, who presides over Covenant Church of Yaweh in Umuchu, suffered the fate after the people voted massively against him, to the extent that he did not get a single vote because of the allegation that he shared money to the people to win the election.

In reaction, the youths in the area mobilized and threatened to cause trouble if Chigbo was elected.

During the election, he discovered that no single person including those who allegedly collected money from him voted for him.

Shocked by the development, he walked out of the hall and on his way back home, slumped and became unconscious.

It took the intervention of some people who rushed him to a nearby hospital where he was revived.

Chigbo had presented himself as one of the contestants for the position of the president general of the community.

Trouble started when the youths threatened to disrupt both election and activities in the community if the people voted for him.

Chigbo contested against two other opponents identified as Raph Njirika and Osita Elemuo.

It was alleged that Chigbo campaigned vigorously and shared money to people to vote for him.

The youths of the community under the leadership of Nzube Ogbuefi protested the alleged huge sums of money he was spending on the election and said he may get the money back by imposing levies on the people if he won the election.

The youths were later persuaded to wait for the outcome of the election and when the result was announced, Chigbo totally lost.

When our correspondent went to his church in Umuchu, some of his members confirmed that Chigbo was not all right and could not be seen.

PM News

Transgender Passenger Forced To Remove Prosthetic Penis In Public By Airport Security

A transgender man has revealed he felt 'demeaned' when he was forced to remove his prosthetic penis while going through airport security.

The passenger, who was formerly a woman before transiting to a man, was subjected to a full body scan at the airport, thought to be in Australia, after which a staff member donned two pairs of gloves to handle the penis, saying, "you want me to touch that thing with my bare hands?"

The incident, which allegedly took place in 2015, is the subject of a complaint made via the National LGBTI Health Alliance in Australia to a Senate committee inquiry on airport and aviation security.

The transgender passenger said he was selected to go through a body scanner at the airport which picked up a prosthetic he was wearing in his underwear.

'I explained to the officer at the scanner that I am trans and that I was wearing a prosthetic, to which he responded that he would need to get his supervisor,' the transgender person said. In full view of other travellers, the Supervisor approached me putting rubber gloves on. He seemed more concerned with displaying his authority and making a spectacle out of the situation.  When I asked him what the gloves were for, he told me that he was going to do a 'private search'. 


'Not only did this make me feel incredibly uneasy, and anxious, but it was demeaning and unnecessary.' 

The passenger was taken into a small room with two security officers, and was made to sign a form first before the body search. 

The supervisor proceeded to put on a second glove and when asked why, he replied: 'You want me to touch that thing with my bare hands?'.

The transgender person placed the prosthetic on a tray and the supervisor then patted him down. 

'Once he was satisfied, he turned around and opened the door for me to leave - my prosthetic still sitting in the tray,' the passenger added. 

'I asked him to close the door so that I could have some privacy as I placed my prosthetic back in place.  He closed the door and both men stood watching me as I put it back in place. I felt that the supervisor had no regard for me as a human being and treated me as though I was a criminal right from the beginning, even though I had taken all steps to cooperate with him. 

I have had to deal with some very confronting situations in the past so have developed a thick skin, but this experience overshadowed what was meant to be a holiday and it has left me feeling incredibly degraded and has made me anxious about travelling.' 

The passenger submitted his complaint as part of a Senate inquiry into airport and aviation security which will make it's final report in May. 

Daily Mail 

Lagos State Ministry Of Environment Demolish Popular Oshodi Under Bridge (Photos)

This is a very painful way to start the year for the affected traders,

According to the Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Mr. Steve Ayorinde, the move was geared towards the need to sanitise and beautify the Oshodi area and bring transformation, in particular, to the Owonifari area, as well as the entire bus stop terminal, which had been constituting a menace and an eyesore in the locality.

However, traders are lamenting at the destruction of their shops, as they are said to have lost goods worth millions of Naira

See The Creative Cake This Lady Got For Her 40th Birthday, you got chop?

Lol,  na o,  nice one though

Big Girl : Cynthia Morgan Cops White Range Rover (photos)

Barely one week into the new year and we are beginning to see what the year is going be like, Well for me so farbit will be a year of industry controversy and loads of testimony

The German juice singer just acquired a white Range Rover. She announced the news on her instagram page with the caption:

"And The Toy is here, New Year, New Whip!!! #blessings #cocaine #kruzz"

Congrats MA am, but leave Davido. Lol

SAD! NFF Protocol Officer, Ibrahim Abubakar Shot Dead

The chief protocol officer of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), Ibrahim Abubakar, has been shot dead. Ibrahim was shot early hours ofhis morning at his home by men believed to be armed robbers.

The Federation's official twitter handle announced the sad news this morning. They wrote,

"NFF's Head of Protocol Ibrahim Abubakar was shot dead by armed robbers in his house in Abuja in the early hours of today. Abubakar's remains is being taken to Kaduna for burial."

May his soul rest in peace.

Twitter To Expand Tweets From 140 Characters To 10,000

Twitter's most beloved features is set to change. The company is planning to extend its 140-character limit to as many as 10,000, according to a person familiar with the matter. Twitter's fans were quick to complain that such a change, expected to be announced by the end of March, would spoil the brevity and speed of the real-time service.
The character limit that forces users to pen snappy tweets could give way to the longer essays found on Facebook. It could transform Twitter into more of a public blogging platform rather than one that is succinct and well-suited to quips and breaking news headlines.

This person said, however, that Twitter Inc. is aiming to retain the look and feel of the user timeline. For tweets that are longer than 140 characters, users will have to click and expand to see the rest of the text. As users write beyond the 140-character limit, Twitter will signal to them that they have crossed the threshold as a way to encourage brevity.

> In a tweet on Tuesday after the news spilled out, co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted a screenshot of text, 1,317 characters with spaces, explaining his thinking behind the expansion. "We've spent a lot of time observing what people are doing on Twitter, and we see them taking screenshots of text and tweeting it," Mr. Dorsey wrote. "Instead, what if that text…was actually text? Text that could be searched.  Text that could be highlighted. That's more utility and power." Despite the change, Mr. Dorsey said Twitter will "never lose that feeling" of speed, creativity and brevity.

> "Despite the lamentations that the change will alter the spirit of Twitter, the truth is that users have been clawing for a longer character limit for some time. Loyal users often create so-called tweetstorms where they string a series of tweets together by replying to them in numerical succession. Users have also gone around the character restriction by attaching screenshots of longer text to their tweets.

In July 2015, Twitter expanded the 140-character limit on private messages to 10,000.

Twitter has been doing a bit of soul-searching to jump-start user growth ever since the return of Mr. Dorsey as CEO in July. The debate to increase the character limit has been in the works since as early as September.

Source: WSJ/Twitter blog

Controversial Rapper Vic O Wanted To Make Peace With Falz But Got a Wicked Reply

This is so rude,  Nobody wants to roll with this man, 

TOUCHING :'Inseparable' Couple Married for 76 Years Both Die within Three Days

An inseparable couple who were married for 76 years and went everywhere together including work have died within three days of each other.

Phyllis and Miles Higgin met at a dance in 1933 when she was just 15 years old - marrying in 1939 and only separated when he was sent to war.

They even worked alongside each other running pubs and once retired would go out for walks with their dog up to three or four times a day.

Even as they fell ill they shared a double room together at their care home in Burnley, Lancs.

Their family say Phyllis died aged 97 - and Miles died just three days later aged 99.

oved ones thought poorly Miles would go first but believe "he waited for her to die - he didn't want to leave her alone."

Their only child, Angela Hartley, 66, paid tribute to her parents' wonderful love story.

Their romance began in 1933 when they met at a dance when Phyllis was just 15 years old.

Mum-of-two Angela said: "Dad always said that he knew he had met the woman he wanted to marry."

But the pair didn't rush into things and did not marry until 1939.

Miles was then sent to war and they were apart during his active service where he worked as a cook for the Royal Artillery, stationed in Germany and Belgium.

During that time they exchanged many-a-love letter.

They were lucky to be reunited a staggering six years later.

Retired Angela, who used to work as a supervisor in a doctors' surgery, said: "So many young men lost their lives and did not come home.

"Dad often talked of how he was lucky to be alive. He talked of several trains that he should have gone on but didn't and then they ended up being blown up."

After the war Phyliss became a weaver in the mills and Miles a miner.

Only child Angela, a much wanted and longed for child, came along in 1949.

She said: "I had a happy childhood and a happy life with them. They were brilliant parents and brilliant grandparents. They were family oriented and they were very devoted.

"They did everything together, they never went anywhere on their own."

Through her teens the family lived in pubs for around 15 years when they entered the pub trade and managed two pubs in the market town during the 1960s.

Mr and Mrs Higgin, who had two grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, were popular figures, with Miles ending his working life at the former Brockhall Hospital while Mrs Higgin worked in the canteen at Great Universal Stores.

Angela said: "Both my parents suffered with dementia. My mum was admitted to hospital after a fall and it was the proviso for her release that she go into a home.

"During her hospital stay I had looked after my dad and found it very difficult to cope. He did not like being without my mum.

"It turned out there was a double room at the care home so they went there together."

After they retired the would spend hours walking together. They had a little dog and would go out three or four times a day for walks, walking around the town.

As their health deteriorated a couple of years ago Miles became Phyllis' carer as she suffered with dementia.

But Miles soon became ill himself with dementia and several other life debilitating ailments such as prostate cancer and chronic lung disease.

Angela said:

>  "I cannot fault the carers in the care home. They didn't just care for my mum and dad, I felt they actually loved them.
> "It became hard at the very end, we didn't tell my dad that my mum was ill because we didn't want to upset him.
> "I was there during her final days and was with her as she passed away.
> "It was heartbreaking telling my dad but I don't think it sank in at first. We took him to her and he gave her a kiss.
> "But it wasn't until the next day that he asked for my mum all day long. It was so sad.
> "I then stayed with my dad as his health deteriorated.
> "I used to think my dad would go first because he was in worse health than my mum, but now I know that he was holding on for Mum. He didn't want to leave her alone.
> "Then when she had gone, he knew he could go too."

A joint funeral for the couple took place on Christmas Eve. Angela said: "It was a sad day to have a funeral on but it was a beautiful ceremony.

They were both carried in vintages hearses with a procession of vintage cars, it was absolutely wonderful.

"It is so hard to lose them both together, but at the same time it is nice to know they have never been apart, they have lived long and happy lives and they lived it together."

Vehicle Crushes Seven Commuters At Bus Stop(photos)

scene of the accident

 No fewer than seven commuters sustained varying degrees of injuries on Tuesday at the Berger bus stop, Isheri, Lagos State, after a Sienna Minivan rammed into them.

PUNCH Metro gathered that the commercial bus, with number plate, KSF 948 XF, was heading for Abeokuta in Ogun State and was loaded with passengers.

It was learnt that its brake failed and the driver lost control, ramming into people waiting to board buses to their various destinations.

Among the victims were a couple and two siblings.

Our correspondents, who were at the scene, observed officials of the Lagos State Ambulance Service, treating some of the victims on the spot.

Some people were seen praying and pouring oil on a woman who had passed out. Her husband's legs were crushed.

Policemen attached to the highway patrol team and officials of Lagos State Emergency Management Agency later took the victims to a hospital.

A passenger in the Sienna van, Mr. Afolayan Abdulazeez, said they observed that the vehicle was faulty five minutes after leaving Ketu.

He said, "After five minutes on the road, we observed that the vehicle was faulty. However, the brake failed when we got to Berger."

A LASTMA official said the accident happened around 1pm, adding that the driver fled the scene.

He said, "The vehicle was loaded with passengers. The driver was speeding and when he pressed the brake pedal, the vehicle did not respond.

"He tried to pull up by the roadside, but the vehicle rammed into people by the roadside and crushed them."

Another witness, Mukaila Salimon, explained that the driver, who was determined to reduce the number of casualties, headed for the expressway and hit the median.

"He tried his best to avoid the accident, but it was unfortunate that things turned out like this. There were seven people in the bus. I saw four people receiving treatment, but I am not sure any of the passengers in the vehicle was affected," he added.

The Public Relations Officer of LASTMA, Mamud Hassan, confirmed the accident.

He appealed to commercial drivers to always check their vehicles before driving, adding that commuters must also avoid faulty vehicles and should not hesitate to disembark from them once they observed any problem.

Photos of Blog Reader 'Angel' Hanging Out With Bill Clinton

This is so classy,

Blog reader Angel was at exeter for the Hilary Clinton convention and she also met and took selfies with ex President Bill Clinton,

Lmao, What Is Wrong With This Photo??

Na WA o,  Fashionistar

Nigeria Does Not Need IMF Loan - IMF Boss LaGarde

Africa's biggest economy Nigeria, battling a revenue shortfall caused by the global oil shock, does not need assistance from the International Monetary Fund, the group's head said on Tuesday.

"Let me be very clear: I'm not here nor is my team here to negotiate a loan with conditionalities, we're not programming negotiations," said IMF managing director Christine Lagarde.

"Frankly, given the determination and resilience displayed by the presidency and his team, I don't see why an IMF programme is going to be needed," she told reporters in Abuja.

Lagarde was speaking after meeting President Muhammadu Buhari on a four-day visit that will also see her hold talks with the central bank governor and business leaders.

Nigeria, Africa's number one oil producer, has seen revenues dive over the last year because of the fall in global crude prices, causing a cash crunch that has forced it to tighten spending.

The naira currency has also slumped and GDP growth stalled to under 3.0 percent, while inflation is nudging 10 percent.

Lagarde described the talks as "excellent" and said they touched on "the challenges ahead stemming from the oil price reduction" and the need to find different revenue sources.

They also discussed "the necessity to apply fiscal discipline and the need to respond to the population's needs, improving the competitiveness of Nigeria and focusing on the short-term fiscal situation".

Culled from Vanguard

Scottish Swag : E Money Steps Out In Skirt, Nailed Or Failed?

Oh well I remember the last time I saw a guy in skirt In my area it was really funny mehn,  maybe cause he didn't come out with the right color combination like Kcee's Brother E-Money,  This is Nailed

Assassins Killed Someone Else Instead Of Me – Daddy Showkey

Veteran Nigerian singer, Daddy Showkey, has said he took a break from music because assassins were after his life.

The 'Galala' singer who made his way to limelight from the Ghetto of Ajegunle, Lagos state, recalled how he left the music scene after he had an accident, injured his spinal cord and on his return was almost killed by paid assassins.

Recently, Daddy Showkey, in an interview with HipTv, said, "I left the music industry after I had a terrible accident and injured my spinal cord. I then went abroad to work on it.

"After I returned, I had to go back again for further treatment. As soon as I fully recovered and ready to hit the music scene again, assassins were after me.

"They came to my house to kill me but met my absence and ended up killing another person," the multi-talented singer recounted.

"As if that wasn't enough, they still trailed me to a fuel station and shot me. So you see, it has been from one battle to another, but I'm fully back to take over the center stage," he noted.

Do You All Agree With This?

Well this is a slap on white collar jobs,  but I won't say that White collar jobs doesn't pay,  it just depends on where you are working,  and at of people have survived via White collar jobs

R. I. P Tekno, Tanzanians Prophecy Singer/Producer's Death For Sleeping With This Lady

'Duro' singer and Ace producer Tekno performed at a New Year ev

Viral Pictures Of Arab Man Riding Lion Like A Horse? Too Risky And Animal Abuse?

Oh well so a lot of people have picked Quarrel over these photos and according to them the Arabs are abusing wild life animals And should stop keep wild animals as pets,

According to an Animal Scientist '' It is only a matter of time before these animals go wild like they should because of their natural instincts,  you can't treat a lion like a dog or a dog like a lion,  it is animal abuse and also risky''

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...